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21 Ebola (La La)

Greatest and most offensive lyrics ever.

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22 I'm Afraid (of Black People)
23 I'm Osama

Parody of "I'm Obama" and about as good.

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24 I Have a Little C***

It's not size that counts, its how to ship moves!

It just hilarious my favorite please put on

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25 Obama's Been Watchin' (Blurred Lines Parody)

I laughed through the entire song, SO FUNNY!

26 Al Qaedirection

This should be in the top 5.

The best song ever

How is this so low?

Bush did 9/11

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27 Dago (Payphone parody)
28 We Drive Drunk

I love just watching the car accidents in the video lol

It's way too funny! Simulated car crashes are HILARIOUS!

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29 My Korea's Over
30 My Name's Donnie Trump (21 Pilots "Stressed Out" Parody)

It's so racist but its funny and gets stuck in your brain so like Donnie trump

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31 High Day
32 Coincidental Racist

So funny, and surprisingly so true.

33 Crapping (Happy Parody)
34 Fly Like Me
35 Eff Germany

Great parody. Love the line,"For the Africans I don't got the pacince. And there's too many kinds of Asians! "

36 I H8 Nickel Back
37 Yo Perry
38 Give Me a Hand, Perry
39 We're All Asian
40 Some Black Guy
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