Top Ten Best Rush Album Closing Tracks

On this list I'll be focusing on Rush's best epics.

The Top Ten

1 La Villa Strangiato

This song is not only their best instrumental, but also one of the greatest songs to EVER close out an album. - Pony

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2 The Garden

This song is the final Rush song you'll ever hear, but it's such an amazing sendoff to on of the greatest bands ever that you'll probably cry while listening to this song. - Pony

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3 The Fountain of Lamneth

This is a massively underrated track that captivates you with strange but awesome riffs, an insane drum solo section, and surprisingly calm moments. Despite being almost 20 minutes, just can't get enough of this song. - Pony

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4 Between the Wheels

In my opinion, this album had a great sound, and this song perfectly captivates everything I love about this album; dark, loud, and full of synth. The chorus is so intense! - Pony

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5 Natural Science

A lot of Rush fans seem to really like this track, and I do too. It's got great guitar work, good vocals and an overall awesome feel. - Pony

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6 Something for Nothing

This closes out my favorite Rush album, and it's another great rocker. Plus it has a great message; you can't get something for nothing! - Pony

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7 Vital Signs

This song is always talked about as being one of the most underrated Rush songs. It has a very Police vibe to it (reggae influenced with synths in the mix) and it's a very good song to close out this iconic album. - Pony

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8 Cygnus x - 1 Book I: The Voyage

This is the first part of the epic Cygnus X1 song, and it's a great way to end A Farewell to Kings. With an awesome mix of eerie synths, rocking bass lines, and Geddy's CRAZIEST vocals, it's a closer you won't forget. - Pony

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9 Working Man

While I don't enjoy this song as much as I used to, it's still an iconic and great song. It was also the song that got Rush known. - Pony

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10 You Bet Your Life

Surprised to see this on the list? This song is kinda cheesy, but it's still fun and catchy. Then again, the whole album was fun, cheesy, and catchy. Still a great song though. - Pony

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The Contenders

11 Available Light

This has to be on the list. Second to only The Pass or Bravado among the many great Rush ballads.

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