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101 Arc the Lad

The trademark theme song. The tactics style battle system. The bulk of unique characters all having separate agendas attitudes and feelings. A story that continues from one game to the next literally. Multiplayer Pokemon like battles with rewards ported to your save data. The only thing I can say is The game deserves to be played, given a chance, and rated. - erichopkins

102 Eye of the Beholder
103 System Shock 2

The reason why is simply because it's a pure RPG.. You get skill's, weapons, and awesome gameplay such as scaring the crap out of your self and, having fun. Also don't forget the huge map.. IT'S A SPACESHIP.

104 Valkyria Chronicles
105 The Last Story
106 Animal Crossing
107 Epic Battle Fantasy
108 Deus Ex
109 Atelier
110 Risen
111 Guild Wars 2
112 Overlord
113 The Last Remnant

New Great battle system, good story, good characters

114 Xenoblade
115 BBQ Quest
116 Quest for Glory
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