Best Rory Gallagher Songs

The Top Ten

1 A Million Miles Away

From my opinion this is his greatest song. The guitar was good along with the vocals but the best thing was the ending keyboard riffs. Its very rare to see a pianist banging his head like a guitarist. - zxm

I feel this really ought to have been included in the top ten. Rory always played this one so differently but so perfectly. It's up there with Walk on Hot Coals for me.

Live 74 magic

2 I'm Not Awake Yet

A beautiful acoustic number from Rory. I loved it when it was released, I adore it now. RIP Rory.

I have always thought this to be an amazing piece of acoustic work from Rory.

3 Shadow Play
4 Moonchild

"So effortless, so exuberant, just brilliant, especially live. Can't beat this one, lots of great Rory tracks, but this crowns them all! "

A million miles away- Irish tour 74.OR..shadow play,overnight bag,out on the western plain...THERE'S A HUNDRED MORE TO LIST

5 Edged in Blue

Best ever!

6 Philby

'Now ain't it strange that I feel like Philby
There's a stranger in my soul
I'm lost in transit in a lonely city,
I can't come in from the cold'

7 Easy Come, Easy Go
8 Bullfrog Blues

Old blues classic given the Rory Gallagher stamp best versions are live as in Notes from SAN Francisco
An absolute gem

9 If I Had a Reason
10 I Fall Apart

Seriously this is one of his best

The Contenders

11 I'll Admit You're Gone
12 Maybe I Will
13 Bad Penny
14 Tattoo'd Lady
15 There's a Light
16 Walk on Hot Coals

WITHOUT DOUBT, the best of an amazing legacy and catalogue this amazing artist left us to enjoy!

Can't believe this isn't closer to the top. I've loved everything Rory ever did in well over 40 years and this track in my humble opinion is SOLID GOLD.

17 Don't Know Where I'm Going
18 Hell Cat
19 For the Last Time
20 Lonely Mile
21 Do You Read Me
22 Just the Smile
23 Persuasion
24 Daughter of the Everglades
25 Follow Me
26 Crest of a Wave
27 Can't Believe It's True

Can't Believe It's True is a wonderful composition off of Rory's first album. It takes weeks to be able to start playing the song cohesively. The instrumentation is absolutely masterful. The lyrics are beautifully poetic. And the song in general brings up emotions you most likely didn't even know you had.

28 Lonesome Highway
29 In Your Town

This is so raw and full of energy. Pure Rory.

30 Used to Be

Screaming guitar tone and unadulterate.

31 What's Going On?

The opening gem from "On The Boards"

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