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21 Mario & Luigi

Why so low? I consider the Mario and Luigi series to be one of the best Mario spin off game series of all time! I have a lot of fun with the gameplay. A different aspect of the game is that you always have a chance to not get attacked. In other RPGs, like Final fantasy for example, when an enemy attacks, you are most likely gonna get hit and unless you have some kinda magic(I don't really play Final Fantasy)you know you'll get hit, unless it misses. In this series, all the enemies have their own tactics, keeping You on your toes. I also really love the characters. In every single Mario and Luigi game, there is a memorable character. In fact, many memorable characters! I love their personality, unique designs, and dialogue! Heck, some of already existing Mario characters get more personality! For me, Luigi and Bowser easily steal the show. Bowser has funny dialogue and I like Luigi's wacky animations. And the music is absolutely amazing. For me, Dream Team has some of the most ...more

I'm pretty shocked at Mario and Luigi being this low. Out of all the RPGs I've played, it's the funnest. Instead of blocking attacks (Like Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG) you can jump and hammer your way through- and even counter attack. I love the nostalgia of Superstar Saga and Partners in Time, but I personally liked Dream Team and Bowser's Inside Story more. Mainly because you can have Giant battles and X Bosses (Optional, except Grobot X), where as the other games had no secret bosses.

Mario is so low because it's a platformer, not an RPG.

22 Fable

This game is so underrated. Not only is the game actually good but the characters are funny and the story lines are always good stories.

This is a game when you actually get some good choices and the characters look amazing alright some havethe games haven't met there standards but I played skyrim and it did not really meet my standards so this game is better than most

Fable 3 might be just OK, but Fable and Fable 2 are two games that I replay on a regular basis. They are easily done if the most enjoyable games I've part partially for their sense of humor

only game other than ffVII that has been able to pull me in and keep me for years!

23 Xenosaga

Far too underappreciated. When played from start to finish, you'll find one of the most complex universes created, and an epic tale that cannot be missed!

best futuristic rpg, with awesome real rpg combat and battlesequence, every maker should learn from this!!

24 Dragon Quest Monsters

The first RPG game I ever played. The game that made me like RPG games. Better than Dragon Quest because you have the monsters on your side and there are so many cool ones like Rain Hawk, Great Drak, and Gold Slime. Plus the monsters in this game are better than the Pokemon characters. And I love the mystery of the? Family.

25 Runescape

Very good quality game play, it should be at least 4th on this list because it is free and there is no download whatsoever required to play, it has the largest base of players which also means it is the most popular and the graphics have really improved over the last couple years.!

Played runescape for 10 years off and on and never even came close to trying everything in the game... Definitely a game for anyone to play but be aware that once your hooked you wont ever want to let go of it. Hence why I played for ten years..

The world's most popular free MMORPG and not even in the top ten! Runescape is a game for a serious and committed gamer who wishes to explore 26 skills combat and non-combat wise. With thousands upon thousands of hours of gameplay and limitless paths to take, you can never fully take it all in. That's what makes Runescape unique and worthwhile.

Free and no download required. Kwl kay.

26 Shining Force

Though I never played the games to follow shining force 2 which came out for the short lived sega saturn, Shining Force 1 and 2, and to a lesser extent - Shining in the darkness, were as bang on for their time in terms of how RPGS were evolving and I'd recommend anyone to DL a sega genesis emulator and play the games on your computer and you'll see what I mean.

Good lord I played this a lot as a kid. I turned it on thinking that it wouldn't be as good in retrospect but here I am talking about it! Top ten material.

Shining Force III in par with FFVII counterwighted through battle-system, storyline and replay value.

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27 Gothic

Cars in Gothic? Did you really played it dude ;)?
Nevertheless - Gothic 1 and 2 are maybe the best genuine RPGs ever made, 100% open world gameplay.. enjoy it

Great story, easy interface, steering a little bit too complicated. But 100% open world just put me to my knees. The game still rocks! Enjoy

As in my opinion, this game was and will be the best rpg ever. The innovation brought by Gothic 1 with the Day/Night cycle and the script of the AI were unique in those days. Also, the binding between the storyline of Gothic 1 and Gothic 2+Night of the raven is the best I've ever seen.

For me there are 2 main RPG games -Gotis and TES. Which is better - I can't tell but gothic (and its variations like Risen) are great

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28 Ys
29 .Hack Series

... How is this not higher. Probably one of the best stories ever created. And the characters? So in depth. Battle system is the most insane though. God this deserves way way betteer than.2% :( breaks my heart

30 Persona

Why I like this rpg so much is the epicness, I love how they put Hitler near the final boss in persona 2 inoccent sin.

HitlerS BACK
ITS Hitler

31 Grandia

um... have u guyz ever even played grandia...ok the first one is alrite, but the second and the third are sick. Think i should belong in 1st place. If u disagree then play it then think again.

Originally rented Grandia 3 back when I was a kid, and have fallen in love with the games. Very Underrated series. You sadly never hear about it nowadays.

Lolz this list sucks, if you have played all of the above you KNOW that grandia does not belong at the bottom, morons

The first grandia for psx is a game I looked for, for around 4 years before finding it again, and that was the whole search worth. I've only recently tried Grandia 2, but it didn't live up to expectations, so in my heart, Grandia 1 is by far the best

32 The Witcher

With the best story, deep characters and epic, mature lore this should be in the top 10.

Belongs in the top three EASY!

That sword is for monsters...

Can't believe its not in top 10

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33 Far East of Eden
34 Ultima

Unlike a lot of games on this list, the Ultima games are actually RPGs... Not on-the-rails melodramas with loads of fighting (JRPGs) and Zelda, which is an action/adventure! There is no doubt that JRPGs were originally influenced by games like Ultima I and IV, but they never developed beyond it, and while they may be fun for a while, they ultimately become tedious and boring. There are notable exceptions like Chrono Trigger, but even some of the most celebrated JRPG titles like FFVII don't stand up to scrutiny when you come back to them with more gaming experience and shrug off the nostalgia. So why are the Ultima games RPGs? It's mainly because you get plonked into a big, bad world and can do what you like. I don't consider the on-the-rails linear nature of most JRPGs to really give you the chance to roleplay at all... When I'm controlling a character and being forced by the game to attempt to kill an ally as part of an exploitative and contrived adolescent plot (you know what game ...more

Ultima VII I & II = Complete Freedom. Great history and plot, rune alphabet is something awesome... the real sensation to be there is unique... ships, weapons, hidden treasures... all at the reach of your hand for the first moment if you know where to find them... no linear or level restriction to use a weapon...

This were truly RPGs...

How can someone vote something else? Ultima is by far the best ROLE-PLAYING-GAME EVER MADE.

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35 Dragon Quest

I loved to play dragon quest when I was a child an never played something I would compare to it ever again, what is the reason why I still play it 10 years later, it deserves way more than place 36

Dragon Quest really is a RPG Series, unlike many listed here, and deserves much better than 32nd place

I play tested Dragon Warrior I for NES. I hated it at the time, but played it some months later and ended up enjoying it.

How is this not higher on this list?

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36 Panzer Dragoon
37 Secret of Mana

By far the best RPG I have ever played... And I have played many. Perfect music and storyline to match. This game actually helped shape me into the person I am today. Seems ridiculous...? Play it and I doubt you'll argue.

Everything about Secret of Mana is great. I love the storyline and the music. I also think the combat controls are some of the best of any game. I have been playing this game since I was a kid, and I still enjoy playing it over and over again.

Classic, Innovative, Memorable, Fun, Epic, Unique, Captivating... Etc., etc.

A handful of words are just not enough to describe the scope of this game. Go back and play it. It's that good.

awesome music good story and it is an action-rpg which makes it more entertaining for me

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38 Legend Of Heroes
39 Mount & Blade

How is this not here?

Mount&Blade is a single-player, action-oriented role-playing game without any fantasy elements, which takes place in a medieval land named Calradia. The game features a sandbox gameplay style, in which there is no storyline present. The player is able to join one of the five battling factions, fight as a mercenary, assume the role of an outlaw, or take a neutral sideReception on Mount&Blade has overall been positive.

Reviewers praised the game for its innovative combat mechanics, complex character skill system, and large modding community

40 Dark Cloud

First Adventure RPG game on the PS2. It set the bar pretty high, had a different take on things with the building system.

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