Descendants Of The Sun


The drama of 2016 honestly it's so well produced. Since all the filming had finished long before the actual release, the editing and cuts have been so clean and beautiful. The music is also quite tear-jerking at times. AND the leads are so pretty together. Descendants of the sun more like Descended into me heart. IN LOVE

The best drama I have watched till now. The plot was quite unique which made this drama more interesting to watch. The actors made the characters look real. The chemistry between both first and second lead as well as the 30's couple was superb. Overall this drama was great as everything was realistic. Love this drama a lot... - yukajoshi

It is a definitely must see Korean drama. At first, I thought people were just overrating this drama but I was wrong. The story of a soldier and a doctor isn't very common, that is why you'll definitely get hooked to the storyline. There are no boring episodes, only those that will make you heart beats fast and also the lines are all perfect for the casts.

One of the best drama... Well produced drama because of the location and the cinematography. The story is very interesting and also the character are all great. The lead couple give me chills every time there eyes meet and there body language... Best drama

Love love love this drama! It feels so genuine and grounded despite being set in a fictional country. It's not just another typical romance with cliches and love triangles, it's also about what living means; Patriotism, Love, Humanism,... I can think of no better combination.

This was one of the only dramas that made me feel a bunch of feelings though out it, and I think it deserves to be higher up. The plot was almost perfect, and the personalities of the characters are brilliant. There was definitely the right amount of comedy as well as the right amount of drama and sadness. I LOVED it.

LISTEN, this is was the moment when I FELL IN LOVE with Korean drama. The storyline is simple but memorable. The characters are simple but memorable! Once you watch this you will NEVER FORGET THIS! You will just find yourself smiling randomly because of this..

This drama just captured my heart. It was all just perfect. Everything was amazing, the chemistry, the story line and the actors. Loved how there isn't a love triangle of anything like that, but there is a double couple. The romance was on point and every episode brought about laughter, tears, joy and a dozens of topless men! A must see drama

As a native Korean with a kdrama obsession, I vote DOTS as #1 drama. Not only are the actors/actresses passionate, this drama moves the watcher's heart. I feel like this drama is very realistic because not all people would be welcoming to have a spouse that is a soldier because you never know when your match will die. This drama is one, if not, my favorite drama. Plus, the music matches perfectly and is SO CATCHY! Therefore, I vote Descendents of the Sun as #1 drama.

One of the best Korean Drama ever. The best artwork where all characters, the lead actors and actresses and supporting roles were all played efficiently to hold the interest of the viewing public. A very unique plot that is very captivating from the moment it was played up to the last part.

Best drama! Got me hooked. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo's a revelation! Their chemistry is palpable. Oh and the second leads as well. I cried and laughed while watching this. This is a good mix of action, drama and comedy. I swear if you watch this, you'll rewatch it again. You won't be able to move on. You will love every characters to the point the you'll even follow their activities in real life. The OST is good as well. The location, cinematography, and script are superb! Definitely a must watch!

This is number one in my list. It has a unique plot and the casts did a great job in their characters. This drama has a perfect blend of action, drama, comedy and romance. I love every single moment of it. I've seen great chemistry between the main and secondary loveteams. It's the kind that won't let you live a day without being able to finish it. Keeps you eager to jump to the next episode after finishing one. I highly recommend this drama!

Although the story was not that extraordinarily good, the sheer acting of the actors made this drama a very memorable one. So did the chemistry between the two couples. One of the best dramas I have watched, still, I don't think it can surpass the spot Pinocchio has

This one is the best Korean drama I've ever watched. Full of beautiful meanings such as: kindness, courage, sacrifice, patriotism, generosity & so on. If you want watch both a comedy & a romantic movie, certainly put Descendants of the Sun in your list.

It's the best. I memorize all the lines. This is my favorite drama!

VERY good drama with action, comedy, romance, and suspense! I place this 2nd only to My Love From Another Star as a favorite! ALL of the main characters (not just the 2 leads) have great storylines and are very well fleshed out! You'll want to see more of each one... but ESPECIALLY the 4 main leads! Both of their love stories will have you yearning for them to be together throughout the series!

The best drama ever! It's the best Korean drama I have ever seen. You will fall in love with the characters. It will make you cry and laugh. You will not get bored and I'm sure you will want to watch it agin. I'm sure you will love it!

I can't get over this drama! It doesn't focus only just on the romantic relationship of the two lead but the happenings inside the country. It focuses on friendship as well which is great. AND ITS JUST SO NICE SO WATCH IT

This show is the PERFECT blend of comedy, romance, and exciting action. I laugh out loud in almost every episode. The characters are great, quirky, and realistic. I wish this was #1. It should be. It is my all time favorite.

OH MY GOD. I AM SO SURPRISED people AREN'T VOTING MORE FOR THIS. IT LITERALLY MADE ME CRY AND DIE INSIDE. The action scenes were amazing, the romance was just heartwarming, everything was all tied together like fate! The dialogue was amazingly good, and so was the storyline! Forget any other k-drama you are watching right now and watch Descendants of the Sun.

One of the best Korean dramas I've watched so far! And trust me I've watched a lot of them! Love all the characters especially the main characters! I can't't find a single flaw in this drama even if I tried! It's PERFECT! Please watch it guys! I know you will love it as much as I do! Watch it for the action, the ROMANCE, the comedy and most of all for Captain Yoo Shi Jin!

Oh my god this is the best drama ever... Loved Big boss and beauty... Loved the song-song couple... It is pretty intense... The story line is crazily superb...

No dull moments! Very exciting to watch. I highly recommend this Korean drama because it's worth your time. You can feel butterflies in your stomach. I feel so in love watching the couples...

This is the best kdrama. Everything is perfect. I have watched this at least 6-7 times in the past month. Every bit of this drama will get you hooked up. It is something different. Ah! Yes 3rd episode is a bit turn off still the ending is nice. I advice you to keep watching it further or you will miss out something really sweet. Plotline was the best. It wasn't like that in the beginning leads fight and eventually fall in love. Actors were a pure bliss for the drama. They were the perfect choice especially Song Joong Ki and Song He kyo. Lately I haven't found any drama that is interesting me because it has raised the bar. Waiting for a season 2.

This was absolutely the best drama ever, getting me to feel every emotion portrayed as though I was experiencing it in reality. This is always going to remain my best drama ever. The cast especially Song Joong Ki made me realize my love for the genre and start watching other Korean dramas starting with the ones he's in of course