Best Romantic Songs From Michael Jackson

This is the list, made after great research on the Michael Jackson's top ten romantic songs. It is confidential.

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1 You Are Not Alone You Are Not Alone

That is a good song that Michael Jackson wrote.
- JustinBiebersGurl

It's a touching song about loyalty in a relationship. It's also loneliness because you miss the other part of you.

Ohhh! This one so good song... purely love song

Enjoyed his ballads over his dance hits.

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2 You Are My Life You Are My Life

It's a loving song, and great ballad. I don't understand how critics did not like this album when it was one of his best in my opinion. This is one of my favorites that happen to have been one of his first songs that I ever heard. Love it so much.

This has got to be the first ballad that I loved upon hearing it. While many people consider this a weak track, especially among the rest in Invincible, its message and warm feel makes me love the song.

This song affects me on an emotional level each time I hear it. It's pure beauty and love, plain and simple.

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3 Baby Be Mine Baby Be Mine

yeah man, this is the best romantic song one could have ever. I salute you MJ for writing this great lyrical song... it is close to my heart...!

This song is truly romantic, lovable. It explains how much you love her. ''Girls are almost impressed by hearing this song''.

The worst song I have listened. Stupid

Best ever -to be true best of best $3#...!

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4 I Just Can't Stop Loving You I Just Can't Stop Loving You

I really love this song because I love someone and I Just can't stop loving you Michael jackson

One of the best love songs ever created!

Superb song want to hear more and more

Definitaly in my top 10 songs, which are all MJ's, as it seems by my nickname! - MichaelJacksonisawesome

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5 The Way You Make Me Feel The Way You Make Me Feel V 4 Comments
6 Speechless Speechless

AWESOME song! He was so inspired by love when writing this one.

This song actually leaves you speechless. Best ballad I have ever heard.

I felt so many emotions hearing this song

One of my favorites and is a great one.

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7 For All Time For All Time

"Baby you gotta know, that's for all time! " I love that line its beautiful!

BEAUTIFUL! I have loved Him for all time...

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8 Rock with You Rock with You

This song is too rockin' n' gives the touch of real pop, n' it can really ''Relax your mind''

When I sing this song I'm started to groove and moving and dancing like mJ. Because it makes me crazy allt he time I heard thuis song. I love the beat, tune, rhythmn, harmony. All. LOVE YEAH MICHAEL! - fejsampaga

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9 Invincible Invincible

This is the best romantic pop song. Its simply the best, I love it.

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10 The Lady In My Life The Lady In My Life

It's a slow beat love song with a great vibe and 100% romantic. Great song from The Gloved One. - Draco

I love this one. Slow,romantic and sounds different than others. Its classy and his voice is so amazing.

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The Contenders

11 Break of Dawn Break of Dawn
12 Don't Walk Away Don't Walk Away V 1 Comment
13 Heaven Can Wait Heaven Can Wait
14 Butterflies V 1 Comment
15 You Rock My World You Rock My World V 2 Comments
16 In the Closet In the Closet V 2 Comments
17 She's Out of My Life She's Out of My Life
18 Don't Stop Till You Get Enough Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
19 I Can't Help It I Can't Help It
20 Girlfriend Girlfriend
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