Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

Romantic Comedy Genre is one of the most popular genre among the Korean dramas! From the cheesy oppas, cute girls, uptight chaebol heir leads, the Korean dramas are the best recommend for someone who likes to see romance with some funny backdrop.

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41 Sungkyunkwan Scandal

This was one of my favourite drama. The main cast can all act well plus they are all good looking! For me, the best scenes were when they are in the dorm. So funny!

Beautifully crafted story. Chemistry among the main four is so good that it is worth watching again and again.

Love the chemistry between the actors and the plot was a bit different (interesting and fun).

The most adorable character was goo Yong ha "yeorim".. song joong ki is really something...

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42 Full House

The first Korean drama I watched, and I got hooked. This kept me smiling up to the final episode. Very wholesome. I watched this several times already and I will still watch this over and over. Love the story, the actors and the soundtrack.

There is no words about this drama. You have to watch it, you must watch this. Best screenplay and best story. I can find, why you can also find how many movies or dramas, music and songs copied from this drama on your region and also in later Korean dramas. Then what we can say. If anyone copy the base, the base only best. This drama is such kind. Amazing love after marriage. Very decent love story. You have to watch it.

I never forget this drama because this was my first Korean drama that I started to watch very suddenly but from the first 10 minutes I could not even glance. Although after full house I watched much better other dramas but it is still really fun for me and I suggest to my friends start to watch Korean dramas with full house

the best

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43 Bride of The Century

The family curse and the meddling ghost issues in this drama got me curious. I didn't initially like the actors who played the main characters but after the first few episodes, I love them already. The story is very cute and often hilarious. I just wonder why the lead characters had to go through separation towards the end. But the story wrapped up well so I'm happy.

Such a marvelous plot! Hats off to director kim! The story shows that love doesn't actually base on classes, really! One thing though for sure, being yourself is one step ahead to what you can possibly achieve! This drama taught me that!

I really enjoyed this drama. Very different story. Like the supernatural. It was believable, not too over the top and not scary like Master Sun. Did not cry or laugh but sweet romance.


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44 Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

I was apprehensive at first, before I started watching this drama.. but It's so good that I just wanted this drama to go on and on. Super-Duper hilarious, adorable, cute, sweet... Just perfect! And Cha Chi so is so adorable and so is Yang Eun bi. Great drama. You will laugh and laugh more and love this drama. A must watch

My first Korean drama.. I liked quirky character of Lee chung ah and the chemistry between the lead pair is outstanding. This is my all time favorites. On a last note, this drama is so popular for Kimchi kiss

If you want to Fall In-love and Laugh at the same time well this is definitely the show you have to watch.

Definitely a very good funny romantic drama.thumps up!

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45 Love Rain

This drama is sad but cute at the same time. There is great chemistry between the two main actors. It teaches about the sacrifices that have to be made when it comes to love. - MandyAngel16

This should be at least in Top 10. (no it's not a biased opinion just because I love YoonA) Love Rain is a really sad drama, for me. It tackles friendship, love and an unrequited first love. This deserves more recognition!

Can't help not to watch after seeing an episode heart touching than any other drama and the lead characters will shook your mind and hard to forget the characters and their feelings

Great drama

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46 Cunning Single Lady

I love this as well! When lovers fall in love again. The others are too predictable when you're going to fall in love from strangers, in here no. Watch this! It will make you cry and smile too.

I love this drama so much that I can't get over it, too good to be real. Really hope that they are a real couple though because their chemistry between them is so good. Thumbs up for this drama. Hilarious.

Still the only drama I would watch again! It's hilarious, and I love how the lead girl is strong willed and crazy. She doesn't kneel before her ex just because he's got money now. Great watch!

I super duper love this drama.It has everything that I wanted. The lead actor and actress have great chemistry and it never failed to paint my face.I never remember a dull scene of it.This drama successfully kept me interested from the beginning until the end.Worth watching indeed. :) 😘😍

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47 Reply 1997

Very good love story! This is one of my favorite drama. I love the chemistry between the main characters. I really recommend this drama. It has comedy, romance and you will really feel the power of love!

All actors acting were amazing. I didn't know that Hoya could act but he was amazing in this drama, this drama totally gave him a chance to establish himself as an actor. The scenes are really hilarious,

Funny! I recommend this drama. Love the chemistry between the main characters...

Best drama ever

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48 Good Doctor

A heartwarming story. I couldn't help but love the main character. Joo Won was perfect for the role. His acting was the best. Great supporting cast, too.

Creative, amazing medical drama, easy to belive the romance, a must see

This is the only drama in which I have not skipped any episodes...

The best for me...

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49 My Princess

My most favorite drama ever! It is hilarious and I love the chemistry between the lead characters!

Loved the female lead... She is adorably craaazzzyyy, hilariously funny and amazingly witty... Loved the chemistry of the main lead too... The track list was much enjoyable too... Great drama

The most beautiful Drama ever seen.

I'm an Indian but my interest towards foreign dramas are always geared up, I just lover this one. Lee seol & park hae young had done a great job together with professor nam & oh Yoon joo.
I feel it's better than any other, just awesome... 😍😍😙😙

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50 Moon Embracing the Sun

This drama certainly has a perfect plot. A commendable movie worth watching. I congratulate the staff for being able to pull of such an amazing romantic, comedy, action drama with not a single detail left out. It has a nice ending you won't regret watching it.

Best drama I have ever watched so far! It makes you laugh, it melts your heat yet it can makes you cry! A bit of politic, romance, and fantasy. they got super great lines, played with super great actors.. nothing is enough said to praise this drama.. just a must watch!

This is the best drama on 2012. I cried a lot in this drama. I finished watching in 2 days, without even move from my bed unless go to toilet. Kim So Hyun always did not make me disappointed. I played it again several times and still made me love and love again

It should be in the top 10

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51 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Amazing! I love the two actors so much they are super cute together and everything is just perfect! There are super sweet moments and also super thrilling and exciting moments in this show. Must watch!

The chemistry between the actors is amazing! The plot is very good and keeps you on your toes wanting more, definitely watching this one again soon!

I've laughed so much during this K-drama and I would definitely recommend it for everyone to see. I also love the chemistry between two main characters. Originally I wanted to watch it because I saw Park Hyung sick has the main role but I don't regret my decision to watch it because it's definitely worth it! 10/10

This is the first K drama I watched and I can't get bong bong and min min out of my head. Their chemistry and love progresses so naturally and beautifully that it sucks you in and makes you feel these magical moments are actually true! This is the funniest, cutest, knock your heart over drama and I think it will always be my number 1 favorite no matter what I watch!

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52 Winter Sonata

It was my first Korean romantic drama.. Whenever you listen the music ohh that feeling never goes... Bae yong joon love you so much.. Thanks for this artwork.. The music so good... Nice story, nice chemistry.. You will not regret watching this..

Even this obvious melodrama is put as romantic comedy? I don't know anymore. I think people need to know the difference between Romance and Romantic Comedy. - midori

First Korean drama that I watched in Nepal which was aired on 2002-2003. And the music just so lovely.

When I was watching this drama I cried a lot... Even the song it self

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53 Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang

It's also known as 'Sassy Girl Choon Hyang'. This drama is seriously one of the best dramas that I'ved watched. Not to be a spoiler but the two main couple of the drama are the same couple who actually appeared in the final episode of My Girl as the real cousin and the husband. You will never regret watching this drama it's amazingly hilarious.

, the best of the best! This is probably the best drama I have ever seen in Korean Drama History. So much chemistry and you will definitely laugh a lot and cry a lot! The last few episode was a little draggy but it falls back together. THE BEST I SAY!

Best drama in my opinion. It has everything: humor, great chemistry between the main couple, a satisfying love story that grows with time. I can rewatch it again and again and never get bored (whereas nowdays I struggle to watch even a full episode of the current popular dramas). It saddens me to see that it's so low on the list just because it's old, but hear me out and don't miss out on it!

Best Korean drama first myong ryong doesn't like chun yang. But as days pass by he eventually fell inlove with her.. I like the way they quarrel each time.. they look so cute..

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54 Bel Ami (Pretty Boy)

Well,good drama.

I think this drama didn't receive much attention because of the timing but this definitely is a nice drama to watch and learn as Dokgo Ma-te (Jang Guen Soek) progresses and grows substantially through the drama. Funny moments are there, a lot of stupidity (in a good way) characters are nice too. A good drama to watch and learn from.

Iu+jang kang seuk+lee jang woo... do I need to say more - deena89

The acting is pretty great,as usual jks nailed it,iu is great too,the plot is amazing and it is a best drama for character studying

55 The K2

One of my top 5 best korean dram series!

I really think this is a top 20. The action and, chemistry, and acting is superb.

The K2 is super fun and Jichangwook is really really handsome. Most handsome in the world.

Its best I don't know what to do now that I have finished watching it :(

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56 My Name Is Kim Sam Soong

Saying this drama as a Romantic Comedy is an overstatement. I know they try to be funny with some comedy scenes but nonetheless, it could not draw any laughter from me. It's a good Romance drama, but not a good Romantic Comedy. - midori

Are you serious? It's no on top 10? This is probably the most hilarious, realistic and well-played Korean dramas of all times. You need to watch it, to understand why.

It's a little bit over-rated when it comes to comedy. I think the actor did a more comic job in Secret Garden. This one is also good, not bad, its funny but not rolling-on-the-floor-laughing funny...

Kim Sam song is the reason I am adducted to Korean dramas love her and loved the drama so funny

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57 My Secret Hotel

Really funny and romantic... The fact that they kept on remembering their sweet old times makes it even more interesting. on top of that, the mystery about the murderer's identity sure is thrilling

I love the story aside from I really love main actor and actress since My Girl.. Those two are really good.. It has a pretty long story but must be watch.. It will make make you cry, fall inlove and laugh w/ the characters.. It is about the two lovers who entangled between the past of their parents.. You must watch it..

I watched this drama over and over again... Wow wow wow... My Secret Hotel is so so so good... Really great job...

Really really love it. Great Drama

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58 Big

If you guys looking for a hot guy, Gong Yoo is YOUR guy. He's hilarious, and the way he kissed Lee Min Jung just... so real the chemistry is so strong I even think they were really together. I WISH they were together :( And the plot is good too. You just can't stop following the story between them two

Well for a hong's sister drama the finally was not satisfying, however I can't be impartial because my 2 favorite Korean actors were the leads, immaculate performance and it was really fun to watch aside from the final episode - deena89

I watched it more than 4 times. I REALLY love this drama. This is my #1 romance comedy drama in my listing. this drama bring me a ton of laughs without being too cheesy. This drama is very underrated that makes me sad but also happy *it becomes my little secret, hehehe. The part that kinda turn me down is the final episode (but its okay), otherwise it's a very enjoyable drama.

Gong Yoo is cute and perfect as always.

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59 City Hall

If you think My Lovely Kim Sam Soon is funny, wait until you see this other Kim Sun-ah drama. If you think The Greatest Love is funny, wait until you see this other Cha Seung-Won drama. City Hall is what I consider Romantic Comedy rather than those two dramas. - midori

Loved this drama - with a little bit of politics in the background, it definitely made it less shallow than many other with the same kinds of premise.

Love the chemistry between the two main characters! ! It's such a funny and romantic drama! Love city hall!

I love kim sam soon

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60 That Winter the Wind Blows

Its not comedy. It's a melodrama. Every episode is so touching, I cried in EVERY episode. But it's a must watch. Story is great. Jo In-sung is amazing.

I'm really crying and so touch I can't forget this Korean drama ever.. My favorite.

Can someone please tell me if he was alive in the last scene. Thank you.

Oh No! This is a romance melodrama. Are there anyone laughing over this drama? - midori

Great drama with great actor and actress. Thumbs up for it! Must watch

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