Best The Romantic Songs


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1 Talking In Your Sleep

I'm sure this is the definitely no. #1 contestant! - pLix33

So fantastic song, it puts so beautiful toughts on my mind.
this song is like fall in love with the girl of your dreams- (a truly fantasy)

Ouh, man. This ain't number 1, sorry dude but I can't be agree with your desition! This song is more than a simple number 2 and a silver medal, I mean ''What I Like About You'' is one of The Romantics best but no the clearly best. And I notice that you put every song in Hits order! I mean, you just selected the most recognizable songs of this band but not in ''Best songs'' terms! Anyways I love your lists and thanks for it! Peace! - RW700

2 What I Like About You

Best of his songs.

3 Tell It to Carrie

This song is awesome. I think it should be number one

4 When I Look In Your Eyes
5 One In a Million
6 Rock You Up

This is actually a really good and romantic song, I aprecciate this kind of oldies. - CedreticFomento

7 First In Line
8 Night Like This
9 She's Got Everything

Hell, this is definitely one of top best songs of this band! ┬┐how it is only on No. #9? I think it would be at least on the top 5

10 Test Of Time
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