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Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Product Image

Final Fantasy as a whole reshaped how RPG story telling, gameplay and presentation are created. It gave the video game industry a whole new criteria for fantasy genre based games and gave us some of the most memorable stories, characters and locations in ANY media form.

I'm really surprised that they did not put Zelda as an option even though it is an RPG / adventure game. Morrowind has a special place in my heart as I thought it was the best of the Elder Scrolls series and started out with an actual awesome story and they continued with an awesome story throughout but the grinding through caves seemed redundant after a while and got boring. Leveling up was relatively easy but overall a great series.

Final Fantasy even with its grinds how do you make story with each game and although somewhat linear the bosses were unique and the music was unmatched.

I have played Morrowind Oblivion and Skyrim with Morrowind being my favorite of the three and I have played Final Fantasy 1, 2(us), 3(us), 7, 10 and 13 so far loved them all

Ultimately though Legend of Zelda would have been ranked number one had it been on this list

Ff7 almost 15 years after.. Still the best.. The absolut perfect music...
Atmosphere... Story..

Hands down. No competition with this one, that's for sure.
Great story, great game--let me short it: Great Everything.

Elder Scrolls Elder Scrolls Product Image

Oblivion is not the only badass rpg. Morrowind and for hardcore gamers daggerfall are good too (I could say arena but I don't now much about it). In fact The elder scrolls aren't just good. IS THE BEST GAME SERIES EVER MADE! Elder scrolls games are the only game I can play without boring... So TES FOR EVER!

Oblivion will most likely always be my favorite RPG. The graphics, gameplay and character development combined with an environment that was as rich as it was large made Oblivion an epic RPG experience. These traits have been the hallmarks of the Elder Scrolls series and I can only hope the trend continues.

I have played and completed almost all quests on every single TES in full depth (only the games with The Elder Scrolls titles). You may be thinking I'm full of myself and have no life, but it's true, actually it's not because I barley played Skyrim. I'm a classic gamer, and get the most enjoyment in the classics, especially RPG classics.

Daggerfall is my favorite classic rpg of all time and I still play it to this day. The world is infinite and it's truly impossible to explore everything in this game. I have played so much of The Elder Scrolls: Arena and to this day I still play it. When Morrowind was released, it was the most amazing and impressive game I've ever played, but the good vibes stopped at morrowind, of course I played Oblivion and beat all the quests but Oblivion and Skyrim doesn't give the old vibes back.

The Elder Scrolls series are my all time favorite. They're so cool and if you want you can explore the world or then just stay in a village for the rest of your life.. Nobody forces you to do anything, and there's still so much to do even without quests! Skyrim and Oblivion are so cool, both have unbelievable choices and graphics. I can't ever imagine myself playing something more fun!

The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda Product Image

Legend of Zelda is immense. No matter if you played elder scrolls or final fantasy when you grew up, it is almost impossible that you did not play at least one Zelda game whilst growing up. To top that off, the familiar characters, storyline, amazing soundtrack AND the fact that its one of Nintendo's joint three most recognisable franchises, it just can't be beaten.

Zelda series is masterpiece that was created by Nintendo.. Although there many competitors other that that series itself it still can survived till now. Since I played Zelda for the first time it feel like my life is changing it become so much better... Thanks Zelda thanks Nintendo...

The legend of Zelda I II(NES)& Link to a Past (SNES), were three of the toughest, longest, invensive, hipnotizing, adventurous and intelligent fantasy-games ever (in 2D). Then ocarina of time came, and blew everything and everyone away!

I LOVE the Legend of Zelda, but how many times do I have to tell people, it's not an RPG, it's an adventure!

Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate Product Image

This should be on first place, along with planescape torment. Anything else is blasphemy! =P

Best RPG ever made. Graphics may not be great but the quality of the story and wide range of possibilities makes the game unique. I remember spending hours just on the character creation screen.

Baldur's Gate and all the Forgotten Realms type of games, provide a type of gameplay different than the above games. If you like a long plot full of interesting Lore, Dieties, Creatures and other such stuff you will like these games. While the graphics aren't the best in comparison to games such as Final Fantasy, its story is what matters. Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment's stories are amazing in comparison to all the stories I have played in other RPGs. Another great thing is the fact that companions have their own opinions and seem realistic unlike companions in most characters. I love that you're not forced to go on a completely set path unlike most games and that you can choose from a variety of lifestyles to live. On top of all this, Community Mods have improved upon the game making graphics better, conversations longer, and romances possible with any character. If you love story, DEFINITELY play Baldur's Gate!

Awesome. When ever I think of gaming excellence this is it. No other game I have ever played as been an experience quite like Baldur's Gate or quite as good.

Pokemon Pokemon Product Image

Laugh out loud, lots of childhood memories, I remember beating the elite 4 67 times on Pokemon red and still kept playing!

THE BIGGEST game series ever. In terms of sheer of sheer amount to do on the games. There's not many game when you can over the maximum time the game will show (999:59) and STILL not be finished.


No matter what generation you played, you still love or loved Pokemon. It's just one of those games where, even if you don't realize it, you are always remembering the good times. When I take tests, I to the Lance battle music. When I'm happy, I hum pallet town. People aren't afraid to make references to it, because everyone knows that everyone use to play it.

Why on earth is this not number one. These games are quite possibly the greatest games that anyone has ever played. Ruby and sapphire are my favorite but all of them are classic and awesome. Not only are you almost never done with game its one of the few rpgs you can battle your friends with. Even doing it competitively

Fallout Fallout Product Image

What separates Fallout 1 & 2 from all the other so-called "RPGs" out there is that they are actual, genuine, and above all, original role-playing games. Whatever you did and said affected the outcome of a certain situation, or in some cases, even the final outcome of the game. It's a pity that Fallout 3 does not share this trait with its predecessors by being more shoot-em-up and less role-playing -oriented.

To Fallout 1 & 2, the two greatest role-playing games on Earth!

One of the greatest if not the greatest rpg of all time on the pc

You know... Characters like Harold, Tandi, and of course player character are not often seen in games. There's no better characters in any game. Must play!

I've thoroughly played all games listed on this ranking, and I can assure none of them has any chance at all when compared to Fallout. The Fallout franchise itself is one of the best of all time, but Fallout 2 alone, IMHO, hasn't been matched by any other RPG game ever made.

An absolutely original, mature, believable, appealing and coherent universe mixed with an absolutely incredible atmosphere; developed with so much love and dedication that it seems unbelievable that we still have to wail for a part three.

Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts Product Image

Most people don't pay attention to KH because they think its for little kids since it has disney characters but maybe a third of the people in my school play this (im in middle school) and also it has one of the best rpg characters SORA!
All my cousins play the KH series!

I cry when I hear the music, it is just astounding I want to get the next one when it comes back.

I think its the best pg game of all time because me personally am a disney fan and a game with pluto mickey pete daffy duck and goofy and a awesome story line 2 boot I can't wait till number 3 comes out I'm buying it the first day

Kingdom Hearts games didn't just give you entertainment like the select games above, but they gave you a sense of true emotion and attachment to the characters. The emotionally powerful stories of both games makes the love story thing actually good to like, and this game not at least being in the top 5 really proves to me that gamers only play mainstream stuff these days.

Shin Megami Tensei Shin Megami Tensei Product Image

Shin Megami Tensei for the win. Persona is just epic. I've played Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 and 4 and would recommend them to anyone, they even put Final Fantasy to shame in my honest opinion. Haven't played the other titles, but they aren't as popular and get lower ratings from what I've seen, so I'm happy with my Persona.

Occult themed games with mature stories.A few titles in the series are Nocturne,Devil summoner,Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 etc

The Shin Megami Tensei series is just awesome. The mainline games have great mature storylines and a battle system equally brutal for you and your enemies and making a good party is satisfying. Persona is also fun and has great characters and sometimes pretty good stories, even more so then the main games. Everybody likes to go back to high school! Also the music in the whole entirity is awesome

It one of the best rpg series, it also the most controversial video game I ever played. You need to be very open mind when being played. They add large amount mythology and demonology.

Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age: Origins Product Image

Best game ever. The storyline and graphics are truly amaizing. I can play the game over and over again and never get bored of it.

A truly epic story and tactical mastery in gameplay.

Story is amazing. Bioware did it again!

This is one of the most exiting games that I've ever played. There are so many different outcomes that I keep playing it over and over again, while waiting for the Dragon age 3 Inquisition.

Paper Mario Paper Mario Product Image

Oh Paper Mario... The original as well as The Thousand Year Door captured all of us with it's unique style and great (if not hilarious) writing and story telling. Nothing beats getting completely owned by Bowser in the beginning of the game and falling from orbit, only to survive and gather your strength. Next thing you know your back up there with Bowser using every ability and every little hour you used in the game to get stronger to beat him. EPIC!

I love Paper Mario, especially the first two. The first two were original and nostalgic. Super Paper Mario technically isn't an RPG, and a lot of people hated Sticker Star. you're, it's generic, but I didn't really mind it. Though, when there's a Console and Portable game that's either a sequel or the same game, they tend to be very different. Plus, the Thousand Year Door had a lot of Super Mario RPG which gave it the nostalgic feel.

Seeing Paper Mario as number 13 almost gave me a heart attack. This is one of the best RPG series ever made, even though Super Paper Mario isn't exactly an RPG.

When I played Super Paper Mario, I was hooked! This series is just plain amazing!

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EarthBound EarthBound Product Image

How the HELL is this game only 11.
What is wrong with you people?
This is the best RPG series!

Well, this game has a special spot in my heart, and will continue to do so. It's just so WEIRD, if you haven't played it, you have to. It may not be as wonderful as mother 3, but that IS my favorite rpg of all time, and I'm not lying. Definitely worth playing, no doubt.

Technically it's the Mother series but yeah, the games are great, because it is set with a storyline that could happen in real life which makes you actually feel like the character, and everything about the games are great, like the music and dialogue.

This game will always be one of my favorites.

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Product Image

While following a clear storyline, this felt like one of the most personal RPGs I've ever played. Aside from that, it was able to take the turn-based method and make it exciting again for many who had never experienced the RPG genre before.

Wow really? Final Fantasy? I admit it is a really great series and indefinitely have some of the greatest games of all time but really? The minute I held my hand on KOTOR I fell in love. Truthfully of course it is not the greatest RPG series or game of all time. But for star wars fans it is. Excellent game and with Star Wars The old Republic MMORPG coming out... heaven knows.

Nothing really tops the narrative style of BioWare. Those guys know how to make unbelievable games. This one might take the cake for me because of it being such a great Star Wars game and a great RPG. I recommend this game to anyone who is considering RPGS to play and hasn't tried it yet.

I would like to see more games like this that think outside the box and doesn't use cliche spells and magic. I give credit to these two games and mario rpg for being different

Fire Emblem Fire Emblem Product Image

As a fan of turn based games I may have a little bit of a biased opinion here but I can say I've been a dedicated Fire Emblem fan for going on three years and I will never love another game series this much. I am highly disappointed that it is just barely off from the list, come people it is amazing.

fire emblem is quite amazing. sacred stones is the best one by far. that game was infinitely entertaining.

The only true epic strategy series, Fire Emblem stands out in the midst of games such as Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda for being a series that gained immense popularity worldwide with only four games released in the West.

Yea, the tactical turn-by-turn series. My favorite's Rekka no Ken.

Mass Effect Mass Effect  Product Image

My favorite shooter with best overall story through 1, 2, and 3 (Andromeda sucked)

Mass effect stands out because of the way it biotic charges you into its own world... Bringing you close to its characters, mass relays and individual stories. This incredible saga made me weep at its conclusion... But never fear, there's more to come!

Completed it 5 times at least and enjoyed every single play through

Hands down.. The most immersive RPG universe ever seen!

Neverwinter Nights Neverwinter Nights Product Image

I second this. All those console games ARE NOT real RPGs. Yeah, you level-up, but that does not constitute an RPG. There are no real "choices" in games like FF.

"Unlocks the imagination... For as long as you want."

Who can't resist betrayer beauties

Please, let's limit ourselves to the only REAL role-playing games in this list (Neverwinter Nights 1-2 & Might and Magic series) and the only platform for serious gamers: the PC. Let's get rid of that childish console crap once and for all!

Planescape: Torment Planescape: Torment Product Image

Without a doubt the best storyline EVER written for a video game (not only RPG). The literary quality here is even superior to most books and movies.
The setting is fantastic, many doubted that the planescape setting would work on well on a video game, but it does. It is not so focused on fighting, like Baldur's Gate and other similar games, but some fights are truly epic given the context, they happen at the right time and the right. Too much "epicness" get's boring after a while, here the whole thing evolves on a perfect pace, alternating between slow parts and growing to reach authentic gaming climax... Just perfect, the best game EVER created, period.

This game deserves more... It's story is one of the greatest I've ever seen. That flying skull cracks me up all the time, the gloomy atmosphere is also a brilliant way to suck you in.

Amazing storyline, amazing, diverse characters... Just a perfect game. Planescape Torment, enough said!

Their were hundreds of thousands of words in the narrative of this game. The story line drove older rpgs. Newer rpgs are just graphics. Games like Planescape prove you don't need story to be truly amazing.

Diablo Diablo Product Image

This is just the best Blizzard game ever until now. There's no way someone can't enjoy the monster-slaying it gives to you, neither the way that you can ignore or pay full attention to the story, depending on what you want from it.

I was a hardened diablo fanatic. from the first game, until the last (unless blizzard finally get off their asses and make diablo 3). for 6 n a half years straight. I loved this game. in terms of quality and enjoyment of gameplay, its the best I've ever had.

After 20 years still absolutely awesome!
Now I am writing only to increase the comment quality or whatever.
You should be warned that if you pirate this game, you will not be able to play multi-player, only local. That is via Hamachi and such.
However, it is definitely worth buying even now!

Diablo was the first of it style of game and influenced the rpg genre today, Diablo based off the board game dungeon and dragons.

Without Diablo all the main mmorpg wouldn't be made. They are all break away's from diablo


Well, I'll be. Chrono Trigger is just better than anything here except for Final Fantasy, but we can debate that all day. Chrono trigger revolutionized the RPG genre, and is still known today as the greatest SNES game of all time. Then again, Cross doesn't live up the expectation in my opinion. Still, Trigger alone deserves AT LEAST Top 5. It is one of the Top Ten greatest video games of all time.

Way underrated game in my opinion. How could compare to this game's awesome gameplay, lovable characters, and amazing music? If you can find a better game than you are either insane or just stupid.

In my opinion chrono trigger is the best rpg ever made, the story is awesome, the musics are wonderful. Akira Toryama made the characters, there are several ends. This game should be more famous.

Its absolutely chrono trigger. Revolutionized the RPG world and I believe it was the first game to do multiple ending. An rpg that didn't use tutorials but showed you as you played and that your actions will change the course of the game. And don't get me started on the music.

Secret of Mana Secret of Mana Product Image

By far the best RPG I have ever played... And I have played many. Perfect music and storyline to match. This game actually helped shape me into the person I am today. Seems ridiculous...? Play it and I doubt you'll argue.

Everything about Secret of Mana is great. I love the storyline and the music. I also think the combat controls are some of the best of any game. I have been playing this game since I was a kid, and I still enjoy playing it over and over again.

Classic, Innovative, Memorable, Fun, Epic, Unique, Captivating... Etc., etc.

A handful of words are just not enough to describe the scope of this game. Go back and play it. It's that good.

maybe not be one of the best but still a good rpg to play. same era with Breath of Fire

Tales Series by Namco

This has to be without a doubt one of the best game series ever for its amount of games produced. The music is unbelievable the game play is like nothing people have ever seen before.

Honesty, here in the west no one has heard of these games and it is a real shame. This is one of the most amazing game series I have ever played for reasons all stated down below. I just wish more people knew about them... There so underrated all you hear of is Final Fantasy, which I have played and enjoyed, but no where near as much as the Tales of series.

best serie ever! and tales of symphonia is the best of all! because you control the char when fighting. you move, dodge, attack. no stupid menu's to select you attack from.
great storyline and good music. graphics are very unique it looks like its a HD drawing.

I'm always trying to find new games similar to this series. The animation, Story, Gameplay, Sound, Just everything is great. Number 1 in my opinion.

Mario & Luigi Mario & Luigi Product Image

Why so low? I consider the Mario and Luigi series to be one of the best Mario spin off game series of all time! I have a lot of fun with the gameplay. A different aspect of the game is that you always have a chance to not get attacked. In other RPGs, like Final fantasy for example, when an enemy attacks, you are most likely gonna get hit and unless you have some kinda magic(I don't really play Final Fantasy)you know you'll get hit, unless it misses. In this series, all the enemies have their own tactics, keeping You on your toes. I also really love the characters. In every single Mario and Luigi game, there is a memorable character. In fact, many memorable characters! I love their personality, unique designs, and dialogue! Heck, some of already existing Mario characters get more personality! For me, Luigi and Bowser easily steal the show. Bowser has funny dialogue and I like Luigi's wacky animations. And the music is absolutely amazing. For me, Dream Team has some of the most ...more

I'm pretty shocked at Mario and Luigi being this low. Out of all the RPGs I've played, it's the funnest. Instead of blocking attacks (Like Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG) you can jump and hammer your way through- and even counter attack. I love the nostalgia of Superstar Saga and Partners in Time, but I personally liked Dream Team and Bowser's Inside Story more. Mainly because you can have Giant battles and X Bosses (Optional, except Grobot X), where as the other games had no secret bosses.

Mario is so low because it's a platformer, not an RPG.

I’m not a big fan of the RPG genre, because the turn-based combat is restrictive on what moves you have, and you can’t move at all. Mario & Luigi changes that, with moves based around actual skill, and moves where you can dodge without RNG.

Runescape Runescape Product Image

Very good quality game play, it should be at least 4th on this list because it is free and there is no download whatsoever required to play, it has the largest base of players which also means it is the most popular and the graphics have really improved over the last couple years.!

Played runescape for 10 years off and on and never even came close to trying everything in the game... Definitely a game for anyone to play but be aware that once your hooked you wont ever want to let go of it. Hence why I played for ten years..

The world's most popular free MMORPG and not even in the top ten! Runescape is a game for a serious and committed gamer who wishes to explore 26 skills combat and non-combat wise. With thousands upon thousands of hours of gameplay and limitless paths to take, you can never fully take it all in. That's what makes Runescape unique and worthwhile.

Free and no download required. Kwl kay.

Xenosaga Xenosaga Product Image

Far too underappreciated. When played from start to finish, you'll find one of the most complex universes created, and an epic tale that cannot be missed!

best futuristic rpg, with awesome real rpg combat and battlesequence, every maker should learn from this!!

Suikoden Suikoden Product Image

Too underrated, the only reason why its not #1 because its not popular, In fact Suikoden 2 is actually one of the best ever made well for me at least. The emotions of the story are just too powerful definitely the best game ever.

My two favorite games are Final Fantasy VII and Suikoden 2. I think out of those two Suikoden II is the better game. I also enjoy the original Suikoden and Suikoden V, and yes I own every Final Fantasy game and Every Suikoden game. The best thing about Suikoden is that it's a continuing story in a large and interesting world, with many mysteries yet to be uncovered. The series as a whole has a much much deeper world and and story than any single FF game can ever accomplish.

"as far as I played all rpg, suikoden 2 is the best I have played. Suikoden 2 is the game that make me know how great rpg are. Suikoden have very great world and we can't imagine how big it's world is? The world have great history, much nation and some unknown nation that still not discovered and have the 27 true rune, which some still unknown and mysterious. Cannot wait to see another series of this game, especially suikoden 6"

Suikoden 2 has the best story in all of the rpg games I've played so far. With a unique recruiting system, alternate endings, missable items, and clive sidequest, it was a good experience playing this.

Dragon Quest Monsters Dragon Quest Monsters Product Image

The first RPG game I ever played. The game that made me like RPG games. Better than Dragon Quest because you have the monsters on your side and there are so many cool ones like Rain Hawk, Great Drak, and Gold Slime. Plus the monsters in this game are better than the Pokemon characters. And I love the mystery of the? Family.

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