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161 My Lovely Sam Soon V 2 Comments
162 Secret Love Affair

I really loved seeing too ah in playing this role.. The chemistry in this drama was palpable. Just loved it #really like piano

Love too ah in... Oppa he is so handsome...

163 Color of Woman

Not the best but still very good to watch! Jae hee! Romantic comedy

164 Lovers

One of the best Korean drama. The story, writers work and cast is excellent, especially Lee Seo Jin. His charisma make story more interesting. You must see.

I just love Gangster dramas. This over is so good. I felt bad wanting the main characters to get together while the background characters where struggling so bad but it worked out in the end and it is over of my all time favorites. If you like this one you will love Cruel Romance it's in mandrin bUT so good - sarahskousen1

I watch this drama over and over again, from ep 1 till end no boring scene, absolutely must watch drama.

165 7th Grade Civil Servant

That series is very wonderful it's a mix of action and romantic and funny moments it's so great you must watch it

V 1 Comment
166 Hyde, Jekyll, Me

It's a good one and I'm sure everyone's gonna love it;it's kinda weird though.

Terrible please don't watch's a waste of time! Hyun bin's secret garden was much better

V 4 Comments
167 The Vineyard Man

Love this story! Is the best drama that I ever watched so far, the love story is awesome. Really worth watching!

Did we watch the same show? I was excited to see this because it had Yoon Eun Hye. Started off well but in the end had me asking...Can I please get at least 8 hours of my life back?

Was so funny and touching series!

168 Hello My Teacher

It's an age-cap drama between student and teacher it's fun to watch since Gong Hyo Onnie is the lead actress

V 1 Comment
169 You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin

This is the first Korean Drama I watched.It may not be what you're looking for even if it has the familiar ingredients. Writing, dialogues, rate

It is a nice family drama!

You should watch this dramas every time I watch this it make me cry always thanks IU (lee gin eun) for bieng the main artist I will support you always

170 Iljimae

This drama should be in top 5! Have Just watched it to the end. It was so wonderful!

It is the best drama that I have ever seen

You will get hooked with this drama... Great portrayed by Jun Ki.. And I love the father who adopt Jun Ki.. His character are so lovely

I am lost in this movie. Lee Jun Ki was someone I never know until I watch this. The stroyline and all totally grab my heart

171 The Girl Who Sees Smells

This drama is a mystery/romance drama. It's full of suspense, wondering what would happen in the next episode. I feel like the main characters are really cute together. One main character can see smells, and the other is an undercover officer. Together, they are partners finding the serial killer, nicknamed "Bar code." It's actually a really interesting drama. Right now (5/16/15) it is still ongoing. Be the ones to watch it while it is!

I liked the drama! However, the lead actors and their chemistry is off. Not sure if it is him or her. Excellent story line, writer had a great imagination.

I liked this drama but I didn't really like the lead guy, overall it wasn't my favourite but it still is a pretty good drama that you should consider watching

Love it.Amazing story and actors.
Love namgoog min! (Though he's the bad guy)But so handsome!

V 5 Comments
172 Spy Myung Wol

I love this drama! It's so nice! y'all should watch it! the action and romance is excellent! He is so charming and she is so cool too!

Why this deabak drama not in the list?
You will not regret to watch this drama!
Promise it!

173 Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

They are so cute together

This should be on top 15

Based on the Manga Itazura na kiss and this is the Japanese version of It started with a kiss and Playful kiss.

The guy was so cooI & the girI was cute but not that bright.they were very opposite but at the end they attract each other

174 I Need Romance 3

One of the funniest most romantic noona romances out there - Sung Joon really outdid himself in this one and the main couple had amazing chemistry

V 2 Comments
175 Protect the Boss

Second male lead is to drool over... Played by Jaejoong. I found the story seemed to drag alone after a while but the first few episodes were witty and engaging... some very cute scenes and enjoyable characters.

Loved this drama. Every episode was worth watching and had a great love story through out. Highly recommend.

Though it was intended as Romantic Comedy but the comedy is not strong enough. - midori

I personally LOVED it!

V 7 Comments
176 Man Called God

Michael king was cool in the movie it a must watched drama

Romance + Action drama. No comedy. - midori

177 The Night Watchman

Nice storyline dealing with ghosts... Nicely brought out with romance..

178 Bad Couple

Watch it pleassse it amazing I loved it it my top one please wathc it I'm going to burst with joy and sadness ans laughterness angry please watch it its amazing I can't find he words to describe it in the beginning it kinda of boring then the good part will come

179 Attic Cat

An old romantic comedy, very cute, kim rae won's hit drama. Recommend highly.

Old but good drama. It had everything a good drama needs. - sarahskousen1

180 Damo
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