Top 10 Ronnie Anne Santiago Moments

Now its time to countdown the top Ronnie Anne moments from both The Loud House and The Casagrandes.
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1 Meeting Sid Chang - Friended with the Casagrandes

In the season premier of season 4 of the Loud House Ronnie Anne meets Sid whose family have moved to the city as they quickly bond with one another.

2 Her and Sid Hugging Lincoln - An Udder Mess

During the episode Ronnie Anne wins two free tickets to Dairy Land Ammosment park but unable to choose between Sid and Lincoln she gives them both of her tickets while Carl convinces her to let help her sneak by dressing up as Tippy the cow but after they are busted and get kicked out Ronnie Anne explains the whole situation however Lincoln and Ronnie Anne assure her that they know she doesn't play favorites with them and Lincoln even mentions that if she had explained the situation he would have asked Rusty for his spare ticket after which the three have a group hug which touches the security guard who turns out isn't an actual guard but poses as one to get in to Dairy Land because he was in the same situation as Ronnie Anne with unable to choose between his friends to invite to Dairy Land and lets them back in.

3 Telling Her Mom She Doesn't Want to Move - The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

After learning that her mom is moving her and Bobby to the city to live with their extended family she understandably gets upset and after failed attempts to prevent them from moving she tells her mom that she doesn't want to move because she likes her old life back in Royal Woods as her mom not wanting to force her to do anything she doesn't want to do she decides not to move them there however by the end of the episode Ronnie Anne changes her mind when her family fix the storage closet to make a room for Ronnie Anne and decides to stay.

4 Welcoming Her Father Home - Operation Dad

Ronnie Anne's father Arturo visits Great Lake City from Peru as she shows up at the airport to welcome him home.

5 Helping Her Grandmother Get to the University in Time for Carlos's Acceptance Speech - Lucha Fever

Ronnie Anne fakes being sick to watch a wrestling match only for her paranoid grandmother Rosa to leave her uncle Carlos acceptance award ceremony to take care of her after overhearing Rosa getting a call from Carlos who really wanted her to be there she tells him she can't make it back because she feels that Ronnie Anne needs her more feeling guilty she confesses to her that she faked being sick as Rosa gets upset at her for lying as she wanted to be their for Carlos as he really needed her support after which Ronnie Anne on her skateboard rushes Rosa to the University in time for Carlos accepted speech.

6 Turning on Luan by Hitting Her with the Pie Instead of Lincoln - April Fool's Rules

Originally invited over by Luan to get Lincoln out of the safety of his room to set off all her taps and later show up to hit Lincoln with a pie but after hearing her set off the pranks for her she turns on Luan hitting her with the pie.

7 Freaking Out When She Though Lincoln Was Proposing to Her - The Horror Scope

Lincoln visits Ronnie Anne as she begins paranoid thinking he's in love and near the end of the episode Lincoln calls the family together as he brings out a ring box as Ronnie Anne begins panicking thinking that he's going to propose to her until its revealed his actually performing a magic trick which he's preparing for the school talent show.

8 Practicing for the Baile Folklorico with Frida - Miss Step

Ronnie Anne agrees to take Carlitos place in the Baile Folklorico tradition and undergoes her aunt Frida's strict training and for this scene Frida has Ronnie Anne performing the dance in her old dress while having her maintain the joy of smiling as she dances while having Carl attempt to antagonize her while having her not retaliate though she reaches her breaking point and knocks out Carl.

9 Ronnie Anne's New Rebel Look - Operation Dad

Desperately wanting her dad to stay and not go back to Peru Ronnie Anne comes up with a way to make him stay by dressing up as a rebel and making him think that she's become a troublemaker.

10 Flashback of Ronnie Anne and Bobby at the Beach - Role Model

When Carl begins seeing Ronnie Anne as a role model and begins following her around acting and dressing up like her driving her crazy and as she hides in the bathroom to take a break she gets a call from her dad from Peru as she tells him the situation with Carl as he informs her that she acted the same way with Bobby when she was Carl's age as she then goes to Bobby who shows her the videos of them when they were young where Ronnie Anne followed Bobby around and copying him in and in this scene the two are at the beach as Bobby finishes building a sand castle as Ronnie Anne builds one as well.

The Contenders
11 Ronnie Anne Being Shocked to Find out Her Dad is Dating Her Teacher Ms. Galiano - Teacher's Fret
12 Ronnie Anne Cries After Overhearing Lincoln Insult Her to His Classmates - Save the Date
13 Ronnie Anne Jumps Off Lincoln to Spike the Volleyball - Shell Shock
14 Ronnie Ann and Lincoln Kiss - Save the Date
15 Ronnie Anne Attempting to Help C.J. Get Picked to Raise the Flag at the Pirate Dinner Show - Arrr in the Family
16 Ronnie Anne Saves Her Family from the Pack of Rats - The Spies Who Loved Me
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