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201 Nine: Nine Time Travels

Oh my gosh! This was one of my most favorite K Dramas' of all time. Not your average drama. It is time travel where the lead goes back in time twenty years to right a wrong and deals with the effects of changing history. Very thought provoking and the most gorgeous men! Should be in the top twenty for sure.

It's is probably the best Lee Jin Wook Oppa drama it's totally awesome with everything you need action romance melo everything you guys should watch it I highly recommend it

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202 I Love Lee Tae-ri

Cutest drama of a young teen who is transformed into a 25 year old boy and falls in love with a heart broken, family-less, rich director of an art Museum, when he is hired as a bodyguard. He soon catches the eye of his first love who never even glanced at him. Thus is created a love triangle. Not to mention the director's ex who wants his woman back after seeing her in the arms of a younger man. That's more like a love square. Totally cute and I wish the drama never had to end :'(

203 Queen of Reversals

It contains the major elements of a strong drama for me:
1. Relatable heroine
2. Unconventional set-up. 3. Perfect ending And if you still haven't watched Queen of reversals, here's me telling you that you absolutely should. Even now it remains one of my favourite dramas.

204 Beethoven Virus

Great great, drama! Great acting Kim Myung-min!

205 Mr. Back

This is good too. I was bored and disintegrated know if I should watch but o was glad I did. What you think of Mr. Baek is all negative but the story will draw you in n you will understand so much mid way through. This was good but I know many might not think so.

Story about an old man turning to an hot young man it's funny start Jang NaRa

Brilliantly funny.

206 Discovery Of Romance

You need to watch this! It makes me learn about love... The conflict is between ex-boyfriend who is try to get back and be more better than before and the new boyfriend who is always sweet but he keeps lying to that girl... The hero is Eric Mun... It is so complicated sweet relationship! Please watch this!

Such a good modern romance. It plays out kinds like the are on the show the office. It had everything in it and ended well. - sarahskousen1

If you have a relationship issues check this one

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207 Can You Hear My Heart?

Love the story..great actor actress

208 Haeundae Lovers

One of the few Korean dramas that was successful with using the amnesia plot line. I love the sassy female and the gorgeous male lead. Their chemistry is amazing and the romantic development between the leads were so natural and cute!

209 Incarnation of Money

Please I need some reviews about this drama

Check it I liked it

210 Wild Romance

It is attempted as romantic comedy, but I already forgot the funny parts. The mystery is what's worth. - midori

One of the best Korean drama I've ever seen. It deserves to be in top 1o list

Nothing. It just a great drama!

Sooo funny! This drama is what you call a real comedy romance drama (plus the mystery). This drama is a really good drama to watch if you are bored or wants to have a big laugh!

211 Angel Eyes

Love the main leads, though its more of a drama, there are funny and unforgettable scenes.

Such a sad, sweet story. Cried a lot. Boy, I am so in love with Park Dong Joo! His love for Yoon so Wan is so steady through all the garbage that surrounds him. It is so inspiring to love someone like that.

Such a heart touchy love story and acting of lead pair so well and I love their lip biting sofa kiss scene...

Love seungri inside here! the story is a bit overdramatic but great drama overall.

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212 My Pride and Prejudice

Love this show. So good well written. Love the ten second kiss. Good mystery show.

This is no comedy. LOVED it! This is like law and order type show. But trust me you don't know till almost the end who's the bad guy. They all acted great n they guys all were excellent. My complaint is a girl lawyer investigating in a skirt n heels made no damn scence and she was like that the whole time but didn't mater cause the story was just that good.

Very good prosector drama with a bit of politics involved! Love the main leads! heheh they are so charming and pretty! Love their office work conflicts!

213 My Lovely Girl

This show is about a guy that had a accident and caused his girlfriend to die. Years later he fell in love with his girlfriend's sister.

Digs down deep into the pain of loss and becomes a wonderful story of two people healing each other

I love rain and krystal but I don't want the ending.. I think there is missing :(

Worst RAIN 's acting

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214 Mary Stayed Out All Night

This is a fine drama. Nothing extraordinary but still a lighthearted romantic comedy, you can totally watch it for all the cutesy scenes. Jang Keun-suk, Moon Geun-young are really cute together. All in all a good one time watch, barring the illogical drama plot progression.

It's quite boring that I almost gave up. Moon Geun-Young and Jang geun suk looked good together but the story plot is quite boring though

It would have been better if they kept for 16 episodes. lots of unnecessarily events and details with really lousy ending. however the actors performance was marvelous and the problem was the plot - deena89

Love it.Love Jang geun seok.

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