Best Football Running Backs of All Time

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81 Elijah Pitts
82 Willie Galimore
83 Alphonse "Tuffy" Leemans
84 Kevin Mack
85 Doak Walker

You've got to be kidding. One of the first great runners to play the game. Lets go SMU!

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86 Frank Gifford
87 Ricky Watters

5x pro bowl selection, Super Bowl Champion, over 10,000 rushing yards.

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88 Trent Richardson Trent Richardson

He is terrible and a draft bust

A surprise bust pick. - htoutlaws2012

All time great

Come on, Trent should be in top 20. He played an exceptional rookie season all with BROCKEN RIBS. He still played, he never gave up and always gives 100 percent. This list is crap (other than the top 5)

89 Fred Jackson
90 Fred Taylor

He's the fastest recorded running back ever and he is number 28 he's got 12000 yards rushing for crying out loud

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91 Curtis Enis

One of the best college backs ever but got injured in the pro level

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92 George Rogers
93 Beanie Wells

He is a tank. He's the beast on the field. He should be number 1 baby. Lets go beanie #1

94 Derrick Ward
95 Wilbert Montgomery

Wilbert got it done without a front line.

96 Joe Laws
97 Essex Johnson
98 Calvin Hill

Tough inside runner that gave morton and stabuch a good running game to open up the passing game. Also a change of pace to walt garrison.

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99 Scott Laidlaw
100 Earnest Byner

Outstanding running back that made on bad fumble. JUst an amazing player.

I played in the backfield with Ernest in high school (Baldwin High School, Milledgeville, Ga) Very quick, great hands, and could cut on a dime. His rushing totals has him at #41. He won a Super Bowl with Washington and has had several 1000 yard seasons. He is a top 50 running back.

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Emmitt Smith simply the greatest ever.
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