Top 10 Rosa Casagrande Moments

For this list we'll be counting down the top moments of Rosa Casagrande from both The Loud House and The Casagrandes.
The Top Ten
1 Rosa Teaches Ronnie Anne, Sid and Adelaide About Día del Los Muertos - Croaked

After Ronnie Anne and Sid's attempt to trick Adelaide into thinking her dead frog had come back for Día Del Los Muertos aka Day of the Dead goes badly upsetting her even more Ronnie Anne and Sid turn to Rosa who explains to the girls about what Día Del Los Muertos is about which is a day where they remember their loved ones who've passed on.

2 Rosa Gets Angry at Carlos for Removing Parts of Bobby's Torta - Stress Test

While Carlos attempts to help Bobby get over his stress while taking his tests he tries several methods including watching what he eats before a big test as he takes apart Bobby's Torta which horrifies Rosa as she takes a lot of pride in her cooking and seeing Carlos remove parts of the Torta as she gets angrier and angrier as Carlota tries to restrain her before using her shoe to knock the Torta out of his hands before he can eat it as Rosa scolds him that he just lost his Torta privileges.

3 Rosa Arrives in Time for Carlo's Speech - Lucha Fever

Ronnie Anne and Rosa arrive right as Carlos is giving his speech as she announces that she's here for him.

4 Rosa Returns Home to Take Care of Ronnie Anne - Lucha Fever

Ronnie Anne fakes being sick just to stay home instead of going to her uncle Carlo's acceptance speech and watch a wrestling match but Rosa worrying about her sends people from the neighborhood to check on her but after Ronnie Anne chases them all away Rosa unable to take it anymore runs back home to take care of her wither she likes it or not.

5 Flashback of Rosa and Hector Dancing - Power Play

This flashback reveals a young Rosa and Hector as they establish their tradition of staying at a fancy hotel and dancing at a local dance club.

6 Rosa Dresses Up as the Cucoy to Scare Carl for Scamming People and Not Cleaning His Room - Monster Cash

During the episode Rosa disguises herself as the Cucoy which is the Mexican boogeyman to terrorize Carl after he doesn't clean his room and scams everyone with a fake Cucoy tour although its not reveled that its her until the end of the episode.

7 Rosa Cooks While Washing the Dishes and Fixing the Toaster - I, Breakfast Bot

The episode stars with Rosa doing several chores at one cooking, washing the dishes and fixing the toaster.

8 Rosa Lifts the TV Stand - Going Overboard

When Ronnie Anne asks Rosa if she's been using her skateboard to lift the fridge Rosa assures her she didn't and as she lifts the TV stand with the TV single handily as she states that she's been working out.

9 Rosa Cries Over Sergio's Disappearance - This Bird Has Flown

After Bobby goes off on Sergio for humiliating him several times he tells him to fly away and never return some time later everyone is in a panic over Sergio's disappearance as everyone is searching for him as Rosa breaks down crying over how he can just disappear like this.

10 Rosa Chases Carl When He Doesn't Want to Study - Senor Class

The episode begins with Rosa chasing Carl into the Mercado as he tires to avoid studying for an upcoming test.

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11 Rosa Performs a Mexican Style Dance - Face the Music
12 Rosa Becomes Concerned When Bobby and Ronnie Anne Leave to Spend the Weekend at Arturo's - Away Game
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