Kill Me, Heal Me


Just finished this one. It's so good, I liked it better than jekyll and hyde. Even though it has a similar theme. Not realistic but super good if you can look at it as just a fictional stOry. it's so worth the time. Good acting and the music was awesome through out the show.

Worth watching more than ones. Loved the way the characters take turn unexpectedly. Definitely one of the best drama I've ever watch. Good story and screenplay, not to mention the lead characters. Amazed with the characterization of the second lead actor. Usually in other drama, the second lead characters are quite annoying. And yes not to mention the background score. Totally awesome..a packaged movie I will call. Kudos to the team!

This drama is by far one of the greatest korean dramas out there.. it's really funny, sad and relatable at the same time. You learn a lot about multiple personality disorder and you really become a part of the story, the main lead did an excellent job in playing different characters and it was amazing - the plot, the cast ecerything just AMAZING. Personally I think it's a must watch and I recommend it to everyone I know. This is totally underrated and deserves a much higher rank then this. The soundtrack was great and the chemistry between the main characters was outstanding!

How is this not number 1? This is the best Korean drama ever. The acting of the main character into his many different personalities was flawless. I genuinely felt he was a different person each time. Simply amazing story and acting.

This is my favorite drama of all time. The male lead was incredible in this drama. The cast, plot, even the OST was great. Anyone who can play 7 entirely different characters all well deserves a lot of credit. Highly recommended drama a must watch in my book.

I just love this drama because of its story and also I was amazed. The lead actor portrayed different character seven to be exact with different personalities. I also love there chemistry. This is really good drama

KILL ME HEAL ME deserves to be at top 5, if not top 2. It's my second favourite Korean drama after MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR. I am simply awe-struck by Ji Sung's acting. More often than not I was left speechless, heart-broken and tingling all over my body while watching this soul-stirring, heart-wrenching drama. Watch it! You won't be disappointed.

It's the best drama ever ...the story is really so unique...I think there is no such good drama ever before...highly recommend...the actors are really so amazing...I love the OST...I listen to it even I don't understand the's really so good..

I got my end exam tomorrow, yet I'm watching this drama... So obsessed with it. Totally captivating plot & great performance by the whole cast! Now, how to stop myself from watching it & study?!

This drama is really fantastic and full of comedy, but still really romantic.

Fantastic acting. Male lead is so versatile in his acting that it's almost believable that he has DID.

Are you kidding me?!?! Not in the top 10! It's the best drama ever. Although it has other elements like mystery but it adds to what makes this drama amazing. The lead actress is cute and bubbly and male lead 's potrayal of split personalities is really great. By the end of the show you'll be crying your eyes out on the departure of the other personalities. It'll make you sob and laugh your ass out at the same time. A MUST WATCH!

This drama is really, really, really good. It makes you laugh SUPER hard, like I never laughed that hard before. Totally recommended. Best (underrated) drama ever.

Wow. Just wow. I am speechless by how amazing this drama is. I pulled two all-nighters straight and don't regret it. I was hooked! And I'm a really harsh critic. I usually give up if I don't like a drama but I could stop watching this one! THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA EVER. I highly recommend it!

The main guy's acting is really good. He brings all 7 characters to life. SUPER funny! And will have you crying too.

This should be in the top 3 best drama. Jisung played all the seven characters perfectly and the storyline is perfect with tons of emotion mixed up. The saddest part is when the characters are slowly disappearing one by one. Just simply a superb drama

! Such a great drama. I have completely fallen in love with this drama. The excellent acting by our lead Ji sung simply made my heart set glued to watch this till the end. Very interesting and creative plot with twists and beautiful romantic as well as emotional moments. I cried every time the personalities said their goodbyes. And the OST 'Auditionary hallucination' still lingers in my heart

This drama is the best of the best I cried a lot in this drama it was so touching it is really perfect

I've watched almost 50 dramas up to date and this one is still the unquestionable winner. I think I've seen it at least 4 times. The story was amazing and Ji Sung is a hell of an actor. I thought that the drama - romance part was very balanced. A treat to watch.

IT DEFINITELY WILL BE YOUR BEST KOREAN DRAMA! The unusual theme, the joke, the sadness, the acting, oh my it's the best indeed.

Best drama ever.. Amazing story line.. No one can guess the actual story line until it gets revealed.. Enjoyed every episode.. Love, action, emotion, comedy, medical, tragedy all mixed up into one.. Wow.. Ji Sung's acting was amazing.. A must watch drama..

Best Comedy Drama for me. I laughed and cried! Very well written from start to finish.

It definitely deserves all the praise it can get. It is so under-appreciated and it needs more recognition

Best drama of 2015! Great acting, good plot.. I laughed a lot in every single of the episode!

One of the Best. It has drama, comedy, action etc. It has everything I'm looking for