Top 10 Running Backs On the Cincinnati Bengals

All you Bengals fans will know most of these names. Maybe some will surprise you though! We've had a lot of talent at this position now let's try to rank it.

The Top Ten

1 Corey Dillon

The best Bengals running back of all time broke Jim Brown's rookie record broke long-standing Walter Payton single game rushing record dude was pure Beast

Love him or hate him, this man set all kind of Bengals records on some of the worst Bengals teams we've had. Put its hard to argue with his production - im1azy

2 Pete Johnson

He was a bull of a runner that actually shared time in the back field with 2 others on this list. Imagine how good he would of been if the offense focused on just him wow. - im1azy

3 Rudi Johnson

Rudi! Rudi! Was a nice surprise for us and a very dependable runner. Hell never see the hall of fame but was a major roll in many of our seasons - im1azy

4 James Brooks

1 of my favorite Bengals. He was a lot of fun to watch - im1azy

5 Boobie Clark

Never heard of this guy?! Look him up. Deserves to be on this list - im1azy

6 Archie Griffin

I almost put him as high as 4. Dynamic runner and game changer - im1azy

7 Harold Green

He was like a mini version of Corey Dillon. Great out of the back field and solid runner - im1azy

8 Charles Alexander

Probably should be higher on the list but hey it's my list - im1azy

9 Ickey Woods

He's gonna get some cold cuts today! - OhioStateBuckeyes

Didn't play very long but was a big impact to the Bengals. Still doing comercials and jamming it up. But ever Bengals fan remembered the icky shuffle. - im1azy

10 Cedric Benson

Came here with something to prove. Was awesome for a season! But kinda faded away. - im1azy

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