Most Romantic Things to Text a Girl

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41 You are the light that brightened my dark world.

I've used this one. - D. N.

Wow I told my girl Fren and she cry...

Ita a good thing to sya

42 Last night I was looking at the stars and matched each star with a reason why I love you. It was going great until I ran out of stars.

I love this but would be a bit too afraid to send it to my girl... Because I know she would say "okay start telling me all the things then"

From the heart

Real deep bro

This is actually amazing I used this on my girl and she just loved it, she replied by saying I love you so mch thank you😊☺️

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43 You are my happy. V 1 Comment
44 People say one-sided love never works, and they are wrong... Because you get the happiness of loving her and making her the beat of your life; but by the time she realizes it, you must be gone and leave her in dreams of you.

Worked so good made her cry thanks

Don't get it

It sucks **** I didn't work b****

45 Last night I dreamed of you and woke up to find my dreams have come true.

It's not weird if you can dream the future like both me and my girlfriend

Pretty good except the dream part is a lil to creepy


46 I've never been lucky in my life. You proved me wrong. V 2 Comments
47 Why am I dying to live if we are living to die? Because I met you. V 2 Comments
48 I will love you till I die, baby.

I've used this one. - D. N.

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49 The first time I saw you my heart whispered "She's the one".

Amazing bro. Not just saying this... But meaning this...

That's EXACTLY how I felt when I met with a very beautiful young Lady this past weekend.

I believe that's what it is/will be like

Got te puss

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50 You don't deserve a word. You deserve a thousand books written about how amazing you are.

She smiled a lot


51 Baby you're just like Google, you have everything I'm searching for

I'm totally using that


52 Yum yum.... I want some.

This doesn't sound romantic at all. It sounds too sexual.

Not the best option to go with

53 If you held up 11 roses in a mirror, you would be looking at 12 of the most beautiful things on earth!

I made my own version of that a long time ago... "If you held up 11 rose in a mirror you be looking at 11 of the most beautiful things in the world"... Wait a few seconds then say," and the MOST beautiful thing in the universe... Nothing could be compared to how gorgeous you are, I love you! "

This is good but change the end to in the world

Perfect for if you are just getting to know someone

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54 I love you cause you make me smile all the time. V 1 Comment
55 It makes me happy to know that right now the person I love is thinking of me.

What a lovely composition of words

It works and I love these tips

56 My knees are killing me because I fall for you everyday.

For you jojo Higgins lots of love babygirl from bryony yeandel xoxoxo

And hers are killing her too because well she spends a lot of time on them 😂

57 You are the thrill of my life. The beat of my heart. The pulse that keeps me going and the glow that will never fade.

She replied with, 'Kiss me.'

So good

58 If God made anything more beautiful than you I hope he kept it for himself
59 My mama said I should never look back but since the day I saw you, I had no choice other than to look back to see an angel passing by.

I love it his mother really raise him well

Cool. I told this to my girlfriend and she cried and launched herself into laughter

My mom would never say that but the angke thin do it
Trust me the complete stranger lols

Lol I said this to my girlfriend only I added in steadofhe angel thing I said
i look back at that ass lol jk don't belive this jk about that too.

60 I went to the doctor. He asked me why I didn't have a heart, I told him I gave it to you because you lost yours.
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1. If I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to say I love you
2. Every time I see you, my heart stops; and every time I kiss you, I come back to life.
3. Everyone says no one is perfect, but you're perfect in my eyes..
1. Good morning, beautiful.
2. I love you.
3. Life is beautiful because of you.
1. When you ignore me, don't reply back to my calls or messages, I just keep on wondering what wrong I did today. Leaves me upset and heartbroken and then somehow I make myself calm by saying it to my heart that I wouldn't have done this to you.
2. You are the most perfectly amazing person I have ever met and nobody will ever be better than you. Your smile is the greatest thing God made. He made you and said I made perfection and I believe nobody will ever be as beautiful as you.
3. Don't be in my head for 24x7 or else i will end up kidnapping you and keep you with me for eternity.

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