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61 Abner Haynes

Abner was far and away a better back then 80% you have on your list. Fast, elusive, tough... Could run and catch, return K.O. S et al. MVP of the AFL in its first year. 22 T.D. S in '62 Dallas texans Chapionship year... You're dreaming to put so many other mediocre backs ahead of him!
Chris burford texans/Chiefs 60-67

62 Marcus Dupree

Easily the greatest but due to injury the greatness he held was soon crushed but he still was one of the greatest college players ever

Best running back of all time. Stronger than Jim Brown and Faster than Walter Payton

College one of the best running back... Big! Fast! Strong! What a talent this football player he was. Played in the USFL but he got injured and did not have a chance to demonstrate his skill in the NFL just as a back up for the LA Ram.

63 Theo Riddick Theo Riddick Theo Riddick is an American football running back for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League.

Lol at someone even putting him on this list!

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64 Troy Davis

Only Division I player in history to run for more than 2000 yards in back to back seasons

And on bad Isu teams. How did he do that? Tremendous running back.

65 Kevin Faulk
66 Demarco Murray Demarco Murray DeMarco Murray is an American football running back for the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League.

Demarco murray surpassed jim browns record for season opener 6 consecutive 100+ yard games (7) he should be in the top ten

The years with Dallas sure when he went to Philly he lost my respect. - htoutlaws2012

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67 Paul Hornung

Fast, could run the sweep, pass. Punt, kick. The "Golden Boy" could do it all!

What a joke there were great players before 1990

Down the field down horning and jim taylor plowed

He's the best player in the world how is he 66?

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68 LaMichael James

Lamichael James is Awesome

He's a hard worker in the fields

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69 Eddie Lacy Eddie Lacy Eddie Darwin Lacy, Jr. is an American football running back for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

No one should ever look at Eddie Lacy and think something bad

Why is Eddie Lacy even being considered. With running backs its not about the superbowls its about the yards and records does Eddie Lacy have any none! So why is he being considered?

He is horrible number 1 will always be be Barry sanders


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70 Willie Ellison
71 Selvin Young

5.9 yard average, needs to stay healthy. will be something special if he is started next year.

72 Bobby Humphrey

Helped Broncos reach SuperBowl XXIV!

73 Julius Jones V 1 Comment
74 Andrew Johnson
75 Robert Smith Robert Smith Robert James Smith is an English singer, songwriter and musician. He is the lead singer, guitarist, lyricist and principal songwriter of the rock band The Cure. He is the band's only constant member since its formation in 1976.
76 Leroy Kelly

The most underrated running back on this list. He had the tough job of following Jim Browns act after Brown suddenly retired. He led the league in punt returns in 1964 and helped the Browns win the NFL tiltle. He then ran for over 1, 000 yards in 1965, 66, 67 and '68 leading the league in rushing in 1967 and 1968 as well as leading the league in scoring in 1968 as well. He had blazing speed, smooth elusive moves and was tough as nails. He was also a great receiver and threw for several touchdowns from the option play. He is a Hall of Fame back and deserves more recognition as he helped the Browns make the playoffs almost every year until he retired.

77 Merril Hoge

Great White Hope ! The man was amazing come playoff time ! Oh and don't forget Sydney Thorton , Tim Worley , Bam Morris , Barry Foster , Rocky Blier , Gordy Lockbomb , Yeah you read that right Gordy from Holly Cross drafted by the Mighty Steelers !!!!

78 Justin Fargas

Just because he was a running back for Southern California, doesn't mean he belongs in the category as th

79 Paul Lowe

Paul Lowe of Oregon State University played for the Los Angeles and San Diego Chargers from 1960 through 1968. His blazing speed helped him gain nearly 5, 000 yards, the Chargers' all-time best, as is his 4. 89 yards-per-carry average, which was also the AFL's all-time best. He returned his first touch of the football in the American Football League for a 105 yard touchdown in the Chargers first-ever exhibition game, and had the Chargers' longest run from scrimmage with an 87-yard run in 1961. He had 1, 010 yards on just 136 carries for a 5. 7 yard average in 1963 and was the American Football League MVP in 1965 with 1, 121 yards rushing (14-game schedule), a two-time all-American Football League selection, and a halfback on the AFL's All-Time Team. Lowe had the American Football League's all-time highest rushing average, at 4. 89 yds/carry, and set a pro football record with six games in which he gained 100 or more yards on 14 or fewer carries. He is one of only twenty players who ...more

80 Clem Daniels

Clem Daniels of PRAIRIE VIEW A&M University was voted to All-Conference honors during his sophomore and junior years, and captained the NAIA National Championship team in his senior year. He was voted into Prairie View's Hall of Fame in 1992 and the California Black Athletic Hall of Fame in 1993. Daniels was drafted in 1960 by the Dallas Texans. He was on the Texans' roster for 14 games in 1960, but saw little playing time behind Hall of Famer Abner Haynes. In 1961, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders, and spent seven stellar years there. He was an American Football League All-Star in 1963, '64, '65, '66 and '67.
In 1963, Daniels was the Sporting News' American Football League Most Valuable Player, with a 5. 1 yards/carry average, gaining 1, 099 yards. He was the All-Time leading rusher in the American Football League and was selected to the All-Time All-AFL Team.

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