Top 10 Rosario + Vampire Characters

The Top Ten

1 Mizore Shirayuki

She makes a better girlfriend then women in America.

Mizore is super hot and my love interest

She's weird but so awesome

She has Ice powers, purple hair and loves tskune she is truly the best character in the series vote Mizore.

2 Inner/Outer Moka Akashiya

Outer Moka is a piece of trash character that would be better burning in a dumpster. Inner Moka is bae though so she takes my vote.

I like the pink haired Moka better

The best together they can do anything leave anything exept cooking to inner moka jow is she second

3 Kurumu Kurono

Lucas E loves you kurumu kurono

Ten times better than any other characters. shes a loyal friend, helps you when your in need, (she helped moka even when moka wanted to tear out her wings and tail), she is forgiving and so awesome! - beyondbirthday

Kurumu is pretty, awesome, sexy, funny and has an amazing personality.

I want to be her boyfriend and date her cause she's that hot

4 Tsukune Aono

He actually becomes a badass in the manga from what I hear - Xross

He is not only one of the most kind hearted characters of this anime, he is one of the most kind hearted characters in any work of fiction. He became Moka's first friend, he saved Kurumu from inner Moka, saved Yukari from evil students, and he even saved a girl from committing suicide! I think he should be number one, even though he can be lecherous at times, he is still awesome even though I don't like this anime for its deviant and misogynistic imagery.

5 Ruby Tojo

I would so kiss ruby tojo's right hand until she agrees to marry me

She's awesome I want to kiss ruby on the lips

Ruby is so hot she is my waifu.

6 Yukari Sendo

Yukari in the sexy harem plan too

Yukari sendo will you marry Lucas England?

I want to put a ring on her finger

I've fallen in love with her too

7 Ginei Morioka

Sexy and so funny

This guy makes me laugh so hard. He is so hilarious.

8 Kokoa Shuzen

She maybe small but I think it's very awkward that she's 16

She is so small and cute
Don't get me wrong. This is my top 5 cutest:
1) Mizore
2) Moka
3) Kokoa
4) Ruby
5) Kurumu

9 Shizuka Nekonome
10 Fang Fang Huang

The Contenders

11 Bus Driver
12 San Otonashi
13 Kyouko Aono
14 Ageha Kurono

I love agehha kurono as well

15 Akua Shuzen
16 Nazo Koumori
17 Akasha Bloodriver
18 Tsurara Shirayuki
19 Ririko Kagome
20 Kahlua Shuzen
21 Gyokuro Shuzen
22 Tenmei Mikogami
23 Haiji Miyamoto
24 Ling-Ling Huang
25 Fuhai Touhou
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