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Ahhhhh... The greatest band ever. 3 underrated heroes that are the most talented and amazing musicians. RUSH!!! The "epics" are my favorites! All looooong songs that they made are going to be on this list. All 10+ minutes, and a few 8-9 minutes. I hope you enjoy this list, and please vote!

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1 2112

The groundbreaking epic that is 2112 is the fan-favorite of these epics. Off the 2112 album (1976), this song clocks in at a whopping 20:33. Their longest song. This song is a piece of art, and shows the band's ability at some of it's best. This story is certainly better than some books I've read, and like "The Fountain", is just an amazing and complex masterpiece

This song is just over twenty minutes long. However, it is great all the way through the end. Rush is one of my favorite bands and this is the longest song I have ever heard.

My greatest as well



2 Xanadu

Drinking the milk of paradise after 2112, Rush churned out another epic on A Farewell To Kings (1977). A little shorter than the first 2 at 11:04, this song tells the story of 'the last immortal man'. The opening riff sneaks up on you and drags you into the song, which will give your eardrums one of the best times they ever had.

This epic should be in the top position. It is one of, if not the greatest progressive rock epic of all time. It defines Rush as one of the greatest bands of all time. Of course, the version on "Exit... Stage Left" is even greater. 'Xanadu' takes me on an amazing journey, each and every time that I hear it.

The Fountain of Lamneth is of course a great song, but over this? Sure, the lyrics in Lamneth tell a more detailed story, but this song defines "epic" and is simply magical in feeling and sound, also being very complex.

Listened to Rush a bit but never seriously. Then one day I decided to have a listen to this... Blew my mind, pure musicianship on this one.

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3 Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres

The third longest Rush song is full of mythology, and explains what happens to the explorer trapped on the 'Rocinante', after being sucked into Cygnus X-1, the black hole. The gods Apollo, bringer of wisdom, and Dionysus, bringer of love, as they divide the people, and tear the world into 'sorry hemispheres'. Cygnus, god of balance can solve this though, and in only 18:08. Hemispheres (1978).

I consider Book I and II to be one song, but I do like part II better. It's a masterpiece. Definitely the best Rock epic of all time.

From prelude to the sphere one hell of a track, better than 2112 and Xanadu by

One of the most epic rush epics of all time.

4 La Villa Strangiato

The first below 10-minute song on the list clocks in at 9:36, and is the band's first instrumental, Hemispheres (1978). The guitar, drums, and bass are all being played masterfully, and you can really hear the emotion in the guitar. This song proves that Rush can out play any band.

It's just under 10 minutes long but it's so good, that that 10 minutes goes like 3 minutes. - MaxPap

A very technical song

5 Cygnus X-1

The prequel, both date made and storyline, to Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres, focuses entirely on the lone space voyager on his ship, 'Rocinante', as they soar into the black hole Cygnus X-1. This song features a very cool bass line (1:45), and also features Geddy's highest pitched wail of them all, reaching a Bb5 (9:26-28)! A Farewell To Kings (1977). Time: 10:22

I love this song. It is my favorite song of all time. I wish they would play it more often.

It's quite spooky.. they definitely use their skills and prove their superior quality as musicians. The last line of the song brings chills to my spine and hurts my vocal chords to even think about reaching that note.

6 The Fountain of Lamneth

The unheard 2112. I fell in love with 2112, but this song just up-and 'smacked' be right in the face. Off the Caress Of Steel Album (1975), this is one on my favorite Rush songs. Time: 19:58. The different shifts of this song tell a story, which the band wraps you around with their instruments, and Geddy's vocals either soft and graceful, or rough and bold.

I don't understand how this isn't their most famous song. It literally is talking about the meaning of life and how we all chase that purpose but in the end can never find the answer to our own questions so we fall in front of the fountain of lamneth with nothing gained over the lengthy pursuit except remorse and still pure curiosity. This song puts human sentience into words

Fun Fact: The Fountain of Lamneth is approximately 20 minutes long, and this song is the last on the album. The next album was 2112, in which the first song is 2112, their other song in the 20-minute range.

I agree with the person who said they're eleven and this song rocks. I'm 12 and I LOVE this song.

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7 Natural Science

Ending the list, Natural Science is a song that is focused on different sciences, and is quite interesting, I may say. The song has three different themes, each very, very, very different. This song still makes it on to my list of the top ten, for sheer complexity, (pure prog! ) and just the pure geekiness of the whole thing! Permanent Waves (1980). Time: 9:18

8 The Necromancer

The narrator, while being helped with a screeching guitar, open you into the world of the Necromancer, where 3 travelers have just been caught. The band then comes in, and continues with the story, then the narrator will give you another 'update' of sorts. A very good song for a very under appreciated album. Caress Of Steel (1975). 12:32

9 By-Tor and The Snow Dog

The shortest song to be featured on this list is also the earliest. Clocking in at 8:38, and from the Fly By Night (1975) album, this song features an all-out war between By-Tor (devil's prince), and the Snow Dog (well... a snow dog! ) The Snow Dog will emerge victorious, but By-Tor makes his final appearance as the hero in The Necromancer.

This song is really, really entertaining. It has a somewhat psychedelic sound to it, as Alex has a period on his guitar which sounds like pure improvisation. Alex's guitar playing during this song is top notch, and it also has an extremely entertaining story, continued from their last album on The Necromancer.

10 The Camera Eye

The last real 'epic' that Rush ever made, from Moving Pictures (1981), is really a great song, which talks about 2 cities, first New York City, then London. This song incorporates the most synths any Rush song to that point has ever had. Clocking in at 11:01, this song is 'the last hoorah' when it comes to Rush epics.

I love this song and I think it's very unfair being all the way down at number 10! It is much better than Cygnus X-1 and La villa Strangiato. I think the only songs that come close enough to it on this list are 2112 and Xanadu! Brilliant song in two parts with great lyrics.

This fantastic epic is in two parts, each with similar sound but the lyrics are about New York and then London. The great synth intro followed by a fast and heavy beat, then again is brilliant. Lasting over 11 minutes, it's a great listen. The song is a good lead up to the song that follows, the haunting Witch Hunt.

My favourite Rush song ever!
Love the riffs, the keyboards, everything! Geddy sings it so good, and the bass is so good. Everything is.

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11 Jacob's Ladder

This may be a little short for the bill but this song totally rocks! - Messej

One of the great!

12 The Garden
13 Headlong Flight
14 Leave That Thing Alone
15 Clockwork Angels

Not really an epic, but an amazing song.

16 Der Trommler

A 9-minute Neil Peart drum solo? Yes please!

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