Playful Kiss


It's a story that never fails to hit you. You can watch this drama a billion times and still love it. It shows that love goes beyond even your own expectations. It shows the characters progression of love and the gradual complete acceptance of one another. At times you become angry at their coldness or stupidity, but again it shows you that when you're in love you can become a fool. I love this story. I laughed, a lot, I cried and at times even punched a pillow. The actors did an amazing job in this adaptation as well... I felt like I was seeing the Manga characters coming to life. And Kim Hyun Joong is absolutely handsome and dreamy. Perfect cast, portrayal, and story. Definitely recommend this!

This is the first Korean drama I am watching in my life. I just can accept the fact that the story has come to an end in 16 episodes. Even during daytime I dream of SEUNG JO (KIM HYUN JOONG) and OH HA NI (JUNG SO MIN). After watching this I have the desire to watch only Korean dramas in my life. Now I have started watching BOYS OVER FLOWERS and HEIRS. These dramas are also awesomely wonderful

I really love the development. Baek seung joo was really mean but he really loved Ha ni in the end. And Oh ha ni is the most stupid, cutest girl ever. Can't believe that its Jung So Min's 1st drama. Kim Hyun Joong is awesome. Love his killer smile! Its worth watching!

A+ drama. A story about a dumb-girl who fall in love with a genius boy. Slowly, the genius boy who hated her at first unfortunately in love with her. He likes the quality of 'never ever give up' in her and he really enjoys the presence of her around him though he really have quite a hard time admit it.

This was the first drama that I watched. One of my friend recommended me. After that I just love watching Korean dramas. you can never get tired of watching them.

Honestly the lead female character annoyed me a bit. I felt she was too obsessed and clingy and really creepy. Stalking him and crying always. I love the mother though. This makes love seem like a depressing emotion. It's interesting though. But the girl overdid her "emotions"

Loved this drama to bits. Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo are the perfect couple, each filling in for what the other lacks and bringing the best out of each other. You will laugh... And sometimes cry at the antics of this super adorable couple and when they walk down the aisle together, you heart will feel warm and fuzzy. You'll always wear a smile on your face when you think of this show- I promise you!

Kim Hyun Joong = ooh laa laa! As soon as I started watching, I just adored the characters and the plot. Even at his meanest, it was obvious that Baek was falling for Oh Ha Ni, and every episode was better than the one before! The first kiss, the second kiss, the kiss in the rain (which left me in tears) and the funny-sweet exchange between Baek and Ha Ni's father left me wishing this series would never end. I really, truly enjoyed Boys Over Flowers, but THIS show quickly became my new number 1!

It brings back memories of being in school. From crushes to heartbreak, this is the drama. I just cannot wait for the next episode to see what will happen next. Funny, but exciting to see when is he going to give in. It is such a teaser of young love. I was happy that everyone in the cast met their match.

The persistence of the young girl Oh Hani is heartwarming. However, in reality this is really scary for the boy. I have the similar experience. A 7 years old girl declared to the whole world that she will marry me. That really scared me so much. 8 years later, she came with her mother to visit us. After taking a glimpse of her in my house, I rushed off and never dare to come home until late. So, this is a fantasy for girls only. For boys, it is a nightmare.

This is my first Korean drama which made me go crazy of k-pop I love this couple kim hyun joong jung so min and the way story goes am I like jo's mom very much love you with lots of kiss and hugs

It is my favorite, it touched my heart when I watched this I really loved their acted and their chemistry is too good... I really love them as a artists..

I really really really love this Drama! They're so cute together. The handsome lead actor Kim hyun Joong was really cool. Also the pretty young actress is really good and cute also. I love them Both!

This is the best Korean drama there is I have watch it more than 3 times and its still my number one and this drama is the reason why I love kim hyun joong I love him too death

Full of embarrassing, cringe worthy moments/scenes where you can't even keep your eyes open to watch it. It's that Bad! But it's still hilarious and you should watch it. Try not to close your eyes at the funny scenes.

That was my first Korean drama what I've seen. It was a very strong beginning. I'm thankful for this drama because thereafter I've been starting watch more and more dorama! :) In my opinion this is the cutest series so far! :)) I like Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong acting, I like the bracing songs and I like their exciting episodes!

I am a fan of Kim hyung-joong so I started to watch. overall it was "OKAY", just because of Kim's acting it's worth or else it would not have been that much of success

Like most of the Korean drama this drama has also a universal appeal infatuation love and affection is blend together tremendously that not only teenagers but adults can also relate with all character and takes us to an nostalgia.

This is my first drama and brought me into the Korean drama world... I watched it number of times and never ever get bored... At first saw and mesmerised by the lead actor kim hyun joong... But after watching it number of times my favourite scenes are always oh ha ni scenes... Story is nothing without her character... Love love love this drama

My first and best drama I had seen that many times I am not getting bored while watching this there is no word in this world to express my feelings after saw it

Playful Kiss is the most lovable and enjoyable drama.

This was the second Korean drama I watched and I absolutely loved it. The characters are really good and you are always kept on the edge of your seat throughout. I highly recommend this as a must watch

Tis is the first drama I watched. I really got addicted to it. I watched it many times but never got tired... Love you baek seung jo and oh ha ni

The most cutest and lovely drama ever. Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min did a such an awesome act that I just felt it so real, High school one sided love, university love, young married couple, everything so cute. My favorite drama, a drama which u wish that the main leads were real couple, well I did, HyunMin forever

Playful Kiss is the best drama I ever watched. Chemistry of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min was superb. I liked Oh Ha Ni specially. This was first Korean Drama I watched. Never get bored to watch again and again. It's a funny, lovable and my favorite drama. LOVE IT...