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1 New Zealand

New Zealand is outright the best international team, I've read the book to prove it! They have won 2 world cups and they can smoke Australia or Ireland any old day

This is common sense. People who vote here don't read the category. They just vote for there Favourite, not for the actual best.

Face it, guys, The All Blacks are the best, no doubt. Why? A load of reasons, so much that I can't say them right now. But, hey, New Zealand's the champion.

-durr kritik

New Zealand is unstoppable just look at the statistics. I would be a lie to say that New Zealand can't beat any team.

2 Ireland

Yaaa The Irish team won 56-19 against Italy in Rome a couple of days ago. We have beaten the All Blacks a few times which is a phenomenal feat since they are undoubtedly the best team In the world... Overall Ireland is very strong team for such a small country and has many very talented players. Take Johnny Sextons drop goal against France. That was complete skill.

New Zealand undoubtedly the world all time best. Great to see Ireland get their act together. Potential's been knocking on the door for many years. Just needed greater perspective and the combination of a union who knows what it takes to compete.

Ireland has 4 million people whereas all these other countries have 60 million like France and England. This shows that people from other countries are voting for Ireland.

Ireland aren't quite in number 1 spot yet, but over the past year they've beaten every major rugby nation. We'll see where they stand after the world cup.

3 England

England, number 4? Argentina is ranked 4th, England is ranked 7th I think. Interesting that the top 4 in the rankings are from the southern hemisphere. One commentator said Michael Brown is the best fullback in the world. England didn't even make it out of the group stage. I think that England rugby at the moment... SUCKS!

At least they lost to the best. Very proud to be English right now, but have to say congratulations to RSA. Well done boys. In the end you were the strongest and best team.

England is the best you may not know it but it's true England are the best admit it New Zealand Aussies Irish Scottish welsh French and so on.

A warning to wales
Count your selves lucky you won the six nations but you won't this time

Simple, really. England is the heart and soul of rugby. They are the most committed and possibly the most talented. I give credit to New Zealand, but England is best.

4 South Africa

In my opinion South Africa should be number 2. They play with passion, proved a lot of people wrong they make and correct their mistakes in a game. Not good enough to be above New Zealand but they sure deserve second place

The bokke are just the best. South African lives and breathes rugby. Rugby is an emotional history and has changed so many things in our country. This sport absolutely unites us.

Is this for real? South Africa third and Ireland second? How many world cups have Ireland won again? As far as I remember there is only one European team that has ever won the Rugby's biggest show piece. I respect New Zealand, they deserve to be at the top but South Africa has to be second.

I'm from Scotland and I really don't get how it is 5th on this list (IRB says we are 9th)... But seriously, South Africa and New Zealand are clearly 1st and 2nd. Ireland maybe was at one point and Australia are starting to look really good as well, but South Africa's squad just stands out for me, especially with all their young talent such as Le Roux and Pieterson

5 Australia

Australia. Number 5! They will win it this year. We should at least be in third place

Best team out off the kick of and back three good under high ball

How is Ireland, England and South Africa in front of Australia?

Australia should be in third place

6 Wales

I think it absolute bull that Canada, Italy, and Argentina are higher on this list than Wales. Wales is one of two countries (along with NZ) who are said to have rugby as a religion. Wales not only are the 5th best team in the world now, above the Aussies and French, but they had legendary teams in the 70's and 1900's.

Wales claim to be better than England, this is a lie. England have won more six nations, have beaten Wales more times than wales beat England and England have won the World Cup and Wales have not (ever), they have never even come 2nd

Wales are the best in the northern hemisphere by far. If you disagree take a look at the demolition job we did of England 30-3! There are very few teams who can beat a Welsh team on top of form.

Wales will never be better than Scotland at anything. Oh perhaps one thing 'something to do with wellies and sheep'

7 Scotland

Obviously from English people, Scotland are in the quarter finals 2015, where are England? So Scotland are in the top 8. Simple mathematics.

I do agree though, Scotland should have been in the semis, Craig Joubert makes another bad mistake

SCO is not better than ENG, although ENG are pretty bad, I don't think that they would beat ENG

What? Scotland are the worst team in the world

8 Canada

Fairly Strong Team

Canadians rock

9 Georgia

Georgian national team has extremely powerful and highly dedicated players.They will achieve even greater things soon.

Georgia sucks because they won't make it to the semi

This is the country where Rugby is a lifestyle

They are best! And they doing well

10 France

Just can't handle the jandle mate. New Zealand won against your team fair and square in RWC Finals TWICE! Aussie won against you. Your team just can't win a world cup (or the 6 Nations). They have played three times in RWC Finals, yet they didn't win any. Face it dude, France should stay where it is, if not go lower. Everybody knows that NZ deserves 1st.

This list is a joke, France have 13 six nations titles and 3 WC finals, wales and scotland have none...

Sorry, scratch what I said but France should be in top 5

No argument about New Zealand sorry for what I said

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11 Kenya

Kenya is sworming to the top, sooner or later will be number one. watching our team win the Singapore Sevens was thrilling and assuring honestly we all know where this is heading #1. Cheers to SouthAfrica and New Zealand keep the speed soon will be head to head.

Kenya are horrible at rugby union but are kinda good at sevens

Kenya is very strong and consistent in its performance

They are really strong and trying

12 Argentina

Argentina is ranked fourth in the world, they are better than Ireland, England, Scotland and Italy.

Definitely better than Scotland, Wales, France, and Ireland

How is Scotland ahead if they are one of the worst in 6 nations?

The best team after the big three. Go pumas!

13 Samoa

Fiji is better than Tonga and Samoa because Fiji bet both of them

Fiji tops the Pacific. I'm surprised how this is ranked.

Samoa is the best of the pacific islanders

Fiji is best of of the 3 islands.

14 United States

They won with New Zealand or not? just go to www.,which rugby team is the best"

15 Fiji

Fiji should be higher than this, they should be placed before Italy, surely

They are the obvious best they won Rio Olmpics 2016 to prove all the other teams are just there because people like them but this team had hall of famer Waisale serevi.

Fiji should be first because they beater newzealand

Fiji should be numerous 1

16 Tonga

MMT vs ENGLAND, Tonga almost caught up to England in the semi-finals in 2017. They're are a really good team. Don't disrespect another team/country.

The best team in the world

Tonga should not be here

17 Spain

They do play rugby and they are quite good at it.

What! Spain doesn't even play rugby you newbie!

They don't play rugby

18 Romania

Proud of them

19 Italy

Never won 6 nations

Good defense

20 India

INDIA is rising in all sports as well as rugby.

21 Japan

The Japanese rugby team was beat South Africa and Samoa rugby team. So, they are best.

Unlucky to not make the playoffs! Not the best but definitely my Team of the RWC 2015!

Japan is my 2nd equal fave team

Japan are 10th, they did beat SA

22 Sri Lanka
23 Namibia

They came 23rd in the 2019 rugby world cup

Legendary team

24 Switzerland

What is Switzerland doing here

This is a BORING team!

25 China

We don't play rugby

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