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141 Man Called God

Michael king was cool in the movie it a must watched drama

Romance + Action drama. No comedy. - midori

142 Marry Him If You Dare

Once you get to pass eun hyee's hair you will start to like the drama however, wait for it... yeah the writer literally carped on it with this horrific ending, the only thing I enjoyed was getting to see oh-jung se ( na mira's brother ) for he was amazing - deena89

It's also good and nice... I can't predict who will be together in the end. it thrills me a lot.. every episode is interesting

Try it!

Even this one is good but not worthy to spend your time to watch it most of time you'll get bored.

But it's not worth to watch it...
Since she won't choose...
poor Yong hwa...
You will waste a lot of time for nothing...

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143 The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

So refreshing and cool female leads... Conflicts are also reasonably valid... And much laughter... Loved it!...

Watched this for almost 5x already but I still love it..

144 May Queen

I think this so is sad but romantic at the same time so I think that everyone should watch this show and understands how some people live their poor live and ended up dead or rich

This is a really nice drama, well played. It got all the ingredients you need to have a perfect show. Nice story, great actors. This should be in the Top 10.

This is a really nice drama, so well made, its really sad though... I don;t understand why is it in 72nd position... It should at least be in top ten...

145 Powerful Opponents
146 The Night Watchman

Nice storyline dealing with ghosts... Nicely brought out with romance..

147 My Lovely Sam Soon V 2 Comments
148 The Fugitive: Plan B

I felt it has everything... You will get hooked once actual story starts... I could not miss a single part it's very engaging and I absolutely loved it... U can see rain in all kinds of emotions.. He was awesome... Action romance humor everything superb

Action Comedy Romance Bi Rain Daniel Henney Korean Actors who had worked in Hollywood too.

I loved Rain in this! Definitely a drama that showcased his talent as an actor (much much better here than in Full House, and he got more space here to develop his character’s funny side than in further romantic dramas)

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149 Gunman in Joseon

Amazing story and one of my favorite Korean dramas of all time

I loved the drama for it's every thing...I loved Lee Jun Ki being so cool.No one looks better than he do in hanboks and modern garb as well... his acting...Although I thought storyline to be little repetitive,the drama met my all expectations...

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150 Bad Couple

Watch it pleassse it amazing I loved it it my top one please wathc it I'm going to burst with joy and sadness ans laughterness angry please watch it its amazing I can't find he words to describe it in the beginning it kinda of boring then the good part will come

151 Secret Love Affair

I really loved seeing too ah in playing this role.. The chemistry in this drama was palpable. Just loved it #really like piano

Love too ah in... Oppa he is so handsome...

152 Color of Woman

Not the best but still very good to watch! Jae hee! Romantic comedy

153 Attic Cat

An old romantic comedy, very cute, kim rae won's hit drama. Recommend highly.

Old but good drama. It had everything a good drama needs. - sarahskousen1

154 Midas
155 King of Baking, Kim Takgu

Guarantee : an interesting film

What! I guarantee everyone would place this in top 10 if they watched this one fully.. first drama that taught me life lessons from watching dramas.. the last few scenes did really touched me so deep

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156 Lovers

One of the best Korean drama. The story, writers work and cast is excellent, especially Lee Seo Jin. His charisma make story more interesting. You must see.

I just love Gangster dramas. This over is so good. I felt bad wanting the main characters to get together while the background characters where struggling so bad but it worked out in the end and it is over of my all time favorites. If you like this one you will love Cruel Romance it's in mandrin bUT so good - sarahskousen1

I watch this drama over and over again, from ep 1 till end no boring scene, absolutely must watch drama.

157 Love from Harvard

I really really LOVE this Drama, I watch this Drama so many times. I really like how Kim Tae Hee act in this Drama... Awesome...

Kim Tae Hee so cute in this drama and their romance like incredibly act.

This drama is cute and nice. must watch!

158 Damo
159 Hong Gil-dong

This one is so funny. The script is so well written and the actors are all so good. I've watched this one multiple times. It's totally worth watching. Spoiler... the ending is a little disappointing if your like me and want everyone to end happy. - sarahskousen1

Hong Gil Dong, The Hero hmmm... Honestly now if you put Jang Keun Suk in a drama then is a Must Watch Drama hehe... You are one of the best Korean actors I have seen... Love You so much JGS

This drama should be included here. It's a funny movie from Kang Ji Hwan and Jang Jeung Seuk.

160 7th Grade Civil Servant

That series is very wonderful it's a mix of action and romantic and funny moments it's so great you must watch it

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