Pinocchio is not just another Korean drama. The story is very well written, not a single episode is boring and it has some very good characters and the actors have played the roles perfectly. If you are looking for some sappy romantic then this might not be the one, but if you appreciate a drama with a good storyline then this is definitely the one you shouldn't miss. Lee Jong suk and Park Shin Hye have done a great job.

I think this is the best Korean drama I've ever seen. In every episode have an interesting story that make me more curious how was the next episode would be, romantic + comedy + mystery mix into amazing story, there was no boring plot in every episode, so entertaining. Very recommended drama for who love watching Korean drama or Asian drama. Maybe number 1 recommended drama, I think.

A great drama, I love how Park Shin hye and Lee Jong suk make their acting so realistic that you will think of it as real, but of course, its only an act, but still hoping. I ship them, anyway, I love how Lee Jong Suk act especially the scene where he was brought home by his friend, and he was drunk. His really cute, and also I love how park shin hye stayed at his side through ups and downs.

Brilliant Chemistry, this pairing is worth watching. Original ideas, and just a great balance of suspense and giving the viewers what they need when they need it. Love love it, it's youthful and has such a mature perspective at the same time.

Agree that there is no single boring episode. I finished it all in less than a day. Message of the story is very well planned, said and shown. It tackles real life scenarios which gives lessons to people. Portrayal of all characters are also thumbs up. Definitely a wonderful must see novel!

Two words can explain this drama. DEFINITELY AMAZING. This drama is perfect. Perfect story, perfect cast, and perfect loveline. I love how the drama connects to the reality. How the media manipulates us. Anyway I really recommend this drama Park Shin Hye's character is strong and I loved it. I also love Lee Jong Suk cuteness and how he shows his serious side. Well both of them is my favorite.

This is a really good drama, the story line is so catchy no boring episodes at all. The actors are really good but I wouldn't say this will be included on the top list for the rom-com category. It has comedy scenes as well, but that's not the focus of the drama. This drama is much heavier that that, it focuses of the society and the manipulation of media. And the love story is not that catchy af. But brilliant story line

One of the best Korean dramas I have ever watched. It has minimal of cliche and draggy story plot of "I love you but I refuse to admit for your own good", which is pretty common in Korean dramas. One climax after another. And of course, because Park Shin Hye is gorgeous.

One of the best Korean dramas here if not number one, beautiful, heartbreaking, very intense. I can't finish an episode without crying. The plot is very unique and I really love that the main leads didn't break up for stupid reasons or for anything that any one of them does like most of the drama out there

Not a scene make you feel bored. It has so many twists and turns.. Fast moving series. Leads justify their roles and the plot is very interesting from the first episode till the end. Good attempt about reporters. I enjoyed watching. Overall: Interesting.. Try watching guys..

The story, oh my god. I have a thing for depressing stuff so this was definitely for me...This was what made me fall in love with the lead actor Lee Jong Suk. I love his dramas. Especially in Pinocchio I love his crying scenes. Couldn't get enough of it!

I just love the acting of Park Shin Hye. The expressions she gave was amazing. After watching this drama, I understood the behind stressful work, pressure of reporters. The most important is because of fake report, how the family will be effected both physically and mentally.

Hats of to the team Pinocchio, who had shown best drama. Everything is perfect. Including music,effects.

I've watched quite a few Korean dramas but this is most definitely one of the best. With awesome an awesome cast, great chemistry between the leads and an interesting plot, Pinocchio will stay in your mind even after your done watching it.

The best part is... They stay together from the start till the end.. Never giving up on each other! I was addicted to it! Lovely couple.. The mains!

No words, I'm speechless. Best romance drama ever! You will never regret watching it with the perfect cast and amazing plot! My heart just beats faster when I'm watching this drama, I'm just fall in love with this romance drama! So much love...

The only drama in which I would watch the whole series again and again, and NEVER get bored at doing so. Extraordinary plot, unexpected twist, some thrilling scenes, along with the couple's interesting love story. This drama has it all!

I like this drama because the plot is nice and it has no boring scenes. This drama will surely make you laugh, cry and love the characters! Definitely good and it has moral lessons too!

Lee Jung-suk and Park shin hye had amazing chemistry in this one. I find it odd that Park shin hye has always seemed awkward in kissing scenes in other dramas that I have watched but not this. Somehow Lee jung-suk got the best out of her in this drama. I loved this drama. Jung-suk's expressions were cute. Overall, a well scripted and casted drama. A must watch!

Best high pace... Melodrama... The director help me to cut all the boring scene.. All the typical love story scene are cut... Not much dragging... Finding the truth scene... Triangle love scene... Etc... Straight forward... Happy ending... Best couple...

This drama was very addictive,I would try to watch a episode everyday. Always so interesting that I just can't wait for the new episode that comes up. The ending was kind of too dramatic.. but still good!

Such a brilliant Korean drama after all.. No boring scenes.. Excellent chemistry of the pairs, each character has its own worth.. The theme is so refreshing and every role is eye-tracking. Eagerly waiting for the next episode..

Usually Korean dramas are cliche and have a lot of plot holes. this one is different I think, it has original ideas. I really like how they brought the topic of media. and the casts and the characters they play as are perfect.

This show shares us with the dilemma of the characters' circumstances--from romantic to familial, but more so puts light into the lives of reporters and the struggle for bringing the real truth.

You will not miss every episode and you'll cringe for more. You will not doubt for a sleepless night. Great chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk.

Absolutely loved this drama. Yes, I agree that there is no boring episode and you cannot wait to see more of it until you get to the end. To me, this definitely belongs to the top ten!