Secret Garden


This is definitely going down as one of my all-time favourite K dramas. At first, I wasn't too sure about the soul switching plot, but I was won over the moment I saw the first episode. Gil Ra I'm will always be one of my fave K drama heroines because she was strong, funny and independent. And yes, I didn't like Kim Joo Won immediately because he was quite rude and assertive, but his character grew on me and I began to understand why he acted the way he did, and his character redeemed himself in one of the most selfless acts ever that I've seen in a drama. Although it had its flaws, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I found myself being very interested in the supporting characters too, which doesn't always happen. Incredible chemistry between the lead actors, many cute moments and the soundtrack was wonderful too. Made me a fan of both Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won! Beautiful drama that had a lovely balance of sweet, funny and sad scenes.

This Korean drama was so amazing and funny! In some of the episodes it was kind of sad that the guy treated her badly even though he loved her. But in some it was really funny that he was the romantic one and not her. When they had the 3 kids it was so cute that the little boy cried for a higher allowance. I think that this one should have been #1.

Initially I didn't like this drama much but now I can't sleep a day without listening to the OST. I watched it over and over for n times. The first few episodes are a little intro types but once the actual story starts, you can't help but get hooked to the series. The lead actor acts all funny, weird and stupid, but the chemistry is awesome. You will fall in love with him slowly. The way he has an obsession with the lead actress is kind of addictive. Took me a long time to get the hangover of this drama from my head.

My personal favorite romantic Korean drama! The writing, acting, and OST are all AMAZING The two storylines are equally compelling so that I fell in love with all the main characters. Secret Garden is both funny and tender, and incorporates a lovely dose of fantasy. The drama is written by Kim Eun-Sook, who also wrote "A Gentleman's Dignity" (number 2 on my list) and the recent and very popular "Descendants of the Sun".

It's just too lovey-dovey to be comical, there are a few funny scenes but not too many. Most of it is romance and action. But this is also one of those classic rich boy, poorish girl kinda scene. It's really popular in Korea because of the foam kiss etc etc. Don't want to give too much away.

I agree this as Romantic Comedy. Half of the episodes series contains funny remarks. What impress me is that Kim Joo-won character has so many lines that I have to pause the video to properly read them all. The one and only. Great writer! - midori

One of my all time favorite. When I watch first time, I am really love it. I was hesitated to watch again cause I thought it will no longer in my favorite list. But I still love it even I tried 3 times. This is the best drama ever.

Everyone should watch it, with the past 3years after watching it, I still consider it the best! I really don't love magical plotted movies and series, but I swear THIS IS A MUST WATCH.

"Secret Garden" has always been an all time favorite drama of mine since years. I just could'nt get away from the charms of both leads in the play. They were just so cute and adorable! I was totally laughing into convulsions watching their reactions after swapping bodies! And thanks to this AMAZING drama that I found the greatly GIFTED actress Ha Ji Won. She is just so cool and lovable! This is perhaps the most hilarious and saddest drama as well that I had ever watched. Anyway, I am really glad that the drama ended well with a rejoicing happy ending, and all well ends well! Will be loving and rooting for the heart-flutttering drama! Fighting!

This drama is a different kind of gender bender. It is so amazing that I have re-watched it lots of times and find the characters getting more cute every time! It is a must watch.

It's very cute specially the times when the two protagonists are together. There will be some scenes that will just turn you into a crazy person cause you will be laughing

Watch it for Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won's sparkling chemistry and their wonderful acting! The whole body swapping drama is hillarious and romance is really touching. The drama leaves you a hangover with Hyun Bin's sparkling jumpsuits and the fun bits still in your brain...

It was a silly script but I loved it nonetheless. It was a fun watch and the cinematography was breath-taking. I loved the scenes where Kim Joo-Won imagines Gil Ra-i'm walking beside him.
It also didn't hurt that Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won had sizzling chemistry. I hope those two will get to work together again in another drama.

One of my best list in romantic comedy drama. The story line was just perfect. It's really draw me into it. The cast played their roles very well. Love it so much. A must watch drama.

Totally one of the best dramas that I have seen in along time! I kept neglecting it and then hen I saw it finally I cannot get over it! Awesome drama!

Awesome serial! Just love to watch it for hyun bin! Great acting and way to go, Hyun bin rocks! Must watch. Cute couple

This needs to be on number one list! Its like 5 years ago a but the plot is much better than many dramas of these days!

I'm really hooked on this drama! Its not just the characters but the plot itself is great! I liked the characters chemistry the best!

When I watched this drama the second time, it was still fun and I still love the plot of the story.

Finally a girl hard to get laugh out loud

This is only Korean drama I see the depth of the feeling's of love

I think this drama deserves this rank. I watch it and I don't think its bad. But its not as good as the top 5. The plot is good, but it didn't make me curious. And the characters are not growing. I wont way its bad. But I wont say its bad. At least this drama make me watch it until 10 eps, after that.. drop it.

Wow this is a very amazing romantic drama... I love this specially because of Hyun Bin

Best drama ever.. Great chemistry between the leads.. Miss it at your own risk.

This is one of my all time favorites. A great cast that keeps you wondering what will happen next.