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141 Jamal Lewis

He played when the ravens had one of the worst offense in the nfl and was still able to make bigs plays out of that

Rushed for over 2,000 a couple of years ago and still going strong!!

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142 Roger Craig

He's a top 20 and he is in the top ten 49ers of all time so is way to low he should be 13

Craig's place on this list demonstrates its invalidity.

First running back to run for 1000 yds and receive for 1000 yds in a single season!

How is #33 this low. One of the best and last high steping backs. Every great qb needs a rb to succeed and Montana had Craig.

143 Victor Cruz Victor Cruz Victor Michael Cruz is an American football wide receiver for the New York Giants of the National Football League.

He's a good wide receiver, but why is he on this list he is not a running back

He is a receiver.

Down here they are just putting random people,Eddie lacy is not even on this list he should be on the top 10

He's good

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Emmitt Smith simply the greatest ever.
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