Top Ten Rules That Need to Happen at Your School

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The Top Ten

1 Bullying = suspension

Agree. That "SHOULD" happen! Don't you think bullying is getting worst and old! - Draconic1000

Yes! It shouldn't be Standing up for yourself = suspension!

2 Racism = expulsion
3 Choices of own classes

Exactly, I hate a lot of the classes I go to. - Fandom_Lover

This needs to happen. I hate some classes. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

My classes stay the same forever

Awww, I feel sorry for you calculus dude or dudette
Teacher: How much do you hate Calculus
You: The Limit Does Not Exist

The Limit Does Not Exist- Cady Heron

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4 Sexism = detention

Its not that big of a deal - flock01

5 Fights = nothing

Really? Fights should equal a suspension

6 Phones are allowed
7 Music in independent school work
8 Gym class everyday

If you don't like gym u are probably a bum. Come on america lets be skinny for on year - flock01

I'm from the uk

9 Weight shaming = lunch detention

Come on weight shaming was supposed to be fat shaming but ariana grande is crying for skinny shaming get the hell out of here - flock01

10 Playtime should be 1 hour. Only for kids aged 5-12

This should be for ALL grades, including high school and college! We big kids wanna play, too!

The Contenders

11 If a bully hits you, and you hit the bully back = Bully gets in trouble

Hitting a bully is self-defense and it's a good thing

12 Bathrooms are open for all
13 Teachers who yell at students get fired

I hate it when they yell at students all the time. That's mean!

14 Diapers are allowed to be worn

Since teachers constantly denies children' right to use the restroom, this should be enforced so the teachers will have to smell everyone's pee and poop till the point that they are sick and tired of the smell and allows students to use the restroom anytime

15 Teachers must take child discipline classes
16 Student responsible for a dirty bathroom cleans it up
17 Flavored milk and juice banned

They are full of sugar

18 Student desks have stain proof fabric

For the ladies mainly

19 Cell phones are allowed for emergencies
20 Security cameras must be in every classroom

That way when innocent students get blamed, the surveillance footage proves their innocence!

21 Every classroom has one security guard

To protect students and students

22 Jackets allowed to be worn

Especially during the winter because they turn the A/C on even if it's like 20 degrees out

23 All students get free school supplies, breakfast, and lunches

Because a lot of kids are too poor to afford that stuff

24 Potty chairs at desks instead of regular chairs

That way students can pee and poop anytime if they are stuck in 1 classroom for the entire day!

25 Gym class must allow breaks every 10-20 minutes
26 Lunch period extended to 1 hour
27 Food allowed outside of cafeteria

Because wasting food is not good

28 Extra worksheets and school supplies that teachers won't use during the next school year will be given to the students to use at home
29 First aid kit in every classroom
30 School starts no earlier than 9 or 10 am
31 Lunches served buffet stye

That way students get enough food and lines move faster!

32 Students get to choose the school play and the songs that are sung in concerts
33 At least 1 field trip per month
34 More early dismissals
35 More late starts
36 Detentions and in school suspensions are not just for students

If teachers are being mean, they should go there, too!

37 No long essays

They re really stressful. Essays should be only 1-2 pages long, not 5+!

38 Passing period extended to 10 minutes

Once in (like middle or high school) I had a class on the 3rd floor right after a class in the basement and it was like all the way at the end of the halls. I only had 4 minutes to get to class. Then the school extended it to 5 minutes but it was still not enough time IF I may need to use the bathroom, get stuff out of my locker (which is on a different floor) and students constantly crowding the halls.

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