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61 Pieoneers

Pieoneers is a premium web & mobile development studio based in Vancouver, because, delivering web applications, iOS apps with seamless and responsive UI.

62 Digital Opera
63 Proalab
64 Main Street Computing

All U.S. based developers, affordable, creative, can handle the higher tech stuff too, big data, ML, etc.

65 Lunar Logic Polska

Lunar Logic was building commercial RoR apps since before Rails 1.0. Our first RoR app was for the United Nations and we have since built over 100 apps, many of which have been featured on Mashable, TechCrunch and MSNBC. Chances are, you've used our work.

This is one of the most experience Rails shops in the world. They built a Rails-based site for the United Nations nearly six months before Rails 1.0 was released!

Lunar Logic team is really passionate about what they do. They have an eye for details and are very keen to talk the ideas through.

Their crew page on the website really rocks!

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66 Ezzie Infosystems

Ezzie infosystems is one of the best Ruby on Rails company in india. Ezzie provide the complete school ERP.

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67 Icicle Technologies

Icicle is like other consulting firms that builds Web & Mobile products. What make them different from others is their approach. I love the way they interact and mentor non-techy founders in building their product. They are a good asset as their 10+ years of experience helping startups, with knowledge of all the best practices.

Icicle builds Web & Mobile products for Startups, Brands, Digital Agencies and Enterprises, helping in bringing their ideas to life.

It is wonderful to work with a professional and technically solid team. They not just any other software vendor who would develop based on the given requirement but have helped us through all technical short term and long term decisions - Gamecraft. Io

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68 EL Passion

I have worked with EL Passion on a couple of projects. They are skilled, open, committed and their approach to Agile is inspirational.

I had been following El Passion's work for quite some time. Bringing them on for helping us with our design challenges was a game changer.

EL Passion is a great team of experts. We have done together six projects (web apps in ruby and few iOS. They make outstanding thinks!

Very skilled developers I must say

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70 Northwest Independent Ruby Development, LLC

NIRD's team of experienced consultants work closely with our clients to develop applications that solve real-world problems every day. We provide end-to-end support, from project design and architecture through application development and testing to managed hosting and maintenance.

71 RubyGarage

RubyGarage team took an already existing web product and redesigned its user interface with adding a few useful features. All improvements were made in extreme quick timelines using Ruby on Rails. - galyna

72 Evoleas
73 RailsFactory

Visit W. Railsfactory. Com/rubyonrails - strong team, professional and disciplined... Responsive web

74 Codeminer42

First Ruby on Rails software boutique in Brazil. They are growing very fast delivering high quality software to major companies looking for Rails applications.

75 Re-Mondes Inc
76 SumatoSoft

A great team which cares about the project success!

Th best place to work at

77 Daft Code
78 LetsAlign
79 FixNix, Inc
80 Codal Inc Codal Inc It is providing good mobile apps development and user experience design services. Below some example of its work of mobile application development. * Spendwitty * Luxward * Tabd
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