Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

Romantic Comedy Genre is one of the most popular genre among the Korean dramas! From the cheesy oppas, cute girls, uptight chaebol heir leads, the Korean dramas are the best recommend for someone who likes to see romance with some funny backdrop.

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81 Dal-ja's Spring

Funny and exciting. Great noona romance. Main characters have great chemistry. Very nice plot. No loose ends. Everyone ends up happy. Will watch this over and over.

I like this drama

82 Oh My Ghostess

GREAT drama! Park Bo Young was so masterful at basically playing 3 different characters that I fell in love with her! She's adorable! And the chemistry between the two leads left you wanting more as the story progressed! There's mystery, romance, revenge, laughter, tears... this one has it all! They ended it well, no complaints... but I'm greedy. I'd still like to see ONE MORE episode showing how things went following the final episode! You can't help but want more!

The romance, chemistry and comedy was perfect. It had a build up mystery of who the protagonist would be.

Love love love the plot and cast. Park bo young is such a great actress. Every episode was never boring and makes you keep coming back for more.

One of the view dramas I actually re-watched! Ich laughed, I cried, best Drama ever!

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83 Reply 1988

I really love this series so much, this drama has brought me so much of tears. I literally cried almost every episodes :'( the family bond, friends bond, neighbourhood bond are so heartwarming and touching. I can feel them in every episodes, in every scene, every take :'( This drama is definitely highly recommended! It makes me to think back what I've did in my youth, so heartbreaking *sobs* The actors and actresses did so well, hope to see them working together again in another drama (well...I don't think this will happen *sobbing again*)

Highly recommended. My favourite so far, can't wait for the two final episodes to be subbed. Love all the characters in this drama.

Great drama, Highly recommended. I just love it.

Wow! When you realize how well Park Bo Gum can kiss ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ˜

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84 Entertainer

Love this drama

I'm enjoying this one. It'd be even better if they sang more than one song.

Superb drama...Love the cast...I can watch anything with Ji Sung in it!

Just. perfect.

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85 Marriage Contract

This is drama is getting better at every episode. At first I didn't have any high expectations on this drama because of the leads character, UEE and Lee Seo Jin have a quite big age range. It's a little bit hard to accept at first but both talents did a great job in portraying their characters so well until I love their chemistry in this drama! The casts are so good, the kid's acting *thumbs up* The story is definitely worth watching and it is nice watching Kim Kwang Gyu and Lee Seo Jin working together again not in a variety show but a drama

All has been said already by the others. The only thing I'll add is that this drama blew my mind, heart and soul; it was so beyond my expectation!

Such a drama based on real problem in society

Love this drama.. every episode is getting better and better! Love!

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86 Lucky Romance

New, but awesome. Original and funny - YOUnique253

Love of a sister amazing

You'll never regret watching this drama..

Love this drama...especially the actor. it was worth watching.

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87 Who Are You: School 2015

While I was watching the first few episodes I got very confused, either the girl was living a double life, or she had a twin but later it all got explained and I loved the storyline. I forgot her name but the main actress is so good when you watch her playing the two different twins you see the different personalities that she brings.

DEFINITELY ONE OF THE BEST K-DRAMAS I've watched. It was so touching and sweet, though the second lead syndrome will hit you hard here lol. It discussed an important problem which is bullying so skillfully. The cast did great. Highly recommended.

This drama is one of my favorites Korean Drama because the story does not only revolves or talks about the romantic life of the twins but it focuses more on family and also the bullying that happens at school.

This is an amazing drama. Should at least be in top 15

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88 Signal

A drama that touches the heart of each case and delves into the humanity within the act of crime. As it is a story of two detectives, one of the past and another of the present, the two work together to solve cold cases, though in doing so, may affect the present. Each character has depth; even the side characters (namely, the criminals) are not whom you expect them to be, and their story leaves you in the dimension of the "what ifs"...what if a serial killer unknowingly experienced love? What if you suspected the wrong person, and it was your fault he made things worse? What if your justified actions caused the death of someone innocent? What if the criminal's family got involved only because they were family, and it was done out of love? This is a story that shows the human and monster aspect within people: that they are two sides of the same coin.

This drama is amazing. Cast, production, Acting, Story, Mystery. Everything is on point. A definite must watch.

I seriously don't understand why this absolutely amazing drama ain't getting enough votes to be in the top 10 because this drama set standards that am sure no other drama can match upto. A truly well crafted thriller. This drama even won the best drama of 2016. A MUST WATCH

Signal is hands down the best suspense thriller korean drama ever. Each character was woven well, with adequate importance given to all. It showed the corruption in the system without being patronizing and thus managed to retain its realism. This is the first drama I watched where the female lead just blew my mind. Park Hae Young and Lee Jae Han were beautiful, but Cha so Hyun was beautiful both as a rookie cop and an experienced police woman. There is so much depth to her character. She was actually tough, not just physically but emotionally, and the relation between her and Hae Young was one that showed a relationship between equal partners-that was just so refreshing, after dramas where the summary claims that the women are tough, but that toughness either doesn't exist or is lost half way.
This is a beautiful drama with a brilliantly fast paced plot that makes sense and the fact that it is based on real cases just makes it even more informative.
Kin Eun Hee (sorry for the ...more

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89 Because It's the First Time

Ah super awesome drama the cast is amazing

Great drama so far. Can't wait to watch all of the episodes.

Absolutely amazing. It's like a breath of fresh air, really loving it so far!

Amazing drama and amazing cast. must watch.

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90 Bride Of The Water God

This is my favorite drama EVER. It has my favorite actor NAM JOO HYUK OPPA and he is just amazing at acting. Another one of my favorite actors was Krystal from f(x). She is my favourite female actor and idol ever. This story shows the love between a god and a human who's relatives have had confilcts and its now time for the girl to pay up. Whereas another demi-god appears and hides himself and stays as a human. This then becomes a love triangle. Krystal's feeling start growing more for the god so she tries to set up the girl and the demi-god so that she can have the god for herself. Whereas another god comes up (HE'S SO FLIPPIG CUTE you'LL DIE) and he doesn't express his feelings until the very end. A lot of conflict happens, its very funny when the girl meets the last god because it would turn out that he was with school with her and he had given her a diamond ring, and once she sees him she faints and it'll make you laught endlessly and it's also sad if you ship the wrong people. ...more

Best show to ever watch...the amazingly amazing actors steal every second of the show and and makes the viewer enjoy


91 Six Flying Dragons

One of the best historical drama, I really enjoyed this drama especially Yoo Ah In.

Loved this

Yoon kyun sang, byun yo han! cuttte! I love you both!

92 Hotel King

" I really fallen in love with this drama the first time I have watched it... And I haven't sleep enough since I started watching it.
The plot was really good and the twist and betrayals are mind blowing... I am always at the edge of the seat thinking what would happen next... It is really thrilling and exciting for me and the love story was simple yet romantic... And also it made me fall in love with lee dong wok and lee dae hee all over again... Two thumbs up! "

I have watched many Korean dramas, and when I tell you this drama deserves to be on the top ten you gotta believe me! Not only because of the cast and acting but also it has a great story with many twists and turn... It recommend it...

Hotel King is a great drama that's underrated. The plot took time to develop and we got to know the characters really well at the end. The storyline is full of twists - I watched it twice to make sure I did not miss anything! Great acting from the ensemble cast, especially the leads Lee Dong Wook and Lee the Hae. I could not get enough of their scenes together!

Great drama! I love all the cast plus their great acting. The story is so beautiful.

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93 Yong Pal

Joo Won continues to amaze me with his acting. He is just so diverse!
But very actor did a great job portraying their characters none the less. Not to mention that I wasn't ever pissed of with the leading lady (which usually happens in a "damsel in distress" situation). The plot is just the best which makes the viewers appreciate all the little sweet times our leading characters would have together. The writers did a good job with each and every character's character development. Kudos to the creators of this drama. Highly recommended to those who are looking forward to a deeper - darker kind of feel in a drama.

It's that one impressive plot that grabs your attentions from others. As for acting kim tae hee showed her top acting skills in this drama that includes a mix of sweetness, elegance,arrogance, smartness, broken heart ed and strong at the same time as well as joo won with his action parts and medical acts, medicine acting is so him! All in all, this drama had brought lots of tears and smiles. It was that drama that mixes your feelings with the actors' ones.

This is also a good drama! Watch it watch it watch it

I love the serial...

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94 Ruler: Master Of The Mask

Amazing series... if you are non-korean you will surely get to know about their culture. And the acting is that amazing. Kim so hyun along with Yoo Seung ho did a great performance...I highly recommend to watch this series...

Amazingly beautiful..

best show.

It wass so gooddd, so littt. I suggestt you to watch.

95 Kimcheed Radish Cubes
96 The Beauty Inside

A beautiful movie about a guy who turns into a different person every day. A woman loves him no matter what he looks like and it's so touching I cried - Oreos

97 D-Day

The storyline and the disaster scenes are so real! it makes you feel the chill at the thought that seoul is experiencing such major earthquake.

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98 Bridal Mask

Joo Won and Park Ki-Woong are both great actors in this drama! Their acting will just blow you away into their dimension and just stay there and feel whatever these actors are making you feel. Each time they would express grief, anger and frustration - the feeling would just vibe out of the screen and in to you. Even the minor characters did a great job with acting. One thing I was a little disappointed about is the leading lady, Jin Se-Yeon. One thing I hated was that there was no character development in her. She was consistent through out the drama. Which makes it look like she's already in her best state since the beginning. Her words doesn't give an impact on me, so I keep wondering why she makes such a big impact to our leading boys. She acts tough but in reality she's just stupid and weak. I don't know.. maybe it's just me but the character would have been portrayed better. In layman's term the closest I could describer her - especially in acting is "feeling chicks". You know.. ...more

Its worth watching superb drama.. you will not regret it.. Loverly cast and amazing acting... but you will end up crying no comedy here... its just so touching drama

Joo won is the best

I loved this drama! It was the first Korean drama Iโ€™d ever seen (and Iโ€™m pretty sure the only one that was made) that took place during the Japanese occupation. It was actually sad -the romantic part, I mean - but the plot was fantastic. And it established Joo Won as a great actor... because letโ€™s face it, he didnโ€™t get to do a very great job with the three next projects he got... :(

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99 A Man Called God

This drama is the bomb. I really loved Michael king and I feel so bad for him because his parents died when he was 7. He was trying to get revenge to the 4 people who killed his parents and he killed all of them one by one by just a warning note

100 Monstar

If you love musical drama, don't miss this drama! You will get lovely songs anyway

I watched many dramas but this one is my favourite

It's really a good drama! Watch it!

This drama was fresh and it was loveable. I actually really liked it!

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