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101 Lawrence Phillips

He was such a nice person off the field.

102 Ickey Woods V 1 Comment
103 Priest Holmes

whoa! Priest should be way up there. He was way better than Larry Johnson. They both excelled with great offensive lines, so they had a lot of help, but at least Priest could block and catch! (Look now, Chiefs have average offensive line now and Larry Johnson can't do a thing , just goes to show you)

Priest Holmes is the was the heart of Kansas City.Without him Larry Johnson would not be even close to as good as he is.

I was curious to see how he ranked against the other greats... easily top 50 RB of all time.

Priest Holmes is the bomb!

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104 Shaun Alexander Shaun Alexander Shaun Edward Alexander is a former American football running back who played for the Seattle Seahawks and Washington Redskins of the National Football League.

Shaun should me much higher than listed here. A product of playing in seattle if he was on a team with a marquee market, ny, dallas, etc he would be viewed in the public opinion as a much more prolific back he was a bruiser.. plus his numbers don't lie. - Hootsmack

He holds the world record for 28 touchdowns, +2,000 rushing yards, and played for the Seahawks in the Superbowl XL. Also Alexander has made into the Pro Bowl 4 times in 6 years

If you look at total stats he has more rushing TD's in his career than your top ten guys

He's the reason the seahawks made it to super bowl XL

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105 Tiki Barber

200 yard rushing game after 200 yard rushing game like Barry he would have got the all time record if he didnt retire early.Simply the best even with no one blocking for him like LT has. Put lt on a team with bad blockers then see what happens to this flase profit.

I think he should be in top 20 because like brian westbrook wasn't even that good and tiki should at least be in front of him. Also he is better because tiki was so much more faster.

He rocks he only played for ten years butt he beat a lot of records

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106 Cedric Benson

Dude cedric benson is suuuupper tight

107 Ricky Williams Ricky Williams Errick Lynne "Ricky" Williams Jr. is a retired American football running back who played twelve seasons in the National Football League and one season in the Canadian Football League.

Ricky Williams is the man, just look at his old highlights he kicked some major ass!

Are you guys kidding me! Ricky williams is the best ever.

Ricky Williams should be in the top 20 running backs of all time.

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108 Herschel Walker Herschel Walker Herschel Walker is a former professional American football player, bobsledder, sprinter and mixed martial artist.

Despite 3 of his most productive years not counting for NFL records, Herschel is still top 10 in all-purpose yards. That's also despite the fact he never played on a good team. He is the only guy to ever have 13 players traded for him. If you were to count the USFL years, Herschel has the most rushing yards of any back in professional football history. 25 is WAY under-rated.

big man
big skill
big heart
usfl team went to title all years when he played with them
best back id say

Herschel is the greatest man to ever step on a football feild, he has god given talent...... he just lost his chance, he got shafted....

He was good

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109 Reggie Bush Reggie Bush Reginald Alfred "Reggie" Bush Jr. is an American football running back who is currently on the Buffalo Bills roster.

what the... have you seen this he should be in the top ten. if you throw the ball to him he will catch it for a td if you give it to him its another td so you guys need to get your facts straight

This guy could not carry some of the best backs jocks.. Look at the body of work.. You can not be great with no support. Bush is top 50 maybe..

Reggie is good but he need to learn to run inside the tackle instead of trying to run outside all the time but he is a beast

amazing player! instinct and roughness in combination... never going out of bounds!

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110 Joseph Addai

2007 super bowl champ as a rookie didn't even get rookie of the year he is young but truly the best gonna do great things for the colts!

111 Darren McFadden

He should be way up there cause he can beat reggie bush

wait till he gets the the league the kid is a beast

He is a beast that make defenses gameplan just for him. He came in second to Troy Smith for the heisman. He is great!

112 Marion Barber

I'm not upset that he has to share time with julius jones... But if he was gettin' the carries every other teams... He would definitely. Be one of the best backs in the league... And he's fun to watch... Caus' he's gonna run every defender ova! - schmidyschmidybangbang

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113 Willie Parker

Hey "Fast Willie" should be at least in the top 20 list. Regie bush is not very good at all but willie needs to improve on runnig this season. GO STEELERS!

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114 Brian Westbrook

Brian Westbrook is one of the most explosive backs to run, catch or return the ball. He has great speed and cutting capability, still playing at a high level he will continue to push himself to be where he deserves, in the hall.

He is one of the most capable backs of all time, churning out 100 yard rushing games like they are nothing. He can block, catch, and score from any part/ position on the field.

The best receiving back who is an every down pass blocker, receiver, short and long yarder. Just call him SUPAMAN!

The best Philadelphia RB ever yes even better than McCoy. - htoutlaws2012

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115 Jamal Lewis

He played when the ravens had one of the worst offense in the nfl and was still able to make bigs plays out of that

Rushed for over 2,000 a couple of years ago and still going strong!!

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116 Eddie George Eddie George Edward Nathan George Jr. is a former college and professional American football player who was a running back in the National Football League for nine seasons.

Eddie played with the worst quarterback of all time Steve no completion McNair. It was easy to defend against the Titans because the only option they had for positive yards was Eddie George. The guy never got a break and had to face defenses that knew he was running the ball all the time. He would have lasted longer, but he was overworked.

He should be up there with Terrell Davis. One of the strongest back in NFL history.

Never got injured until he had the madden curse it was all over. - htoutlaws2012

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117 Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Christopher Duan Johnson is an American football running back for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League.

I would expect after breaking for 2,000 yards CJ would be rated higher than this. Plus he ran a 4.24 at the NFL combine. That's the fastest EVER. Putting him this low on this list is a joke. He should at least be top 10, especially since Adrian Peterson is up there. - THarm

You shouldn't be on this list if you've only had one good season! It's a shame he is this high on the list, he has potential but you can't just give a slot after 3 years of ball!

At least he tried to make a comeback in Arizona. - htoutlaws2012

136 what are you stupid

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118 Evan Royster

He was good at penn state

119 Felix Jones
120 LeSean McCoy LeSean McCoy LeSean Kamel McCoy also known as "Shady" is an American football running back for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League.

Lesean mccoy is amazing I don't get why he is down here at 37 he is like barry sanders he has the moves the speed he is a full pack!

Just win his first rushing title tonight. If Chip stays in Philly, it will be the first of many!

With his 3 years with eagles sure but his last season with the Eagles and going to Bills probably not. - htoutlaws2012

Should be way higher ranked. He's awesome.

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