Top Ten Rules That Need to Happen at Your School

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Bullying = suspension

Bullying has got to be stopped even if people are just ignoring them. them id the person who is being bullied by the way

Agree. That "SHOULD" happen! Don't you think bullying is getting worst and old!

Yes! It shouldn't be Standing up for yourself = suspension!

Bullies are the reason why I don't like school so much.

Racism = expulsion

So true but teachers judge the situation and student who were nearby when the racism happened give evidence.Court style.
But this is Martin Luther King saying: I had a dream

Sexism = detention

Its not that big of a deal

I feel bad for girls.

no expulsion should be the punishment my school has far too much sexism

Choices of own classes

Awww, I feel sorry for you calculus dude or dudette
Teacher: How much do you hate Calculus
You: The Limit Does Not Exist

The Limit Does Not Exist- Cady Heron

Yes please I'm sitting here with this calculus crap about to fail ugggh.

Exactly, I hate a lot of the classes I go to.

This needs to happen. I hate some classes.

Fights = nothing

Really? Fights should equal a suspension


Phones are allowed
Music in independent school work
Weight shaming = lunch detention

Come on weight shaming was supposed to be fat shaming but ariana grande is crying for skinny shaming get the hell out of here

Yes! I like how its lunch that is kinda funny

Teachers who yell at students get fired

Yes! People have cried over the teachers screaming and I feel sorry for them the rest of the lesson

My High School teacher always yells at me like as if she's going to physically attack me.

I hate it when they yell at students all the time. That's mean!

Lunch period extended to 1 hour
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First aid kit in every classroom

They should use this instead of saying, "go to the nurse" where they give you an ice pack wrapped around the roughest sandpaper napkins. When you put your hand on the napkin it hurts like hell and it is hot. When you but it in the ice you are instantly frozen.

ahh no more going to the office

Gym class everyday

If you don't like gym u are probably a bum. Come on america lets be skinny for on year - flock01

I'm from the uk

Every classroom has one security guard

Or you get with the times and have gun control, I mean school shooting doesn't really happen outside Yank schools. Stop gun stores it's the 21st century not Cowboys and Indians.

To protect students and students

Jackets allowed to be worn

Especially during the winter because they turn the A/C on even if it's like 20 degrees out

Detentions and in school suspensions are not just for students

I know some teachers make students cry and don't even say sorry.The student goes to detention and the teacher sits on their throne, looking competently innocent (not)

If they're being rude or hypocritical, then it's detention for them!

If teachers are being mean, they should go there, too!

Air conditioning gets disabled during the winter

We don’t need A/C during the winter

All students get free school supplies, breakfast, and lunches

Because a lot of kids are too poor to afford that stuff

Food allowed outside of cafeteria

Because wasting food is not good

School starts no earlier than 9 or 10 am

plEase...! - 0w0uwu

Lunches served buffet stye

That way students get enough food and lines move faster!

Playtime should be 1 hour. Only for kids aged 5-12

This should be for ALL grades, including high school and college! We big kids wanna play, too!

At least 1 field trip per month

Or maybe every two months. For that to happen in high school, you gotta be in a club or an organization in order to go on one. - 0w0uwu

Only block certain videos on YouTube

True it's annoying when the school blocks the whole youtube site when there's a lot of educational content there. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Because not all YouTube videos are bad. There are educational and family-friendly content there, too.

Recess in middle school and high school
Kids with disabilities should have their needs met
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