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181 Hong Gil-dong

This one is so funny. The script is so well written and the actors are all so good. I've watched this one multiple times. It's totally worth watching. Spoiler... the ending is a little disappointing if your like me and want everyone to end happy. - sarahskousen1

Hong Gil Dong, The Hero hmmm... Honestly now if you put Jang Keun Suk in a drama then is a Must Watch Drama hehe... You are one of the best Korean actors I have seen... Love You so much JGS

This drama should be included here. It's a funny movie from Kang Ji Hwan and Jang Jeung Seuk.

182 Skip Beat

Nooo that was my reaction after the finale episode care to know why?! They ruined a perfectly good story line with the finally, you feel like there must be a season 2 for this drama cause that's can't be it - deena89

It's a Taiwanese drama but the first hero is Choi siwon and the second is donghae they are from super junior you must watch it

183 Ma Boy

It's a mini drama with a lovely song its very funny and its about a boy make from his self a girl to be famous and go to a girls school

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184 What Happens to My Family?

The best family drama. Highly recommend it.

If you want to see a real sons father daily days with ups and down this is the right drama it's more than 50eps but it's worth it


185 Stars Falling from the Sky

I liked this story it was one of my bigginer drama made me want to continue to watch k dramas.

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186 Boarding House No 24

It's a sitcom with idols

187 Queen of Reversals

It contains the major elements of a strong drama for me:
1. Relatable heroine
2. Unconventional set-up. 3. Perfect ending And if you still haven't watched Queen of reversals, here's me telling you that you absolutely should. Even now it remains one of my favourite dramas.

188 I Am Sam

It's about an under-qualified high school teacher who becomes a live-in tutor for the troublemaking daughter of a notorious gangster, in exchange for one million won.

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189 First Love of a Royal Prince V 1 Comment
190 Devil Beside You

I love the lead actress shes so pretty.. but this is Taiwan drama right? Not Korean drama?

Perfect case of forbidden love.

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191 Who Are You?

Best of the best. it has mystery, action and romance in it best drama ever if you have ever watched master sun you should understand what I am saying.

I really liked this! I recommend you watch.

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192 The Producers

Kim so-hyun just so cute in this drama.. I love it

193 Hwajung

Still going on and I'm so hooked I watch it twice every week. Once with out subtitles and again after the subtitles come out. It's so good but 50 episodes means I'm really going to have to wait along time for the ending - sarahskousen1

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194 Cruel Romance

This is a Chinese drama but it's the best drama I've seem. It had everything that a great show needs. It has action, knife fights, romance, good looking male lead and innocent girl falling in love. Great ending. - sarahskousen1

195 Incarnation of Money

Please I need some reviews about this drama

Check it I liked it

196 Hogu's Love

I personally LOVED it!

I loved it so much

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197 Wild Romance

It is attempted as romantic comedy, but I already forgot the funny parts. The mystery is what's worth. - midori

One of the best Korean drama I've ever seen. It deserves to be in top 1o list

Nothing. It just a great drama!

You have to watch this if u love tomboy girl and rich guy dramas this is the one for u even if u don't u will like this it a very romantic comedy drama it makes u laugh so much and cry I'm not one to cry over dramas but the sad parts in this drama really gest to you one of the best dramas ever! Right next to weightlifting fairy Kim bok joo just saying 😍😍😍☺☺

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198 Witch's Romance

I loved this drama. I is my all time favorite drama. Ever. It warmed my heart. It showed a real relationship between a woman and man. The chemistry between the two leads was incredible. It was funny and sexy at times. I wish it was more than 16 episodes but I would watch every one of those episodes a hundred times more. This Romantic Comedy is so worth watching. You will not regret watching it. I sure didn't.

This drama isn't very popular for some reason, but it's great! It's one of my new favorite dramas. The comedy part is hilarious and the romance is so perfect. The leads have the best chemistry and I love how they are as people. The drama has such a good story behind it too and I like how the characters are so honest with each other and there's no annoying side female who wants the male lead

I think you should give it a chance, it's not so popular I don't see why, but it's really amazing and very very funny. I'm glad I watched it, and I like to watch it again cause it's hilarious.

A great drama worth watching!

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199 Mary Stayed Out All Night

This is a fine drama. Nothing extraordinary but still a lighthearted romantic comedy, you can totally watch it for all the cutesy scenes. Jang Keun-suk, Moon Geun-young are really cute together. All in all a good one time watch, barring the illogical drama plot progression.

It's quite boring that I almost gave up. Moon Geun-Young and Jang geun suk looked good together but the story plot is quite boring though

It would have been better if they kept for 16 episodes. lots of unnecessarily events and details with really lousy ending. however the actors performance was marvelous and the problem was the plot - deena89

Love it.Love Jang geun seok.

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200 My Lovely Girl

This show is about a guy that had a accident and caused his girlfriend to die. Years later he fell in love with his girlfriend's sister.

Digs down deep into the pain of loss and becomes a wonderful story of two people healing each other

I love rain and krystal but I don't want the ending.. I think there is missing :(

Worst RAIN 's acting

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