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181 I'm Sorry, I Love You

This drama gave me a heart wrenching experience. Just hearing the name and seeing So ji-sub makes remember this drama and I can't help but feel nostalgic. So ji-sub's acting is extraordinarily amazing, making me fall in love with his gangster character. It is indeed worth the time and good enough to remember forever. I've seen Master's Sun and Oh My Venus and I don't think either of his performance can over take his performance in I'm Sorry, I Love You. They were good, though. The OST and the way they filmed the whole thing made me fall in love with the drama itself, not just the terrific actors and actresses. Oh darn, I feel like I'm going to cry. It's worth the time, really!

Before watching this drama I didn't believe that a story and good actor and actress can make my heart ache but this drama was able to do this to me. Any thing in this this drama is good specially I think So ji-sub act is unforgettable. The other things is Park hio-shin beautiful song named snow flower. I enjoyed it a lot. Just sit back and start to watch. It is 17 episode and you are not going to regret about it. I grantee it.

Because of this drama I start watching Asian drama 2004 memories feels like yesterday

I loved it so much! it worth your attentiob and love

182 Warm and Cozy

I am loving this drama, it is refreshingly cute.

Maendorong ttot ttot if I'm right? Well this drama was quite good so far 😊

183 The Producers

Kim so-hyun just so cute in this drama.. I love it

184 Orange Marmalade

Still on the air but I have lived every episode so far. Vampires falling in love with yummy smelling humans how can you go wrong. The music in this series is awesome. - sarahskousen1

People said that this drama was messed but I find it interesting to watch

It's a really good drama! The ost is also nice! (some ost : it's alright - orange marmalade, the person - orange marmalde, dream witha twist - orange marmalade, etc..) 100% RECOMMENDED!

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185 Hwajung

Still going on and I'm so hooked I watch it twice every week. Once with out subtitles and again after the subtitles come out. It's so good but 50 episodes means I'm really going to have to wait along time for the ending - sarahskousen1

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186 Cruel Romance

This is a Chinese drama but it's the best drama I've seem. It had everything that a great show needs. It has action, knife fights, romance, good looking male lead and innocent girl falling in love. Great ending. - sarahskousen1

187 Spy Myung Wol

I love this drama! It's so nice! y'all should watch it! the action and romance is excellent! He is so charming and she is so cool too!

Why this deabak drama not in the list?
You will not regret to watch this drama!
Promise it!

188 Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

They are so cute together

This should be on top 15

Based on the Manga Itazura na kiss and this is the Japanese version of It started with a kiss and Playful kiss.

The guy was so cooI & the girI was cute but not that bright.they were very opposite but at the end they attract each other

189 I Need Romance 3

One of the funniest most romantic noona romances out there - Sung Joon really outdid himself in this one and the main couple had amazing chemistry

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190 High Society

This is such a romantic story about a girl who's from a rich family and a guy that's poor.. As he dated her just for money while she is head over heels over him he ends up really falling in love with her..this story is just honestly so romantic and there's not only one focused couple but one more very romantic couple..sadly there aren't THAT many episodes yet this is actually like my favorite drama..

Its worth watching... loved it...

Love this drama.Nice ending.Love all the actors.Uee were jut awesome in this one.Sung Joon too.

191 The Time We Were Not In Love

Loved the start and the ending few episodes of this drama, middle not so much. That's why they say you should marry your best friend cause no one can understand you better. Quirky dialogues and moments that make you smile

Such a beautiful drama so romantic...its just my favourite kind of love this pure honest beautiful friendship love is just outstanding the story is beautiful and so are the actors - I mean come on its ha ji won :) - but the most thing I fell in love with and actually cried in was the last two episodes... Oh my god they were... I am speechless (yes it was that good) you are so not gonna regret watching this just watch it abd you'll see what iam talking about. Okay I think that's enough I hope it's too long

Beautiful, romantic and realistic story. Very honest, shows the flaws of main characters.
Love the chemistry on HJW and LJW. Love love love.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! The actors are great! The story too! I'm envious of their friendship...
Love it so so so so much!

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192 Hogu's Love

I personally LOVED it!

I loved it so much

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193 Tree of Heaven

There are no words to explain how AMAZING this drama was. My heart still aches, I bow down to the writer and the entire cast.

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194 Her Legend

This is by far the most amazing k-drama ever the acting of little girl was I mean I can't find the words to describe it I mean the plot was okay but the acting of the girl was great

195 I Need Romance

Pure romance! My most favorites.

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196 Something Happened in Bali

Great drama but I don't like the ending... Lot of tears (T.T).. Anyway worth to watch.

Good acting and cast, worth watching. Jo in sung, ha ji won, so ji sub, need I say more?

197 What Happens to My Family?

The best family drama. Highly recommend it.

If you want to see a real sons father daily days with ups and down this is the right drama it's more than 50eps but it's worth it

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198 Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Loved this drama so much and the song got stuck in my head

Heartwarming drama, it makes you laugh, cry and fall in love for me it's one of the best dramas I watched an I watched a lot! :D

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199 Love Story in Harvard

Main actor and actress are great! Very nice drama! Must watch guys!

200 Queen Seondeok

Historic drama 62 episodes and will keep you on the edge of your seat. This was one of the only shows I have ever watched where the villain was someone I truly loved to hate. The whole cast was amazing. The story line progressed well. There were parts that kept you guessing, it had tons of eye candy, beyond hilarious characters, and once again Ko Hyun Jung was amazing as the villain.

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