Top Ten Romantic Musicals

Which musical makes you sigh at the romance of it all?

The Top Ten

1 The Phantom of the Opera
2 Sunshine on Leith
3 Les Miserables
4 The Sound of Music

That was some response to a subject that is out of your comfort-zone, V. I think you are sweeter than you have me believe, yes? :) I didn't add "fiddler" for all the reasons you (actually rather rightly stated) it's not a particular favourite of mine. You need to at some point watch High Society or that sweet classic, Top Hat (sooo beyoootiful)
Nil points I get for that whiskey thingy quote - please enlighten me sometime?
Thank you for taking a foo mins of your time (it must have been so early when you wrote that) to comment on a list which isn't "your thing" it's always appreciated :)
You are now free to go and do some "real manly fings" now. Beat your chest and watch Tarzan perhaps? - Britgirl

Well, Beege: Seems you've drifted somewhat outside my comfort zone. But under the mutual-cooperation terms of the alliance, I shall always do my best to render aid, comfort and accolades. (Hail BG! )
Now, as my female-response-analysis (effen-A) sensors indicate this subject is near and dear, there will be (almost) no wise-crackery, but gotta say that musicals have never really been my cuppa dark roast. Being an inveterate blues, boogie, bebop, honky-tonk, R&B and pure rock 'n' roll musician and aficionado, could never wrap my inner tick-tock around most musicals, and can't do attentive justice to more than one muse at a time. "When I drink whisky, I drink whisky; and when I drink water, I drink water." (100 points if you know what that's from)
The one exception would be "Fiddler" with the incomparable Chaim Topol. Charming, rousing, uplifting, ingeniously comedic, romantic in its way, ominous, deflating, dejecting, painfully sad, depressing, heartbreaking and, finally, somewhat ...more

Aw, shucks, Beege. Don't let it get around. Life down at the He-Man Woman-Haters' Club would be pure misery. The quote is from Barry Fitzgerald in "The Quiet Man." Keep up the excellent work. It's miles above 99% of the tripe that's being offered here. (Givin' you the 100pts anyway, just because.

5 My Fair Lady
6 West Side Story
7 Top Hat
8 Into the Woods
9 Enchanted
10 Singin in the Rain

The Contenders

11 Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
12 Nightmare Before Christmas
13 Guys and Dolls
14 High Society
15 An American in Paris
16 The Little Mermaid
17 Lady and the Tramp
18 Tangled
19 Beauty and the Beast
20 Frozen
21 Aladdin
22 The Aristocats
23 Robin Hood (1973)
24 The Princess and the Frog
25 Once
26 La La Land
27 Beauty and the Beast (2017)
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