Best Running Back Tandems Coming Into the 2019 Season

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Sony Michel and James White - (Patriots)

New England running game last year was not only better, but was so good forced their way to another super bowl ring thanks to rookie sensation Sony Michael emerging like a madmen who could not be stopped. James White has good veterans instincts as well he's no stranger to this running game they like to use. Another reason why I have this duo at #1 is the fact they are so in depth at that position now it is surreal for a team that usually never runs the ball. Rex Burkhead is decent, and Damien Harris a utility back could also switch things up in the running game along with one of the better fullbacks in James Develin. - htoutlaws2012

Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler - (Chargers)

Chargers had a great set of tail backs they plugged in at some point last season, and did a very admirable job whether it was Austin Ekeler or the unknown Justin Jackson Chargers have guys who fit their running scheme well. Of course you got Melvin Gordon when healthy is incredible. This duo could rival a few of these other ones very well. - htoutlaws2012

Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt - (Browns)

Cleveland football may finally have some honor in them after all these years. With the pairing of Nick Chubb and later down the road Kareem Hunt joining in as this secret weapon they stole away from Kansas City Browns are gonna be exciting both in the running and passing game. - htoutlaws2012

Jerick McKinnon and Matt Breida - (49ers)

Dear Vikings what was the logic of getting rid of McKinnon and for what Murray the guy could barely 40 yards a game - RawIsgore

Breida lead the league in rushing yards last year for the first couple weeks before hurting himself. It'll be interesting to see how McKinnon comes back, but I assume that they'll ease him in slowly with Tevin Coleman in the mix. - SirSheep

49ers got themselves a three headed tail back on our hands that might actually be a good thing seeing the injuries piled up in that position pretty hard last season. McKinnon, and Coleman mixing it on in as the supposed duo i’m not too sure on that, but they’ll be very unique to this offense that’s for sure. Matt Breida made a name for himself against guess who the Lions running all over him and a star was born. Will that star continue to grow with two supporting tail backs right by him splitting significantly reduced carries? - htoutlaws2012

Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice - (Redskins)

Last season AP made us realize he is still in the NFL and not in a retirement home - RawIsgore

This duo i’m very pumped up for to see. A.P has revived his career like I never fought possible finished as great as he did at such a late age, and Derrius Guice who I was high on could have that comeback of the year written all over it. This Redskins tandem could be very dangerous, and honestly will probably be the team's strength on offense is pounding the ball between these two. - htoutlaws2012

Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards - (Ravens)

Baltimore’s running game on paper will be the strength while the passing game will be unknown until we see how much Lamar Jackson can do throwing it up the air. Now with new addition Mark Ingram this duo could be good along with Lamar running the football possibly (until he has a reduced role not running as much). - htoutlaws2012

Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray - (Saints)

Not too sure if the tandem duo of Kamara and Murray will be as strong as Kamara and Ingram had for the last two seasons. Murray is an underrated tail back while being paired up with one of the most feared running backs to bring down literally a great dual threat player in Kamara. These should be good though I can see Murray fitting in well everywhere he went he seem to be decent to good. - htoutlaws2012

Kerryon Johnson and C.J. Anderson - (Lions)

Okay I'm gonna keep pleading this the Lions are gonna be a heavy run team than what you usually been seeing a pass gunslinging offense being taken away this sounds good for now. Relieves pressure off of the quarterback and in doing so with an offensive line that still gave up a good chunk of sacks that may either hurt the team if they can’t move much on the football or they can find ways to toss it out quickly with one strong sided line. With the talents of both Kerryon and C.J. this duo actually looks really good, and the backup guy would most likely be Zack Zenner whose very underrated as well. - htoutlaws2012

The Lions got a steal by getting Anderson for some reason teams didn’t even take him after his playoff appearance - RawIsgore

Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines - (Colts)

While Colts will probably limit the running game, and be more of a passing team leaning more towards. Mack managed to do good, and Hines for a couple of games was very serviceable. You also got Jordan Wilkins, and Spencer Ware in the mix that may actually rival the Patriots depth at that position knowing this talent at tail back might be just as good, but may not be as utilized as much. - htoutlaws2012

Damien Williams and Carlos Hyde - (Chiefs)

I start off with the pairing of Damien Williams (who was a great hit to fit right into this offensive with his incredible speed) and Carlos Hyde who honestly i’d be scared to hand off the football without him coughing in up. He has talent, but the fumbling history is still there I feel. By default though I had pick somebody to start off with. - htoutlaws2012

This could be deadly but nowhere near as explosive as Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill. Speaking of let’s not even get into that whole Tyreek Hill situation apparently his wife lied to make him look bad but at this point who knows - Randomator

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Lesean McCoy and Frank Gore - (Bills)
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