Master's Sun


I super love this drama... At first I have so many reservation regarding this because I hate watching scary movie or drama. But because my favorite actor and actress are the main character I give it a go. I'm so happy with my decision because this drama was everything and I really love this. The story was very interesting having different scenario that make it more lovable. There chemistry is also great and as always they are the best. They give justice to the role and make it magical

This drama started off with a really good script, even though it borrows from the Hollywood premise of The Sixth Sense. However, the sad thing is that the story went nowhere somewhere in the middle like many other Korean romantic dramas. It went downhill after the male lead was on the brink of death and got to meet the female lead in a different realm. It was a master-stroke for the script-writers but they could not top that and the story went downhill from here. Pity!

This drama has made a lasting impression on me. It was sweet and touching. The cast interacted with perfectly adding to the effect of the drama. Each episode had me completely enthralled and when it was over left me wanting to watch the next. By the end of the drama I was so attached to the characters that I was crying with them at emotional parts. This is the best drama by far I have watched. I am not one to rewatch shows or movies but I definitely want to watch this shown again.

I like this better than my love from another star, no matter how many times I watch again each episode I still get affected with the scene.. It makes me laugh big time and fall for the character, great story line and every thing is just so PERFECT!

I like this drama because the story is different from other story. and also I like the hero acting. The names are difficult to pronoun. It is a unique drama because the story is based about ghost and I like to watch the ghost serial or movie because its interesting to watch in night time. the timing was perfectly good. I give 1000 marks to this serial

The only reason I watched this show was for Gong Hyo Jin. But the story and the acting was awesome. Both leads did an amazing job. I thought Gong Hyo Jin's chemistry with Jo In-sung was the best (which it is! ) But with So Ji Sub is good too. I would love to see those two actors doing another T.V. show again in the future.

Its scary and romantic. I enjoyed a lot watching this drama. Lead actors did a wonderful job.. Especially the female lead. I felt so scared that I couldn't seep that first night I watched the series. The second day.. I became more familiar with the ghosts... I was less scared. The series has interesting plot.. Watch it once.. Don't miss it

This drama is so funny. I get to be scared, laugh and cry in every episode. What an emotional roller coaster! I really love Gong Hyo Jin's acting, she's a very talented woman. At first I didn't wanna watch this but when I read the plot, I got curious. It got me hooked from episode one to the last!

It amazes me how this drama even came to be. I was highly skeptical that the rom com and horror genre could not be mixed but I couldn't have been any more wrong. never have I laughed and been genuinely scared from a single drama. it was by far one of the best dramas I've ever seen with some of the strongest leads ever. I'm still reeling from the chemistry of gong hyo jin and so ji sub, they were pure magic. this one's hard to beat for me

I just finished watching this drama and I loved it! There is a comedic element added I guess to not make it horror. I applaud Gong Hyo Jins acting and having to continuously talk and laugh with 'ghosts', I don't know why but I loved how the lead guy spoke and when he said 'get lost' he would do that hand gesture in front of is face. Its was so cute near the end but I won't spoil anything because you have to watch it.

The storyline is unpredictable! It is different than any others and the acting is really great, I enjoyed every episode of it. The storyline is thought thoroughly so there's no loophole which is really rare these days. Definitely a must-watch drama!

The chemistry and the romantic buildup was what made the drama so rememberable. Being able to watch the characters grow and unravel themselves was a true gift. One of my favorite dramas of all time. Made me laugh and cry!

This is on top of my list. I am completely blown away watching this amazing drama with the best actors, screen writer and story itself. I ended up convinced that I was bewitched right after seeing the final episode.

It is scary but really interesting at the same time. The couple is also suits each other in the drama. Good plot and unexpected. Each episode brings it's own importance and uniqueness. I cannot get off the chair even the day is almost end. LOVE IT!

Each of the ghost stories are so touching or funny or thrilling... The blooming of love between tae gong shill and joo joong is heart touching.. And the touch love song plays on the mind often.. Loved and enjoyed it!

I seriously love this drama, I keep remembering it while I watch other dramas. The acting was wonderful and it has some mystery that reveal as the drama goes by. Won't get tired of it because so far, no other drama can I compare it to.

The title does not give you any idea of what the drama is about? Watch it! You will be surprised. Nevertheless, hilariously comical and entertaining.

Just finished watching this series.. I found this to be one of the best out of all which I watched (list includes playful kiss, The Heirs, My girl, Reply 1997)

It just gets you in it's Korean mini world. The roles have been performed in a very perfect manner. Stunning. Astonishing. Beautiful. Dramatic. Romantic. And many more

This show! Recently watched it. I lovvveed it! Paranormal romance. Girls sees ghosts after an accident years ago. But she touches the guys, ghosts vanish. That's the reason girl clings on to the guy and the story develops from there.

So-Ji-Sub, he is so macho and cute at the same time. He gives me the feels.

And Gong-Hyo-Jin. Oh, she is the one of best female leads I have watched. She has amazing chemistry with every male lead she works with. They are so cute together. I would have loved them to be couple in real life, they are so adorable together.

Overall, amazing and unique script. Different from other popular kdramas you have been watching.

This drama is basically perfect. I respect the drama staffs and actors for being able to produce an amazing drama. I don't think any drama could be on par with this drama, at least not yet.

Funny it's on #6 when it should be on top 5. Great casting. Great storyline. 4 thumbs up! (Note: why 4 thumbs? Mine and my mother's, who's a picky when it comes to watching Korean dramas and this drama is her favorite)

This is one of my favorite drama, I have already half watched whatever Gong Hye Rim is and she is doing such an awesome job, I love the total concept of the show, just Love it

"I haven't watched this kind of drama and I cannot really handle scary stuff so well... But I became hooked in the story of this drama and its characters... The story is really interesting and unique..."

Master's Sun is one of the best romantic comedy dramas I've ever seen. It has the perfect combination of romance, comedy and mystery. Additionally, this drama has such a great actors.