Top Ten Runescape Cities

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1 Varrock

Always a great place even before the G. E was around. The place to be was in the center of varrock!

Of Course this place is! This is where the G. E. is and the best place to cut yew logs! Also if you are a member you can make noobs wish they were you!

It's been the hub since the start. People use to stand by the bank before the GE and sell their items.

Varrock is my city

2 Lumbridge

oh Lumby the home of every player from the beginning. Lumby is such a lovely place and it helps you begin.

3 Prifddinas

This is obviously the best city in Runescape. It is only accessable after the completion of the longest questline in RS. It has it's own G.E. , not to mention teleports to every major boss (Max Cape required). The arguably fastest agility course also, and much much more!

4 Falador

Falador is the capital of Asgarnia and a typically crowded city. It plays a key role in RuneScapes ore trade, because it houses both the Mining guild and a large mine underground.

BANK YOUR ITEMS! Haha home of the massacre!

Capital of Asgarnia, White Knights, Dwarven Mines.

5 Ardougne

Full of quests, penguin hide'n seek, close to fishing guild, a market, the zoo is really cool, nice monsters to fight and so on...

Only farmers and thieves are around here, occasional questers.

Biggest city. Awesome

6 Al Kharid

Will always have memories of wanting to mine on the outskirts and getting bodied by those scorpions.

Crazy rework, Rs3 delivered a beautiful city.

7 Edgeville

Being right next to the Grand Exchange, a furnace, bank, and close pvp area make this city the best in all of RuneScape!

Wildy Punks, Bankers, or people who crawl under the GE wall.

Awesome closer to the ge than varrock (Members) right beside wildy, close bank woodcutting, furnace and so much more

8 Catherby

I think that Catherby should be first it is a good fishing town varrock should stay high at second and nice falafel rat third

Catherby has it all- obviously fishing is the main economic scene here, but there's also a farming patch and a pretty good arrow store. The architecture is great, the town is really peaceful, the music suits it very well, there are great links to Kandarin and Asgarnia... How can you not love Catherby?

I love this city, Catherby make me fall in love with fish, farming and fletching. Sumonning, cooking, Wc, Firemake and herblore too, the soundtrack is amazing, the water, everything. Yanile and ardougne are great too. Kadarin is history, Kandarin is love O/

Fishing City all day!

9 Yanille

This is an amazing city that is too often overlooked. I go there every day because of Bert, but it is also the center of many quests, and has the magic guild. Not to mention, it is fun to have the penguin trapped in the walls of Yanille.

10 Underwater City
The Contenders
11 Draynor

Willow log cutters, and that old man with the blue party hat.

12 Menaphos

beautiful place, will def get lost if oyu are new!

13 Zanaris
14 Port Sarim

Nice little city, few other players. It has the docks, and the magic shop.

15 Meiyerditch

It's the largest city in RuneScape, has vampires, and a large role in the history of Gielinor.

16 TzHaar City
17 Tree Gnome Stronghold
18 Rellekka
19 The Fremennik Isles
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