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161 Skip Beat

Nooo that was my reaction after the finale episode care to know why?! They ruined a perfectly good story line with the finally, you feel like there must be a season 2 for this drama cause that's can't be it - deena89

It's a Taiwanese drama but the first hero is Choi siwon and the second is donghae they are from super junior you must watch it

162 Ma Boy

It's a mini drama with a lovely song its very funny and its about a boy make from his self a girl to be famous and go to a girls school

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163 Me Too, Flower!

Honestly I started watching this drama for Yoon Si Yoon, but surprisingly it was really a good drama

Yoon si yoon is one of the best actors in Korea...

So cute love is drama - sarahskousen1

It was a good drama... Seriously...

164 Oh! My Lady

I like how this drama seems understated but gets to the heart of the audience. The romance is the backdrop that quietly supports the main male lead's transformation. I loved the lead who also starred in Dalja's Spring but I came out adoring Choi Siwon after watching this.

I like this drama. As always conflict but its fun and romantic

Love it to the max

The ultimate noona romance! And Choi Siwon - who knew he was a good actor with such an adorkable comedic side? That’s really what made this drama for me.

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165 Stars Falling from the Sky

I liked this story it was one of my bigginer drama made me want to continue to watch k dramas.

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166 Heart to Heart

Thumbs up to the writer (s)! This is the first story I watched where nobody played the "noble idiot." Every character was honest and straightforward about his/her feelings, and there was never an episode where I had to scream, "Whaaat?! " The main couple breezed through all the obstacles so lightly, I never had a chance to get a headache.

The story played out so well that I was able to set aside my dislike for the actress playing the female lead. Chun Jung myung's acting was superb. He easily made me believe and feel his love for the female lead. My only issue about this drama is the female lead's hygiene - or lack of it - yieck!

First time writing a comment on a drama... Love this drama you will never get tired of any episode... Totally recommend it

Funny, touching, romantic and great chemistry between the leads- worth watching!

The leads were so great, the drama is so touching and wonderful. The couples are so cute

167 Shining Inheritance

I was just scrolling through all these dramas and getting more and more sad when I didn't see Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy shown among the best ones. Because it's just what it is: the best kdrama out of all the ones I've seen (and I've seen a lot). A modern day cinderella story with meddling conniving step moms and sisters, the heroine goes through great pains to achieve happiness in life and love and it's so rewarding to see her tackle every obstacle and get past it by the end. Great lead actors, great "villain" and a flawless balance between the comedy and the drama. There was never a dull moment, despite the full 28 episodes. You'll just want to watch more and more of this amazing story!

Really good show with good morals and very well acted out. It was awesome. Just wish there was more or an ending.

I love this drama... Awesome writing

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168 Hyde, Jekyll, Me

It's a good one and I'm sure everyone's gonna love it;it's kinda weird though.

Terrible please don't watch's a waste of time! Hyun bin's secret garden was much better

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169 Boarding House No 24

It's a sitcom with idols

170 Cantabile Tomorrow

I preferred the Japanese version

The cutest thing I've ever seen

171 The Vineyard Man

Love this story! Is the best drama that I ever watched so far, the love story is awesome. Really worth watching!

Did we watch the same show? I was excited to see this because it had Yoon Eun Hye. Started off well but in the end had me asking...Can I please get at least 8 hours of my life back?

Was so funny and touching series!

172 I Am Sam

It's about an under-qualified high school teacher who becomes a live-in tutor for the troublemaking daughter of a notorious gangster, in exchange for one million won.

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173 Hello My Teacher

It's an age-cap drama between student and teacher it's fun to watch since Gong Hyo Onnie is the lead actress

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174 First Love of a Royal Prince V 1 Comment
175 You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin

This is the first Korean Drama I watched.It may not be what you're looking for even if it has the familiar ingredients. Writing, dialogues, rate

You should watch this dramas every time I watch this it make me cry always thanks IU (lee gin eun) for bieng the main artist I will support you always

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176 Iljimae

This drama should be in top 5! Have Just watched it to the end. It was so wonderful!

It is the best drama that I have ever seen

You will get hooked with this drama... Great portrayed by Jun Ki.. And I love the father who adopt Jun Ki.. His character are so lovely

I am lost in this movie. Lee Jun Ki was someone I never know until I watch this. The stroyline and all totally grab my heart

177 Devil Beside You

I love the lead actress shes so pretty.. but this is Taiwan drama right? Not Korean drama?

Perfect case of forbidden love.

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178 The Girl Who Sees Smells

This drama is a mystery/romance drama. It's full of suspense, wondering what would happen in the next episode. I feel like the main characters are really cute together. One main character can see smells, and the other is an undercover officer. Together, they are partners finding the serial killer, nicknamed "Bar code." It's actually a really interesting drama. Right now (5/16/15) it is still ongoing. Be the ones to watch it while it is!

I liked the drama! However, the lead actors and their chemistry is off. Not sure if it is him or her. Excellent story line, writer had a great imagination.

I liked this drama but I didn't really like the lead guy, overall it wasn't my favourite but it still is a pretty good drama that you should consider watching

Love it.Amazing story and actors.
Love namgoog min! (Though he's the bad guy)But so handsome!

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179 Who Are You?

Best of the best. it has mystery, action and romance in it best drama ever if you have ever watched master sun you should understand what I am saying.

I really liked this! I recommend you watch.

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180 Ex-Girlfriend Club

The best drama in 2015, goes to this drama. You will be amazed with the chemistry of both lead actor & actress give. Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han is like perfect match. Plus, the 3 ex girlfriend really add up spice to the movie since each of them have their own style. After you finish one episode, you would want to watch another right after. This is definitely a must watch.

If you're looking for a good laugh without any super complicated plots, this is your go to drama.

This was great my one complaint was Song Ji hyo was kind of like a chump here when she should have been more fiesty.

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