Best RPG Horror Games

When it comes to horror games one of the most popular is the RPG Horror Games. But whenever it's Dark, Disturbing, Depressing or just gives you the daily dose of horrifying as long as they're in the RPG style anything goes!

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21 Alice Mare

I hope that even tough it's here at the list, you will look at this awesome game! I loved everything about Alice Mare: the art, the characters, the story and the endings are all amazing. The story is in the centre of the game, instead of the horror, and personally, it's one of my favourite RPG games. If you are in the mood to cry (well, I think even the people with the heart of a stone will be touched; to be honest it gave me a little bit of crippling depression, but I'm really sensitive) I recommend this game to all of you!

Alice-mare was the first rpg horror game I ever played and I'm still inlove with the artstyle and fairytale theme it has. plus its not quite nightmare material but still alarming and will make you rethink you playthrough many times.

22 LISA; The Painful

My favorite game. So depressed, so funny, so scary...I love it.

This game is scary, not because of jumpscares, but because it shows you a side of humanity that we'd rather not see. Play it. PLAY IT.

So, this is an INCREDIBLLY underlooked RPG. It's very remminesent to earthbound and Undertale, but it's much darker. It goes into pretty mature themes, and the overall atmosphere is just... horrifying. The plot is... well, I can't even describe it, search it yourself, but DAMN. DAAMN. It's part of a franchise, with two other games, but this one was the best. Play it. PLAY IT.

23 Forest of Drizzling Rain

Why is this not already on here? It is such an amazing game!

24 End Roll

Best game ever

I was wondering why End Roll wasn't here!

I think it's simply one of the best Horror games out there. Don't let the earlier stages off the game fool you, that happy aura disappears literally 15 minutes into it! And around day 4, things just get absolutely creepy!

I don't get it, End Roll is simply a fantastic game. It deserves more votes, in my opinion. It literally went past my list, all over to #1 (Ib, now 2nd).

The plot is original, the concept is great and the gameplay is absolutely amazing. The character development and the relationships with other characters are both what made this game heart-wrenching. I haven't cried that hard over an ending since Undertale. End Roll is the best, in my opinion.

25 Imaginary Friends
26 Bendy and the Ink Machine

Eh... It's not a RPG game? Or even horror?

The RPG maker fangame is garbage.

27 Space Funeral


28 Dreaming Mary

A good example of why you should never judge a book by its cover.The deceiving appearance of the dream world is really interesting; especially when you delve deeper into the dream world.
It's short, but all of the endings are really interesting so it's best to get them all.
And the bad endings will leave you with chills running down your spine.

29 (Mario) the Music Box

Don't get fooled by the fact that it's a mario game(fangame of course),this game is scary from start to finish,and with 5 endings and 18 entries for the journal,you're in for a ride.The story isn't the usual save the princess,it's actually very complex.And,surprise surprise,the only Mario characters in the story are Mario and Luigi,so that means new characters are appearing,not from the Mushroom Kingdom.
Just play the game and be amazed.

30 Hello Charlotte

Amazing story, and even more beautiful art! Currently has 3 episodes, all worth playing and all of them are better than the predecessor!

It can be weird and confusing at times, BUT it is meant to be like this. You can build multiple theories around it. So much thought is put into this wonderful game. Episode 2 and 3 blew me away. I found my self being curious about the story and 30 minitues of playing felt like 3 minitues, because I was enjoying it so much. (Charles x Vincent is love. Fight me.) This game is worth playing and deserves more love and attention.

31 Radiation's Halloween Hack
32 Fausts Alptraum

I can really appreciate how complex this game is. It may not be that scary, but the rich story and beautiful art makes up for it. You can certainly see how much time and care was put into this game. Even though the entire game you are only in one house, it is so detailed and complex, it gives the illusion that the setting you play in is bigger than it really is. It's a very complex story, and it really makes you question if what you are seeing is really as it seems.

This game was amazing in my opinion. Especially for a free game. Way, way better than I expected and also fairly long. The puzzles are pretty challenging at times and figuring out where to go in a certain chapter may be difficult too. But playing this game is really worth it if you appreciate the complexity of the plot, the amazing atmosphere created, and the wonderful music+unique art style.

The dialogue and clues everywhere throughout the game is woven into the story and understanding its plot brilliantly! The endings are well done and interesting. Though there are some translation and grammatical errors in the English version, this can be overlooked in light of how fantastic the game is! Highly recommended in my opinion. I liked this and Coffin of Ashes a lot! More than some others like Mad Father, Stray Cat Crossing, etc.

33 The Walking Dead

Now, this game was pretty fun, but I get pretty nervous every time a zombie gets so dang close to me! - TheGoldenRifle

34 Parasite Eve

It's a weird combination of turn based & action rpg that's like a cross between Final Fantasy & Resident Evil

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