Top Ten Ruby from RWBY Quotes

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1 Victory Will Be Swift! Justice Will Be Painful! It Will Be Delicious!

All of these are the GREATEST ANIME QUOTES OF ALL TIME! I love RWBY and just Ruby as a character, not to mention her sayings are to die for, especially:
"Now THAT'S a katana"
- Ruby Rose, Episode One of RWBY Chibi.
I find myself quoting her a lot.

2 You Mean Since You Ditched Me and I Exploded!?
3 I Don't Need People to Help Me Grow Up I Drink Milk!
4 We Will Stop Them and I Will Stop You!
5 This. Is. Filth. Filth!
6 Stupid Lady Stilts
7 They Started It!
8 I'm a Genius!

So ture

9 We Mail Ourselves There!
10 You Don't Even Know Me...

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11 The gang's all here. Now we can die together
12 I have made more mistakes than any man, woman or child
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