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121 Jang Ok-Jung

Must watch you will not regret

So cute and yoo ah in are the best guyss. worth it to watch. I watched this drama for 100000000 times

Best Korean drama everrr

This is my favourite drama series. I love Yoo Ah Ni and Kim Htae Hee. Best couple...

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122 Misaeng

A surprised hit, and must watch

HIGHLY Recommended! Especially for everyone who's looking fresh and original story. Not your typical romance but its hooked you from the first episode till the last one. no boring episode. Superb acting from all cast...

Good Acting


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123 Lovers In Paris

Lovers in Paris is awesome! It's very funny and romantic at the same time. Although I was confused at the end ant there's only 20 episodes, everything else is perfect about lovers in Paris. I hope you will also enjoy it!

Romantic-i cried and smiled -enjoyed watching it over and over

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124 We Got Married

Amazing almost watched all episodes...

Many interesting couples to watch! A few of my personal favourites include Adam Couple (Jo Kwon and Gain), Khuntoria (Nickhun and Victoria), Extreme Couple (Jin Woon and Go Jun Hee), Jjongah Couple (Hong Jong Hyun and Yura)!

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125 When a Man Falls in Love

This is my all-time favorite K-drama. Excellent storyline! I have watched it several times and enjoy it more and more each time. It is the best K-drama in my opinion and I have watched quite a few. None come close to this one!

126 Arang and the Magistrate

So cute, my favourite bit is when the girl gets saved by the boy in many parts

Very cute story. Well casted and I was hooked right away. I know if the show will be good right away but I give it five min just to be generous. This one was a goody.

How come this great drama is even not in the list.I think everyone should try watching this.Great plot,beautiful cinemography, beautiful cast,Chemistry between our OTP...There's everything we expect from a Korean drama
this is just worth watching for Lee Jun ki and Shin Min a.They are so adorable.

127 A Love to Kill

I love Rain so much.. He's very good in acting, I hope ill see him more often..

Made me cry a lot. Rain is absolutely perfect.

This is a melodrama, not a Romantic Comedy. Thank you. - midori

It must be in the top 10

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128 Shark

Perfect story of love and revenge

Then for sure you haven't seen the moon embraces the sun

Superb acting of the main cast!

Best Korean drama I ever watch.. :))

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129 Prosecutor Princess

I found this quite funny. It was unusual to see such a beautiful actress play the lead. Usually, the lead woman is gamine and not stylish. The aspect that sets this K-drama apart is the slow and steady growth that the lead displays throughout the series. She starts out as a shallow shop-aholic and by the end she show moral integrity and skill in her profession - all this making us root for her to find true love and success. This was also unusual because the second male lead was so much better looking than the lead (in my opinion). Though both men were very likable.

Loved this drama. Not really so much about law as it was about feeling good about yourself and learning to love yourself. Great and sweet love story. Highly recommend.

I love this drama. Park Si Hoo is great. Both lead characters and the plot develop in really interesting ways. This is still my all time favorite Korean drama.

I liked this drama very much!

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130 Lovers of Music

Love this show. Great amounts of drama and comedy. The leads had a believable relationship and Shin Sung Rok is in it being as cute and adorable.

Loved this. Plenty of drama and comedy. And the leads relationship was very believable. Also Shin Sung Rok X}

131 Prime Minister and I

This drama certainly had some issues, but overall, I'd say this is a very solid show. Part of the plot has a Sound of Music feel: the main character helps to rebuild relationships between a widowed man and his children, and brings life back into the household. A warning about the romance though: although I loved the slow build up of the romantic relationship between Yoona and Lee Beom so (the prime minister), I found it disappointing that the leads never had a big kiss moment. Never fear: they still end up together, but I will admit that the romance was a bit more polite than I had hoped for.

Best Romance Comedy Drama for this generation! Love them both

Very funny and cute

Hmmm Prime Minister and I was fun in the beginning with Yoona's character imagening hilarious scenes and her comedic acting was great but than the story got draggy after she got married to the Prime Minister.. so it's an ok drama overal. I love Yoona and hope she'll act in another Korean drama soon but with a better plot next time..

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132 Cheongdam-dong Alice

Romantic and funny. Good to watch

Its worth watching. Park shi hoo is so handsome here

Boring and the lead actress are so damn annoying

133 Stairway to Heaven

My first and most unforgettable kdrama, a love story as great as this one it's nearly impossible to find. Whenever I tell people about it I always say this: "Don't watch it if you don't want to get your heart completely broken, but watch it because it's so good that the heartache will be completely worth it".

This is the first korenovela that captures my heart. It's a story of a true love hope this kind of love truly exist in this world. It will make you angry of course the villain did her job well but it will make you quiver, smile and cry need a lot of tissue.

I think this is melodrama not comedy

Yeah... not a comedy lots of sacrifice

134 Mask

Such a great drama, definitely worth watching

Gripping plotline sprinkled with the right amount of tender love between the leads..amazing comeback drama by oppa and go for it! Its daebak!

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135 Super Daddy Yeol

Lee Yoo Ri and Lee Dong Guk if I'm not wrong look good together! Instead of seeing Yoori acting as an evil woman, she's now a doctor single mum and she looks SO PRETTY like where can you find someone as beautiful as her? The drama is really funny and emotional in every episode! ! A must watch! !

136 Glorious Day

I am such a big fan of VIXX that while I was looking for dramas that they appeared on, I came across Glorious Day.
I absolutely love this. I got so addicted I even made it my laptop wallpaper.
I love the different stories of the daughters and the mom.
I mean the mom made me really happy and giddy even if she fell in love at 50.
And did I mention that Park Se Young and Lee Sang woo are one hot pair. I totally love their couple.
Their ending was also the best! I love how everyone got a somewhat closed ending.

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137 Time Between Dog and Wolf

Didn't see on the of the best Korean dramas I've watched. Never disappointed me...I loved Lee Jun ki being so cool...

138 Golden Rainbow

Best family drama ever along with what happened to my family

Cried over bcs of this drama :'(

139 Protect the Boss

Second male lead is to drool over... Played by Jaejoong. I found the story seemed to drag alone after a while but the first few episodes were witty and engaging... some very cute scenes and enjoyable characters.

Loved this drama. Every episode was worth watching and had a great love story through out. Highly recommend.

Though it was intended as Romantic Comedy but the comedy is not strong enough. - midori

I personally LOVED it!

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140 The World That They Live In

This drama is about serial makers, their lives and their loves. the most logical and realistic Korean series I've ever seen. Hyun Bin performs a great act in this series. Song is wonderful too

Simple and direct it is an amazing story about family relationship. Good cast played and directed very well. Good rhythm.

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