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101 I Remember You

I don't know why so many people have never watched this! This was the first drama I had ever watched and it's incredible! The plot twist is surely unseen for and the actors are great in it! And Seo In Guk, Park Bo Gum, Do Kyungsoo and all other handsome actors in it aren't too bad to look at either! There's just enough humour, romance and a lot of dramatic moments to make the perfect drama!

This drama is AWESOME! Great twist of story and the characters are amazing. I just love Seo In-guk here. He's the best. Murders, psycho and solving murder cases.

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. It's just great, I remember dreaming of the drama lol, it was just that good. The twists were so mind blowing and everything was unpredictable which is very needed in a crime drama. The cast was really amazing, they all did GREATLY. It is really reaally underrated. One of the best dramas EVER.

That kind of mysterious personality was way too excited. Um, love the sibling relationship. And jang Nara, you are cute + legend~

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102 Autumn In My Heart

Not bad people

Painful and a beautiful drama

My all time favourite drama. The story was well told and so emotional, Song Seung-heon and Song Hye-kyo played there characters well plus won bin's jealousy was off the chart. it's a MOST watch love story.

This drama is my first Korean drama I ever watched. I cried a lot and love to watch again and again.. never fade up. this drama impress me to watch more Korean drama and right now I'm addicted and searching for something new here šŸ˜€šŸ’š

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103 Noble, My Love

I really enjoyed this drama. I stayed up til 3 in the morning watching this drama. IT anticipated me for the end but I didn't want to end it in the same way. The lead male role acted incredibly good and the roles played by everyone in the drama were good looking. My number one favorite drama! I highly recommend this!

The acting may not be the best, but I guarantee you'll fall in love with the characters unique personalities. It's funny, adorable, and it will play with your heart strings. This was my first and still is my favorite drama, I would highly recommend it.

This drama was amazing and kept my attention til the end.

I just love it. Iļæ½'ve seen it at least 4 times and I still cry and laugh like the first time.

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104 Exo Next Door

Such a cute drama. I laughed a lot and felt sad and happy for the exo boys. This drama was very nice and funny and I enjoyed it a lot

It is so cute drama. I love the brotherhood line (not sure) between Sehun and the lead actress brother. The entire drama is funny and I loved it so much.

This is a great short series. Even the ending could have been better, I say that this is definitely worth watching.

I love this drama

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105 Couple or Trouble

Waaah come on... watch this.. And yo will love it! Actually this is one of my husbands' fave Korean drama... and to tell you the truth he doesn't like watching dramas and yet he loves this one!

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106 The Accidental Couple

Best chemistry between all characters in any drama I have ever watched! So in love with this drama. Although not very popular it is definitely my favourite drama of all time. This drama deserves to be at the top of this rank. MUST WATCH!

Great plot! Great actors! Great Chemistry! Everything is awesome about this drama a really cute story. MUST WATCH

It's a really good series. Do check it out.

One of the best T.V. show I have seen in any country; funny, touching, entertaining, practical, wise only one minor flaw not realistic but one can dream.

It is worth watching, if you are in the mood for a pick me up watch this show.

It gives us hope that dreams "may" come true.

This is definitely should be rated higher.

Watch it you won't be disappointed.

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107 School 2013

This is supposed to be number 1 because it's the best drama ever it's just amazing and the cast are just so cute

As a high school student, I see this drama is a real life drama. eveyhing in this drama is surely real. Complicated, but if you are a high school student, you must watch it! Your perspective about school will change a lot like I do!

This drama is amazing!, if you just give it a chance and watch it.

Great Bromance seen in this drama between Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk! :) very nice!

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108 High School King of Savvy

This is must watch drama for Seo In-guk fans. Very hilarious drama. A high schooler disguises himself as an executive in a corporate in place of his brother for a short span of time and he meets quirky Intern secretary and falls in love with her despite the age difference. The story keeps you engaging and all the actors performed their part very beautifully. very good drama.

You will be spell bounded by the extraordinary performance of the whole cast, particularly Seo In-Guk's acting is ultimate. Very funny drama! Very very funny & you will fall in love with each & every character of the drama

Its really an amazing drama... Seo in guk acting seems perfectly natural and the plotline of the story is also good...

Speechless just speechless *-* watched like 5 times already and still not bored of it you just got to love it!

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109 It Started With a Kiss

I love it so much its romantic and comedy love story...i always watch it its like I'm the movie when I'm watching this,"please watch it it's beautiful to watch...

This is not a Korean drama but it's one of the best Asian dramas I've seen. The chemistry between the leads is undeniable

Love this watch it for 5 and even they kiss again..

I love it too. My all time favourite

110 Autumn's Concerto

This was one of the first Asian dramas I watched and the first one I watched 3 times! The emotions of it carried over for weeks. Love this melodrama! My favorite part is when they meet again after he has lost his memory of her and begins to fall in love with her all over again. I can still hear the music... :-)

I loved this drama. I have watched many Korean series but this one remains one of my favorites. I have watched it more than once. Excellent story and I loved the male lead. He played his character perfectly. Overall, a show definitely worth watching!

This is a Taiwanese drama not Korean but it is one of my top five all time favorite drama and I have watched over 60 KDramas. It is a beautiful and sensual love story of sacrifice, lost and redemption. It has a happy and beautiful ending. You will smile and cry and be so angry at the injustice and rejoice when thing turn out as they soon. I highly recommend.

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111 Dating Agency: Cyrano

Where can I watch this with eng sub?

Sooyoung is there

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112 Blade Man

AMAZING! What more is their to say

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113 Discovery of Love

Love this drama! I can watch this over and over again. So realistic and the chemistry between Eric and Yumi is overflowing :) Best Korean actor and actress I've ever seen.

Great chemistry, acting, story, a superb love story that would make you fall in-love and make you watch it over again. A must see drama of all time. One of my favorite.

I really love this drama.! I have watched it 3 times already and I don't like to watch a drama more than once! It is one of my favorite ones.

Underrated. Highly recommended!

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114 Gap-Dong

Lee Joon! Why you have to be the bad person in the story?! HHuwaggg. by the way it was a nice criminal plotting

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115 Can We Get Married?

There is an undeniable chemistry between Jung So Min and Sung Joon. This drama is very romantic.

It's the most funniest k-drama please you guys watch it right now

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116 Save the Last Dance for Me

Loved it even though it is getting dated.

The best ever

Even though this drama is in 2003, but it's a very good drama! Love Eugene and Ji Sung. They acted so well! Overall, this is a muSt watch!

It's a love story that made me cry.. I love it.. ! Eugene & seong jil

117 Prosecutor Princess

I found this quite funny. It was unusual to see such a beautiful actress play the lead. Usually, the lead woman is gamine and not stylish. The aspect that sets this K-drama apart is the slow and steady growth that the lead displays throughout the series. She starts out as a shallow shop-aholic and by the end she show moral integrity and skill in her profession - all this making us root for her to find true love and success. This was also unusual because the second male lead was so much better looking than the lead (in my opinion). Though both men were very likable.

Loved this drama. Not really so much about law as it was about feeling good about yourself and learning to love yourself. Great and sweet love story. Highly recommend.

I love this drama. Park Si Hoo is great. Both lead characters and the plot develop in really interesting ways. This is still my all time favorite Korean drama.

I liked this drama very much!

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118 Cruel City

In my opinion this drama is the best Korean drama that I have seen.I love it too much. That's awesome.

The Best Drama Ever! You must watch this drama.
Unusual story line, very touched and great main casts with their characters.

The best kkorean drama at first I hated doctors son but now I love him the story line is perfect
Please watch it

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119 The King's Face

This is good drama full of political and cruel live of a palace mixed with the sacrificed of love and patriotic

120 Valid Love

This story have Lee Si Young playing the lead female character in this drama. It has very nice dialogues, screenplay and cinematography.

Very nice drama. It will definitely be a classy hit.

I love this drama! You must watch it

I love this drama!

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