You Are Beautiful


For me, this is my #1 romantic-comedy Korean drama. I watched You Are Beautiful after getting hooked by watching Boys Over Flowers. After finishing You Are Beautiful, I watched it all over again and then again and again... to the point I've lost count I laugh so much whenever I do watch this and very much enjoy the chemistry between the two main characters. Actually, I think the entire cast is great, everyone was so well fitted to the role they played, not only the main ones which makes this my #1 choice, to the point that I ordered the dvd and two cds for the music I also so much enjoy this drama's soundtrack although I don't even understand Korean but never mind that because the songs/music speak to my heart. This also made me a fan of both Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye so what do you expect - I've by now seen Heartstrings, Pinocchio and The Heirs.

This is one of my Top 5 dramas of ALL TIME! The soundtrack is so beautiful that I added some songs to my playlist. Park Shin Hye is so amazing as a religious girl pretending to be a rocker dude. And Jang Keun Suk is so beautiful! He makes eyeliner look good too! You'll get major Second Lead Syndrome and even Third Lead Syndrome if that's a thing (or not. I was JKS all the way! ). If you've ever seen a drama of a girl pretending to be a guy you know that soon the cat will be out of the bag. What happens after each person finds out the truth only leads to further complications in poor Go Mi Nam's life (Park Shin Hye). A must see for all ages unless you're younger than three.

This drama is VERY UNFORGETTABLE AND MEMORABLE. I can't get it out of my head, even when I last watched it 4 years ago. I am an addict to this - then and now. Can't believe I was very addicted to it, considering I am not into the romance type of series. But anyways, IT IS LEGENDARY for me. Even up to the end, it never became too grossly romantic like other romantic comedies out there. It maintained its funny trademark, with those moments that you will really find yourself jumping, blushing and rolling off your bed. The characters don't make us fall in love simply by their looks or 'appeal' or charm. They let us fall in love because the actors/ actresses sincerely became one with their roles. Jang Geun Suk totally became Tae Kyung. Park Shin Hye totally became Go Mi Nam/ Go Min Gyu. Jung Yong Hwa totally became Kang Shin Woo and Lee Hong Ki totally became Jeremy! Even if these artists starred in many other dramas, such as that Jang Geun Suk starred in Love Rain, Shin Hye in The Heirs, ...more

You are beautiful is the first Korean drama I have watched and I just love it so much. I can watch it again and again and never get bored of it. Plus the actors have done an amazing job especially the lead actress. It should definitely be in the top 5 at least.

This is absolutely the best drama ever! I have watched it 4 times, it has everything love, family, music, comedy. The characters are all beautiful and talented and the OST is amazing! You'll fall in love with this drama!

I can watch this drama over and over without getting tired. Everything's perfect, from the storyline to the cast... The best! Jang Geun Suk is love!

The best drama I have ever watched... Everything fits out well. My favourite ever.. Comedy romance... Every essential things which is needed for a good show.. Wow... Go mi nam and hwang tae kyung.. Both rocked the show

I love this drama no matter how many dramas I see this will remain evergreen in my heart, it's just perfect

Love this drama. I'd seen a few Korean dramas before this and liked it, but I wasn't totally into it. Then I watched this, and I fell in love. The story is so touching and even though it's so cliche my heart felt like exploding.

This is the drama that made me completely fall in love with Jang Geun Suk! At times it's childish, silly and even ridiculous but it charmed me into loving every minute.

This is my all time favorite Korean drama. Never get tired of watching it over and over again. Love you park shin hye and jang geun suk!

I really enjoyed watching this drama! The plot didn't drag at all & the characters were really adorable in their own way. I could really feel the love building between the two leads.

Love this drama it is "THE MOST FUNNIEST DRAMA" I have ever watched, I love the humour that is in the drama that makes me very excited to watch it and know about the story, though I feel sad for Jung YongHwa (Shin Woo) and Lee Hong Ki (Jeremy) because he was heartbroken that Park Shin Hye liked Jang Keun Suk in the drama. But great drama!

This drama is so magnificent! And if you don't agree with my statement, just take a look for first episode and I ultimate absolutely sure that you will watch the rest of episodes...

Great Great Great work. I loved how everyone, not just the lead actors, were so very cool characters and all of them had their share of cool scenes. This is rare in k-dramas. Usually the director gives the full credit of every scene to the lead actors. But this one was a group work, that made it all the more exciting.

OH MY GOD... It's my best drama ever seen I love Hwang Tae Kyung so much and Go Mi Nam too. It's THE BEST BEST BEST...

I couldn't agree more..This is the best Korean drama I have seen till date. I absolutely love the chemistry between the Lead Actors.

Oh! so touching drama. it is the best drama I ever saw

Just like normal drama, sulli isn't suitable for this drama.. I'm fan of her, but I really think she's not suitable for this drama.. 3/5

It is a beautiful & heart touchable drama I loved it so much can't explain. and please do some more story for the same team.

This drama is so great and funny and never boring and I love this drama and 3 boys. :) 3 guys are great..

Awesome park shin hye had made it great to watch.i love jang geun suk he is very handsome and funny I love his attitude

Every thing about this drama is just perfect I think its one of the best dramas ever

The most entertaining drama with amazing characters played so well by the cast that I have come to admire

Love story with cuteness.. every scenes are interesting