Most Romantic Things to Text a Girl

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81 Baby, you're everything I need to be happy... thank you for being here for me

I've used this one. - D. N.

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82 You light up my world

I've used this one. - D. N.

83 You broke my heart so I threw out the pieces so you can't break it again V 1 Comment
84 It's been only you since the beginning of time. In the next life I will not waste so much time. I have found my purpose in you.
85 Meeting you and being your friend I could control...but falling in love with you, I had no control over that

This one is pretty well written. Definitely gonna use this one. Thanks! -KB


86 Miss u

Its kinda boring because u can miss a lot of people but never truly love a lot of people

87 My mum always told me to share, but why would I want to share something perfect like you..
88 Don't eat that cupcake, you're already sweet enough

I like it. Perfect to make a girl smile.

89 I was always told angels were only found in heaven. You proved that theory wrong.

I used this one right before I got engaged. She said yes! I don't know why this isn't higher on the list!

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90 When she says I'm going to bed ask if you're invited

That's a bit too sexual

91 Nothing in the universe can describe how I feel for u
92 I live to see your beauty each day the sun rises

Wow, this is not that bad.

93 If I had a star for every time you made my day, I would have an entire galaxy in my hand right now
94 People say mother nature is the most beautiful thing they've ever seen, well they clearly have never meet you

Actually truly came up with this one on my own

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95 Talking to the girl whose name is the first thing to escape my lips in the morning, and the last thing I utter at night.

Yah I am already blushing just reading this one

Send this if they ask what are you doing...

Quite a good one! made my girlfriend blush so much

Daim girl I ❤️ This one

96 From the first time we met, I knew we would be friends. You had a different air than others that I knew. I am also alone in this world. I’ve come to know. Finally, I’ve met someone like you. I know that I might’ve been a bit cold at times

Seems like this is meant to be a starter for a longer heartfelt message. I'm gonna have to add to this or change it a little bit for it to be usable. Not bad though. Will definitely be used at some point. -KB

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97 I love you my sweet darling
98 If I had to pick one person to be with for the rest of my life it would be you

She say she will do anything for me

99 There is nothing that can transport this huge love that I love you, not even a ship.
100 I Love U
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1. If I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to say I love you
2. Every time I see you, my heart stops; and every time I kiss you, I come back to life.
3. Everyone says no one is perfect, but you're perfect in my eyes..
1. Good morning, beautiful.
2. I love you.
3. Life is beautiful because of you.
1. When you ignore me, don't reply back to my calls or messages, I just keep on wondering what wrong I did today. Leaves me upset and heartbroken and then somehow I make myself calm by saying it to my heart that I wouldn't have done this to you.
2. You are the most perfectly amazing person I have ever met and nobody will ever be better than you. Your smile is the greatest thing God made. He made you and said I made perfection and I believe nobody will ever be as beautiful as you.
3. Don't be in my head for 24x7 or else i will end up kidnapping you and keep you with me for eternity.

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