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1 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, more.

Wanted to kill Bluestar. Hates Firestar. Killed many. Just..he's just rude! - Cinderleap

2 Brokenstar Brokenstar

Apprenticed kits younger then 6 moons. Blamed his mother, Yellowfang, about the death of kits. Drove Windclan out. - Cinderleap

3 Ashfur Ashfur

I do like Ashfur. I hate Squirrelflight x Brambleclaw. Yes, I agree he lived a sad life. I love him, he will always be one of my favorite misunderstood cats. - Cinderleap

Ashfur lived a sad life. He started out great, but got worse and worse. I'm not mad at him though, I'm sad. - Oliveleaf

Squirrelflight loved Brambleclaw(star). Then Ashfur got mad. He tried to kill like, 5 cats! - Cinderleap

Sad life?._.

4 Breezepelt Breezepelt

No need to explain.

Do I have to say? - Cinderleap

I can't take him - WarriorLover

Each time I read a series, I find another cat I hate the most. I thought Tigerstar was the worst, then Hawkfrost came along and he was just as bad, Brambleclaw's ambition and awful temper got under my skin too. Then we find out Leafpool's stupid mistake and I wish Jayfeather slapped her. Finally, we come to Breezepelt. Let's see... Petty, a traitor, shares his father's infamous attitude, tried to murder half-siblings for being borb half-clan, laughed at Hollyleaf's corpse.

5 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

Yeah he’s rude - Camaro6

Do I have to say? - Cinderleap

6 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost


7 Heathertail

Do I have to say? - Cinderleap

8 Rainflower Rainflower

Yeah, shes WORSE than rude

Worse than rude - Camaro6

Hehheh she is MORE than rude

She is my least favorite cat, I mean, SERIOUSLY?! Rainflower only cares about how people look, handsome? good kindhearted but not pretty? GET OUT OF HER WAY. She ABANDONED HER OWN SON BECAUSE HE BROKE HIS JAW! - Swiftdawn

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9 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

He’s actually really polite - Camaro6

He's not that rude, but I kinda think he is. - Cinderleap

10 Lizardstripe Lizardstripe

I like, hate her. She made Brokenstar who he is now:

1. She let Tangleburr and her siblings harass him
2. She was mean to him
3. She treated him like a disease
and 4: she made him feel bad
I love Yellowfang and hate Lizardstripe.
(by the way, the name Lizardstripe doesn't even make sense.)

The Contenders

11 Millie Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

It was horrible how she played favorites with her kits. - Swiftdawn

A kitty pet that was Graystripe's mate after Silverstream.

12 Cloudpaw

Yeah, I LIKE Cloudpaw but he was PRETTY rude to Fireheart...

13 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and see things very far away, farther than any normal cat could ever do. more.

Dovewing is such a prissy brat. She got all the love while Ivypool was left in the shadows. Dovewing is also a mary-sue. She has 2 toms after her! She also such a Drama queen. While Dovewing was wasting her time with Tigerheart Ivypool was risking her life in the dark forest! Ivypool didn't need powers. Ugh, Dovewing should go die in a hole already.
-Ivyflight of WildClan

Yep - Camaro6


14 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

She’s not rude, just impulsive and immature - Camaro6

I hate her :3

15 Squirrelflight Squirrelflight

She is so rude as and apprentice! I HATE HER. SHe snapps at everyone and she says she can do what ever she wants. Go to hell squirrelflight! I hope she dies...(sry but I just hate her so much. Excuse my rage)

16 Sandstorm
17 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

Mapleshade is so rude to Crookedkit, that's why I even added her on this list. - Gingerbobo

18 Silverstream Silverstream
19 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty.


20 Graystripe Graystripe
21 Crowfeather

He is kind of rude - Silverleaf

22 Daisy


23 Bloodbird

Um please remind me who is this? - Silverleaf

Who...? - Camaro6

She's not a real shes not rude

24 Bramblestar Bramblestar
25 Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan

NO! - Camaro6


26 Goosefeather Goosefeather
27 Tigerheart Tigerheart
28 Stormfur
29 Snowfur Snowfur

No - Camaro6


30 Oakheart Oakheart
31 Feathertail Feathertail
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