Best Football Running Backs of All Time

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101 Joe Laws
102 Essex Johnson
103 Calvin Hill

Tough inside runner that gave morton and stabuch a good running game to open up the passing game. Also a change of pace to walt garrison.

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104 Tom Rathman

Great player that helped the 49ers get to the superbowl

105 Neal Anderson

Fast runner that filled big shoes after Walter Payton retired

106 Ken Strong Ken Strong Elmer Kenneth Strong, Jr. was an American football player, a member of both the College Football Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame.
107 Scott Laidlaw
108 Earnest Byner

Outstanding running back that made on bad fumble. JUst an amazing player.

I played in the backfield with Ernest in high school (Baldwin High School, Milledgeville, Ga) Very quick, great hands, and could cut on a dime. His rushing totals has him at #41. He won a Super Bowl with Washington and has had several 1000 yard seasons. He is a top 50 running back.

109 Joe Washington

He was the most electrify running back that I ever saw. College he can handle the opposite team by himself and Pro because of his size did not get the football enough, but when he got the football watch out something special with his magic feet happened. I still remember that MNF on his debut as a Baltimore Colt running back manhandling the opposite team by himself!.

110 James Brooks

Brooks is consistently overlooked as a great running back. He was actually the blocking back for Chuck Muncie who was at least 5 inches taller and outweighed him by 50 pounds. Mr. Brooks still managed to rack up more total yards as he was an excellent return man, averaging over 20 Y/Rtn on kickoffs and over 10 Y/Rtn on punts. After being traded to Cincinnati, Brooks rushed for over 1000 yards in 3 seasons, gaining over 1200 yards in 1989 and averaging 5.6 yards per carry. His career total all purpose yardage of 14,910 currently places him 30th all time. Csonka who is in the HOF has only 8901 all purpose yards with 4.3 yds/rush att to Brooks' 4.7. Brooks was a fierce competitor and blocker who was not only elusive but had surprising power for a small back

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111 Danny Woodhead

He is small and can squeeze trough tackles and he runs faster than anyone in the nfl

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112 Lenny Moore

Simply underrated great stats

113 Alan Ameche

Great running back he helped the colts win the 1958 title

114 Alfred Morris Alfred Morris Alfred Bruce Morris is an American football running back for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

Probably the best in the league.

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115 Charlie Whitehurst

One of the quickest backs of his time. great quickness from the backfield, beast mode

116 Lawrence Phillips

He was such a nice person off the field.

117 Joique Bell
118 Chris Ivory Chris Ivory Christopher Lee Ivory is an American football running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League.

His really merged with the Jets he played to Ingram for years with the Saints, now his finally showing his potential in New Jersey. - htoutlaws2012

119 Bilal Powell
120 Stephen Davis

Come on one reason Carolina got to their one Superbowl was because of Davis he's better than D. Williams and J. Stewert plus he could run over anyone in his path he was with the original double- trouble with deshaun Foster

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Emmitt Smith simply the greatest ever.
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