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1 Top Ten Ways to Kill a Specific Person

The "Kill" lists are extremely inappropriate, and should be banned.

That is brutal!

2 Lists of Insults
3 Reasons to Hate a Specific Person

I honestly don't care if anyone gets hated on but at least be kind and respectful towards them and get along with others (no matter how much you fully hate them).

Haters gonna hate.

4 Reasons Why Someone Is a Bad User

No One Person Is a Bad User Here - FettiMC

5 Worst Parts About Younger Siblings

We get it, little siblings are annoying at times, but that's no excuse to talk crap about them online. They're your family, for Norris's sake!

6 Reasons Not to Be a Specific Classification of Person
7 Worst Types of a Category of People
8 Best Songs by a Bad Artist

These are so inaccurate. - AnonymousChick

Though these lists are inaccurate, I don't think they are rude. There is a difference between being inaccurate and being rude. - Kiteretsunu

9 Lists About the Movie Frozen

Make one and you will get attacked by fan girls. - AnonymousChick

Some people like Frozen, some don't.

10 Lists of Colors

Uh... Why is talking about colours is a rude topic? I don't think it's rude at all. Just saying.

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1. Top Ten Ways to Kill a Specific Person
2. Worst Parts About Younger Siblings
3. Lists of Insults
1. Top Ten Ways to Kill a Specific Person
2. Lists of Insults
3. Reasons to Hate a Specific Person


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