This is one of the best drama I've ever watched. Hats off to the person who came out with the plot and the whole crew for making this drama so wonderful. Ji Chang Wook's acting skills were so on point including Park Min Young's unbelievable character (she was a bubbly girl regardless of the problems she had had to go through in her life). At first I got very confused because everyone's life was related t one another, but as I went on watching the remaining episodes, the puzzles slowing started to be in their right places. The whole drama was fantastic. But the one thing that really got me into watching this drama was the OST. The soundtracks of this drama is so up to mark and the best one is the theme song (that's played at the beginning). My heart still skips a beat when I listen to that song. So, all together, this drama gets a big thumbs up and it's highly recommended.

BEST BEST BEST! A MUST WATCH! All these years watching dramas, I have never seen one like this before. It definitely has a different style compared to other dramas ( in SUCH A GOOD WAY ). This is personally, hands down the best drama to date. ( I promise you will not be disappointed ). It kind of drags in the beginning, however be sure to persevere and keep watching till the end. As the drama unfolds, it gets better and better.

So I started watching this drama while waiting between episodes of Pinocchio, but I love it more than Pinocchio! I love it more than coffee prince! It may actually rival the princess' man as me of the best I've seen! The plot, the characters, the action and of course... Ji Chang Wook! I have never actually fan girled before for any actor before him, I have never played and replayed kiss/bed scenes before, I have never tried to find every show the person has been in before "healer." Seriously, please move this show up the list where it belongs! Out..

First of all healer has a good plot and world building. Action packed as well that will get you sitting at the edge of your seat. Not to forget the romance and chemistry between the main leads and I loved the friendship portrayed in the drama. I for one stepped into the drama completely blind. I did not know the story at all and I have to say it left me breathless. Definitely a drama worth watching.

So stoked to watch this as my first Korean drama. Watched countless other kdramas & other dramas & movies from all over the world before & after Healer, it's hands down the best, it's beyond compare, it will get under your skin, you can't forget about it. Even after many re-watches, you won't get over it, you will get a wonderful feeling spreading from your heart throughout your body, every time. In my book, it's number 1. If ever you didn't watch it yet, you are absolutely missing a breathless, beautiful & delightful part of your life.

The most romantic I've ever seen. It's also my favorite and I'm willing to spend my time watching it over and over again. I guarantee you that it's worth watching for. It will make you laugh, cry, and fell in love with the characters. I spent so much time thinking about what will happen on the next episode. It will gonna blow your hearts. Seriously. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS!

This is a fantastic drama. The slow unravelling of the complex character relationships and the twists in the plotline will always keep you at the edge of your seat. The puzzle pieces that link the past to the present of the story come together perfectly, leaving you in awe as the truth slowly dawns upon you. There is also a good balance of flashy, romanticantic, lighthearted, and serious moments - which are all accentuated by the awesome soundtrack. I truly enjoyed this show; Healer is definitely worth watching. I hope this review helps! :) Enjoy!

I thought this drama was going to be boring, but then I decided to watch it and it was one of the best kdramas I've watched! The casts are also amazing. The chemistry between the male lead and the female lead was also amazing! I cried many times watching this drama, I also laughed so hard while watching it. I'm very sure you are going to fall in love with park bong so/jeong hoo ( the main male lead) and park min young was also perfect in it! This drama is very unexpected, believe me.

This is probably one of the BEST dramas I have ever watched. The romance is unbearably cute, and there seems to be a perfect mix of action and suspense. I love how the hero pasts are entwined together, and that just adds on to the creativeness and uniqueness of this drama. There are no suggestions of love triangles either, so you won't get your heart broken c: YOU WILL NOT REGRET WATCHING IT, it is a must see drama

I definitely agree when someone said in the comments, "Warning: after watching this drama, it will make you broken. Broken to the fact that why can't you have Jeong Hoo (healer his codename) in real life because you can't help it you are just gonna fell in love with the characters of course especially to healer." It caught my attention.

This drama is so underrated. This is one drama that got me mind blown. For the first time k-drama is not about dumb lead actresses or I love you so I got to leave you nonsense. Two thumbs up for the writer for the unpredictable plot. More dramas like this should be produced! WARNING : Lack of sleep and insomnia due to Healer craving detected.

WOW! What a treat! One of the very BEST! I am still reeling from the adrenaline, the thrill, the impossible mixture of action drama and romantic comedy. HEALER is a drama that's got it all. The amazing plot-line, exquisite acting, transporting sound track and the entire loveable cast ensure this drama to be one of the BEST ever! I never thought any drama would come close to compete with My Love From the Star, but Healer might just pull if off. There is so much to love about the lonely yet charismatic Healer so dashingly portrayed by Ji Chang-wook. Whether it's the very convincing action scenes or the tender romance scenes, Ji Chang-wook does not disappoint. WATCH IT and be prepared to feel your heart race!

The best Korean drama I've ever watched! We can get comedy, romance, action, all full package in only 1 drama! After watch this, this drama kept clinging in my head over and over. I can't move on to another dramas even after saw this. Perfect

This drama is such a phenomenal example of Korean dramas and exactly why they appeal to such a large population of people. This show is perfection! A must see. My number one favorite show.

This drama is the best contender for City Hunter. They may seem similar in a way but I think they put more effort on the characters of the story a but more to be diverse.

One of the few dramas that I've actually bought knowing I could watch it again and again. The chemistry between a the leads is incredible and the action is very well done. It has everything.

Love this drama, one of the best! Don't want to watch another one after this, because its too good! Love the actors, love the story and love the sound track! Superb!

The hero's quick actions and life leads an interesting ways moves the overall plot and awesome Michael learns to rock eternal song add flavor to the story

I think "Healer" is better than any other drama like emergency couple or heart string and coffee prince. As for me, I like the most for "Healer". Healer is the best.

Why isn't this drama on the first page? Healer is the perfect combination between suspense, romance and cuteness and some funny scenes. All the charscters are perfect. All the actors are perfect. Everything is perfect. It looks a bit like City Hunter, but I think Healer is better

I think healer should number 1 it was all about the shocking danger that the girl was put through and she stilled liked healer and they never broke up they were the perfect two

I'm lost for words on this drama. No words needed to compliment it. It's a really must watch. Not watching this is definitely a huge mistake on your life!

THIS IS THE BEST ACTION-ROMANCE DRAMA EVER! I got so smitten by the chemistry of the two main leads, I've been watching 14 eps now and I seriously can't wait for it every week.. Seriously you just have to watch this, way better than City Hunter & Iris even.

Best drama for me! Interesting plot and action, different from the usual fare.. Should be up in the top 10 list. Ji Chang Wook is a wonderful actor! Doesn't just act with his facial expression but whole body language as well. Well done! A must watch. Great English song too.

This drama one of the best because of the action scene and sweet moment. I'm not a fan of action movie but watching this didn't disappoint me because it was great