Top Ten Best Ronald "Ronnie" Barlog Quotes from HBO's OZ


The Top Ten

1 Yeah, right, since when do you [Chris Keller] follow the * rules man? ... well, I wish you woulda told me that yesterday... cause last night, he [Tobias Beecher] gave me a b*job Deluxe.
2 [Chris Keller's sentence] 88 years... that's a... that's a long time off the street.
3 Me?Nah,come on..Chris,I didn't say nothin' about that,I swear..yeah,on my life,man.Come on..Chris,you know,I would never jabber on you man..they did make me an offer,but I turned those Fed*down right there,I told 'em,you know, kiss my*,it ain't happenin'.
4 You're [Beecher] a lawyer, right? ... lemme run a little somethin' by you, if you don't mind, a deal that the uh.. that the Feds are offerin' me... I'll uh... I'll make the consultation worth your while.
5 So, uh... let me try to understand somethin' here... I mean you [Chris Keller], you were the King of the scams man, you could hustle a cop outta his badge. How the hell did you get busted for robbin' a grocery store... reckless * driving?
6 So [Beecher], I guess I'm on the bottom?, no, I'm good with the bottom [bunk]... oh, yeah... yeah, we were uh... we were partners for a while ...
7 And he [Chris Keller] made me promise that you and I wouldn't do it, so... probably, but Beecher, we're in OZ, so what the * is the difference...
8 Keller..he and I*this afternoon..first was great..I knew him..we ran together all those years..was like a big brother to me,sometimes he'd come up with some ponzi..I would just go along..I guess I never admitted to myself,he says he loves me.
9 Just givin' old magic Johnson his mornin' stretch, that's all.
10 Holy s***! Holy * s***, Keller, man! ...How you doin'? ...How long has it been? ...Come on... who were you screamin' for?... alright, cool... cool... you winning [chess game]?
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