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41 The Legend of Dragoon

Best RPG I've ever played. The story is great, and the battle system is very refreshing. My cousins and I had a hard time beating the final boss, we all took turns trying to take him down, I finally got him on my third try. It's worth beating him just to see the ending, which pulls on your heart strings.

This is Sickening this is the only rpg game I have ever "beat" I've been stuck on the final boss for like 4years I was trying daily for like 2 weeks then sorta gave up and have been doing it off and on this game is #1

So underrated. Great game and after I beat it I was begging for a sequel. If you give it a chance you will be begging for another game as well! It definitely tops Final Fantasy. Swag

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42 Mount & Blade

How is this not here?

Mount&Blade is a single-player, action-oriented role-playing game without any fantasy elements, which takes place in a medieval land named Calradia. The game features a sandbox gameplay style, in which there is no storyline present. The player is able to join one of the five battling factions, fight as a mercenary, assume the role of an outlaw, or take a neutral sideReception on Mount&Blade has overall been positive.

Reviewers praised the game for its innovative combat mechanics, complex character skill system, and large modding community

43 Might and Magic

I have found the best games in the series to be: MM6, MM8 and MM9, but I loved all MM6-MM9 games. I recommend them to any RPG fun. The characters' skills are well balanced, the quests are numerous. Too bad that 3DO does not exist any longer to develop the series. UBISOFT just destroyed the series with that so called MM10 which has nothing to do with any previous game and also Heroes of Might and Magic V is far bellow IV in strategy (except graphics which is better)

Loved these games. Darkside of Xeen (no.5) kept me mesmerised for years as a kid, it was such a harsh and unforgiving environment, with epic adventure music and beautiful imaginative 256 colour graphics. The quests, characters, items were all very engrossing and well balanced. plenty of humor and riddles strewn along the way make this one of my all time favourites. Might and magic 3,4 and 6 also deserve mention, being of excellent calibre, though not quite on the same level as the epicness of MM5.

How is this pioneer if all RPG's not in the top 10? - Bicyclerepairman

5 great games, 3 ok games and dozens of related games (like Heroes of Might and Magic I-V) for computers and consoles. A decade of RPG fun.

44 Dark Cloud

First Adventure RPG game on the PS2. It set the bar pretty high, had a different take on things with the building system.

45 Dark Souls

Is everyone else kidding me? The things on the first page, Skyrim and all that anime themed stuff... is nowhere near as well produced and atmosphere inducing as this game... the difficulty of those games is also incredibly easy, making the player pretty much a god. Dark souls makes it so that you are weaker than others, and you can feel that coming down on you as a 1 ton hammer. It makes you get good. It motivates you because it is shrouded with mystery. Zelda? Oh that game with the polygons moving around and the most boring gameplay of all time? oh yeah... THAT Zelda... and somehow it's second...

While many hate it for its difficulty Dark Souls is one of the best RPGs around with amazing combat, cool bosses and dungeon and awesome weapons. You can mild your character however you want and play however you want. Even though you don't get much story or side quests the ones you get are basically a reward for the time you put into a boss. Plus there are actually a lot of side quests and such you just have to find them!

Superb melee combat, brutal difficulty, extreme sense of achievement when progress is made.

Soulsborne is GOAT

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46 Dungeons and Dragons

I'm extremely shocked that D&D isn't at the top of this list. How quickly people forget their roots, and this series is what started it all. - MovieSounds

D&D gave us the world that Baldur's Gate is set in, it gave the mechanics used in KOTOR, and is the RPG that set the standard for the entire genre and is still used in RPG's today.

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47 Xak
48 Grand Theft Auto

Why isn't this higher? One of the best selling series of all time. Great characters, modern land, and a great, cynical look on modern America. Maybe it's not the traditional dungeon and dragon RPG, but it's certainly as open and fun as any traditional RPG.

This is not an RPG, if it was it would be in the top 10 - venomouskillingmachine

49 Phantasy Star

yes i agree phantasy star is one of the greatest rpg games i am a level 91 and the game never gets boring with online

The characters were solid, the mazes amazing, the puzzles difficult

The god_father of all RPG's should never get a rating of this kind of "disrespect. " Who decided this list anyway, my 11 year old.

Phantasy Star was the first RPG I played and also the best!

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50 Arcanum

If you are referring to ARCANUM of steamworks and magick I refuse to believe anyone whose actually played it would put it this low. If this was not the game intended get off your butt and give the game a try. It will blow your little RPG mind with the creativity and redefining game tactics.

It was really fantastic! They diverse set of skills your character could master was astounding. Sure it was isometric, but the world was very skillfully made. Hurling fireballs or firing a Tesla gun? Using a full plate set or a magnetized top hat to stop projectiles? Alchemy or chemistry? So many choices. Plus you could switch between real-time fights or turned based in the blink of an eye.

This RPG with a really original world, a mix of industrialization and medieval magic, should be rated a lot higher. I spent days and days hooked on it.

Wish they made Arcanum 2

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51 Disgaea

The level cap of 9999 makes this game very interesting. The story is very childish with little adult humor but it is worth playing for its unique leveling system. Every item, weapon, and piece of armor can be leveled up. There are unlimited plays through and you can build your team any way you choose. This is one of the best tactics games available.

52 Bioshock

The bioshock series has three stories that will never be forgotten by the player. There's no reason to overlook this game because it's not your basic RPG. It's heavily based on storytelling and has many great characters like an RPG should. WHY ISN'T THIS HIGHER?

This is not even an RPG-game, lol - Bicyclerepairman

53 Baten Kaitos

Baten Katios for the gamecube has to be some of the most innovative and fun rpgs I have ever played.

54 Monster Hunter

Really awesome and really hard to get into. That's probably why this serie isn't that popular.

55 Xanadu
56 World of Warcraft

Be serious, best selling, largest community on the Earth, biggest in game world, good graphics, easy control, most addicted game, BUT, is not RPG is the best MMORPG.

That's nice. I myself play world of warcraft.
I must say it is very good. I just started playing it!

All it needs is to drink more from magic the gathering in next expansions and it will be perfect!

Clearly the most comprehensive rpg ever designed

57 Valkyrie Profile

best rpg series of all time as the title of the thread said with historical, mythological, literature involved - ronluna

Lenneth and Silmeria are not ones to be forgotten...

This game is Difficult, yet interesting mechanics make me love it.

58 Breath of Fire

Why is this ranked so low? Maybe because it's just not as commercially popular, but Breath of Fire 2 was THE TRUTH! It had the best characters, the story went at a great pace, awesome graphics... it was simple, but interesting at the same time. This should be higher.

The 2nd installment of this game is pure gift to everybody. The mood, the story, characters, the theme, music, graphics all are just short CHILDHOOD

One was awesome, Two was just plain alright....

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59 Xenogears

I Remember finding this game by chance. (always been a a fan of square's games) Tried it out and damn was I surprised? The in depth storyline and character progression! The problems the in game world had was almost like an mirror to our own ''world'' anyways the game itself was so great that I (A great FF fan at that! ) must say it kind of beats some of my old favorites.

Most epic story I've ever seen in a video game, and this game only tells Episode V out of six episodes in the entire Xenoverse! If you're like me and value story in an RPG, this game has a really high re-playability.

The best RPG game on the PSX! And one of the greatest games of all time!

In its own way, Xenogears is pretty much evenly matched with Undertale and Xenoblade Chronicles amongst the greatest RPG experiences of all time. - xandermartin98

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60 Dragon Age
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