Top Ten Rush Albums that People Only Know for One or Two Songs

This list does not apply to EVERY Rush fan! If you enjoy these albums, that's fine. I'm just talking about the albums that non- hardcore Rush fans don't really talk about. If you haven't heard of any of these albums, feel free to check them out if you have the time. They might be some of your favorite Rush albums!

The Top Ten

1 Test for Echo

Test For Fire is the band's most overhated album. I think this has absolutely great songs, such as "Drive" and "Totem". However, the one song that people know from this album is "Resist", which isn't even that well known anyway. Oh well. The album is one of the best Rush albums, in my opinion. - Pony

I wouldn't consider it as one of their best albums, but yes, it is incredibly overhated, and I am glad to see someone who loves Test For Echo. - DKartWoomy

2 Presto

The only song people generally know is "The Pass". This album is my least favorite Rush album because the songs are kind of boring and don't offer much compared to their other stuff. - Pony

3 Power Windows

One of my favorite Rush albums. My Favorite songs on here are The Big Money, Manhattan Project, and Territories.

"The Big Money" is the one song that the majority of Rush fans know. However, I find this album to be EXTREMELY underrated, and it has some of their best songs during the 80s period of albums. - Pony

4 Roll the Bones

1991 was an iconic year for music, but did you know that Rush released an album that year? This album is notable for "Dreamline" (a great song), and possible the title track (a song that has Geddy Lee rap... yeah this was a weird album.) This album does has charm, though. - Pony

5 Snakes and Arrows

This album is one of those albums that many Rush fans like, but because it doesn't get talked about much, only one or two songs are really mentioned. "Far Cry" is an example of one of those songs. It's a good album, but sadly not too many Rush fans know any other song. - Pony

6 Clockwork Angels

Even if this album could the last album that Rush ever releases, I don't care because this album rocks! This album was released five years ago, but the songs that many Rush fans talk about are only "Caravan" and maybe "BU2B". Which sucks, because the album has many other gems such as "Carnies" and "Headlong Flight". - Pony

7 Vapor Trails

Despite being Rush's first album since Test For Echo, the only thing that most Rush fans know is that Vapor Trails is a victim to the loudness war. That, and the song "One Little Victory", because of how intense it is. I put this album lower on the list because some Rush fans find many of the songs on here to be very underrated. - Pony

8 Rush

Yes, even this album isn't as well known as you think. We ALL know about "Working Man", but have you heard of "What You're Doing", "Need Some Love", or "Before And After"? The only other song that people know is "Finding My Way". Then again, this was before they became progressive rock, so I can understand why people overlook this one. - Pony

9 Hold Your Fire

Other than "Time Stand Still" and "Force Ten", almost nobody cares about this album. The album wasn't as good as Signals, Grace Under Pressure, or even Power Windows, at least in my opinion. Many fans would agree that this album was one of Rush's weakest. I'm sure there is someone out there that will defend this album, but I highly doubt that I would meet that person. - Pony

Not too big on the album either, but there are some underrated gems like "Mission" "Prime Mover" and "High Water" - DKartWoomy

10 Caress of Steel

I put this album on the list because originally, Caress of Steel was known for "Bastille Day". Thankfully, many Rush fans has since shown their appreciation for this album, so Caress of Steel is not an underrated album any more. I think this is a good album, so I'm happy that this album got the attention it should of gotten in 1975. - Pony

Considering it only has 5 songs... yeah

The Contenders

11 Fly by Night
12 2112
13 A Farewell to Kings
14 Counterparts
15 Permanent Waves
16 Grace Under Pressure
17 Signals
18 Hemispheres
19 Moving Pictures
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