Top 10 Royal Rumble Matches Where the Wrong Superstar Won


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1 1999

This rumble was just a huge waste of time we all knew Mr. McMahon wasn't going to main event WrestleMania. - egnomac

2 2014

We all know the story here fans wanted Daniel Bryan to win The Rumble when Bryan didn't show the fans booed, even at one point they actually were cheering for Roman Reigns to win against Batista which was strange since a year later they flat out booed him out of the arena. - egnomac

3 2015
4 2013

Personally I thought Ryback should have won instead, Cena wins then we had that pointless rematch against The Rock. - egnomac

5 2012

Originally Chris Jericho was suppose to win the Rumble but thought it would be too predictable and changed it to Sheamus. - egnomac

6 2011
7 1994

Personally Bret Hart and Lex Luger borh winning the rumble made no sense, lucky Hart won the title while Luger got stuck with a DQ. - egnomac

8 2017

I personally an tired of former Rumble winners winning how about giving some new stars a chance. - egnomac

9 1993
10 2005

I personally thought Cena winning the Rumble would have made more sense as he eventually became the face of WWE. - egnomac

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