Top Ten Rules That Need to Happen at Your School

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The Top Ten

1 Bullying = suspension

Agree. That "SHOULD" happen! Don't you think bullying is getting worst and old! - Draconic1000

Yes! It shouldn't be Standing up for yourself = suspension!

2 Racism = expulsion
3 Sexism = detention

Its not that big of a deal - flock01

4 Fights = nothing
5 Choices of own classes

Exactly, I hate a lot of the classes I go to. - Fandom_Lover

This needs to happen. I hate some classes. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

My classes stay the same forever

Yes please I'm sitting here with this calculus crap about to fail ugggh.

6 Phones are allowed
7 Music in independent school work
8 Gym class everyday

If you don't like gym u are probably a bum. Come on america lets be skinny for on year - flock01

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9 Weight shaming = lunch detention

Come on weight shaming was supposed to be fat shaming but ariana grande is crying for skinny shaming get the hell out of here - flock01

10 If a bully hits you, and you hit the bully back = Bully gets in trouble
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