Best Running Wild Songs

Along with Scuurvy, Verbal Deception, Swashbuckle and the great Scottish Alestorm, Running Wild is one of the best Pirate Metal bands ever. What do you think of this list?

The Top Ten

1 Treasure Island

From Pile of Skulls (1992)

2 Black Wings of Death

From Pile of Skulls (1992)

3 Conquistadores

From Port Royal (1988)

4 Marooned

From Death or Glory (1989)

5 Riding the Storm

This needs to be higher

6 The Ghost

From The Brotherhood (2002)

7 The Battle of Waterloo

From Death or Glory (1989)

8 Black Hand Inn

From Black Hand Inn (1994)

9 Under Jolly Roger

The best song of the band. Surrender or fight, there's no return! UNDER JOLLY ROGER!

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10 Bad to the Bone

The Contenders

11 Billy the Kid

Amazing song. Got me into Running Wild.

12 Running Blood

From Death or Glory (1989)

13 Soldiers of Hell
14 Victim Of State Power
15 Port Royal
16 Tsar
17 Calico Jack

From Port Royal (1988)

18 Genesis (The Making and the Fall of Man)

From Black Hand Inn (1994)

19 Pile of Skulls

Should be much higher

20 The Curse
21 The Rivalry
22 When Time Runs Out
23 Störtebeker
24 Tortuga Bay

From Death or Glory (1989)

25 The Brotherhood

From The Brotherhood (2002)

26 Siberian Winter
27 Blazon Stone
28 Bloody Island
29 The Privateer
30 Adrian S.O.S.
31 Prisoners of Our Time
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1. Black Wings of Death
2. Riding the Storm
3. Bad to the Bone
1. Conquistadores
2. Black Hand Inn
3. Treasure Island


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